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I am approaching 80. I have been helping people to greater wellness ever since I met Dr. Reams in 1976. His ideas and ingenious urine/saliva test turned my life upside down and I have been on a health crusade ever since. I have an unknown quantity of time left on this planet. I want to spend it teaching you how to Be The Doctor of the Future.

I fear that the medical profession has gone “off the rails.” If you haven’t noticed, then you haven’t been inside a doctor’s office or hospital lately.

When it changed from everyone being a General Practitioner first and a specialist second, the quality of service plummeted. The left hand no longer understands what the right hand is doing. It is only going to get worse as the government gets more involved. The bureaucrats are forcing good doctors to leave the profession in droves.

Medical doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the patients they serve. What is wrong with this picture? If you need a bone set, something cut, stitched, replaced, burned or poisoned, then a medical doctor is who you need. However, if you want to be taught how to be well, who do you turn to?

The answer is, me, or someone like me, who understands how to use the most amazing wellness tool ever developed —  RBTI, Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, or, as we call our version of it, the Biological Immunity Analysis® (BIA®). We do not teach medicalism. We teach common-sense wellness backed by a simple urine/saliva test.

My Be A BIA® | HMA | RBTI Pro course costs only $97 monthly and will soon be $149 monthly. HOWEVER, anyone subscribing now will be “grandfathered” at the $97 rate no matter how the subscription rises. Quit anytime. The only prerequisite for the course is to have your own Professional Lab Kit, which is $1195, plus $19.95 shipping. If you already have the lab kit you are good to go.

The Professional Lab Kit allows you to do urine/saliva testing, which is required for you to know what is wrong with your patient’s body chemistry and what they need to drink, not drink, eat, not eat, think, not think, do, not do, to create wellness in their body and mind.

You will gradually learn everything that I have learned in my almost 50 years of using RBTI | BIA® | HMA to assist people who are suffering needlessly. The common-sense wellness taught in this newsletter is priceless. Each issue is approximately 20+ pages of amazing, practical, common-sense wellness techniques from a RBTI | BIA® legend.

This is a printed newsletter sent by express mail monthly. It is not available online. If you are already a RBTI or Certified BIA® Practitioner you will receive the first two issues at once since Issue #1 deals primarily with performing the test, using the BIAS and incorporating the forms.

Until you know what I teach in this newsletter, you are not using your full potential to be the best doctor you can be for your patients.


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