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Please consider including us in your charitable endeavors. We have been studying the natural art of healing since 1975. We have researched urine, saliva, hair, sclera, and blood for basic clues that will show the average person how to know when s/he has done something to cause the body to prematurely age. We are not medical doctors. This site is not about dispensing medical advice, nor diagnosing, nor treating disease. We simply want to help you experience a happy, healthy, successful and romantic life.

The Key To Longevity

We believe that the key to longevity is to live a healthy, wealthy, happy, romantic life. Notice that “healthy” is first on the list. Without your health, the rest doesn’t matter. Therefore, our interest lies in teaching you simple techniques you can use, right in your own home, to teach you:

  • How to monitor your wellness.
  • Natural methods to keep yourself well.

You Are What You Eat

We believe that you are what you eat. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body. Therefore, mineral deficiencies or imbalances are the root cause of most of our troubles. The key is to see this imbalance at the earliest possible moment. That is what our techniques are about. Giving you tools to discern, at the earliest possible moment, when you are moving from a state of wellness to a state of distress. This is long before modern scientific apparatus or tests can detect such change. This method is the Biological Immunity Analysis®.

You Are What You Think

We also believe you eat because of how you think. Therefore, you are what you think, even before you eat. Got that? We have uncovered what we call a MemGram® that exists in each individual. Each individual has a Reality Pattern to their life, that consists of a Stress Pattern versus a Soul Pattern. We can find this pattern by subjective means (questionnaire) or by objective means (urine/saliva or blood). When you see this Pattern you understand why everything has happened to you and how to mold this Pattern to experience the health, happiness, wealth and romance you desire. This method is called MemGram Processing®.

Because this information may be foreign to your thinking, we suggest that you simply prove it to yourself. The Orientation Session is free. There is no obligation. We keep all information you share with us completely confidential. We share nothing with anyone outside our organization. We are simply interested in helping you live the life you have always wanted. A Certified MemGram Processor® was once helped by another and is now waiting to do the same for you.

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