BIA® Phone Classes 10-11-12

Want an easy way to learn the Biological Immunity Analysis®? Years ago, Dr. Martin conducted many Telephone Classes. Attendees were sent the Class Notes in advance. The Classes were then conducted via telephone conference call.

BIA® Telephone Classes #10-11-12 consists of 4.5 hours of wonderful, enlightening knowledge regarding the BIA®. The feedback has been extremely positive about what the practitioners learned. The opportunity to ask individual questions was really popular. Many case histories and a wide variety of symptoms were discussed:

  • * Allergies
    * Arthritis
    * Colitis
    * Depression
    * Fatigue
    * Pain
    * Vegetarian Profile
    * Stress Pattern Profiles as they relate to the BIA profiles.
    * How to interpret the Stress Pattern.

This set of Telephone Classes is a great introduction to the MemGram® concept and should help you see why you want to immediately enroll in the SAF® and MemGram® training.

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