BIA® History

Dr. Martin Meets Dr. Reams

In 1975, I met and studied under Dr. Carey Reams. Dr. Reams was an agricultural biochemist. He had a superb reputation for being able to work wonders with the soil, especially for golf course owners having turf trouble and for farmers with crop problems.

Reams Retreat

When I met Dr. Reams he had a health retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. People seeking wellness would come to this retreat for several weeks and be given a diet to suit their body chemistry. Many of them left feeling better than they had felt in years. It was quite amazing. I knew I had to learn all I could about this simple analysis. 48 years later I am still intrigued by it.

Reams Theory of Biological Ionization

Dr. Reams called his technique, The Reams Theory of Biological Ionization (RTBI). He had adapted a soil and plant testing technique to test urine and saliva. It was a simple, non-invasive test that an individual could do in less than 10 minutes.

His test consisted of 7 parameters. Sugar brix (1.5); Urine pH (6.4); Saliva pH (6.4); Conductivity (7); Cell Debris (1); Nitrate Nitrogen (3); Ammonia Nitrogen (3). It was accomplished by using laboratory instruments and techniques normally used for agricultural testing.

The story was told that Dr. Reams had a friend with a dying daughter who insisted that if Dr. Reams could do wonders for soil, plants and crops, that he should be able to help the young child. He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. Eventually, this personal obligation is what drove Dr. Reams to making the transition from soil chemistry analysis to body chemistry analysis. After years of testing, Dr. Reams determined that urine and saliva provided the best medium for testing his Theory of Biological Ionization. He was the first to suggest that various foods and dietary supplements, especially forms of calcium, were appropriate for bringing balance back to inappropriate urine and saliva chemistry; the result being a higher state of wellness.

The Perfect Numbers

Only Dr. Reams understands exactly why he chose those “perfect numbers.” Dr. Reams died in the 1980’s. I can tell you, from almost 50 years of experience of working with the test that I call the Biological Immunity Analysis®, that I do believe those “perfect numbers”, 1.5  6.4/6.4  7  1  3/3, represent the minimum cellular resistance required for life, just as 98.6 degrees represents the perfect resistance (temperature) for a healthy body. The higher the resistance, the higher the temperature. The lower the resistance, the colder the temperature. Death may occur from either extreme.

No Premature Aging

Resistance is required for life. An excess of resistance can result in disease and death. Likewise, a deficiency of resistance can also result in disease and death. Somehow, Dr. Reams determined that each of the aforementioned 7 parameters, when all occurring simultaneously, represents the perfect 100% Metabolism Efficiency (the conversion of food into energy). The theory being that, if one could maintain a lifestyle that continually manifested the perfect numbers, there would be no premature aging.

Biological Immunity Analysis® (BIA®)

Of course, there is no such perfect world, hence aging does occur. My objective, using the BIA® as my guide, is to determine the proper lifestyle that allows a person to age, but not prematurely age. It is my belief that, as the Metabolism Efficiency decreases, premature aging is more likely to occur, predisposing one to the disease process.

I have seen thousands of tests since 1975. I have seen enough before and after tests to be convinced that the BIA® is an excellent metabolic biofeedback device to indicate whether a particular lifestyle is beneficial or detrimental for any individual. I believe that it provides biofeedback on a physical and emotional level. I believe that the BIA® is something that every family should be performing weekly on each family member. I believe that this would provide more physical and emotional benefit to society than any wellness technique currently available.

It is because of this belief that this web site has been established. We sincerely hope you will find it a fulfilling resource to assist you in your quest for a healthy, successful life.

Your BIA® Alternatives

Due to pressures from a bureaucracy who is not interested in allowing you the freedom to have free access to alternative wellness tools, we are unable to do the test for you. You have two alternatives regarding getting your BIA® results:

1) You can test yourself by accumulating the necessary BIA® Lab Kit.

2) You can send for a BIA® by mail specimen kit. To request a BIA® by mail specimen kit contact us:

3) Read books about the BIA®.


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