BIA® Phone Classes 4-5-6

Want an easy way to learn the Biological Immunity Analysis®. Years ago, Dr. Martin conducted several Telephone Classes. Attendees were sent the Class Notes in advance. The Classes were then conducted via telephone conference call.

BIA® Telephone Classes #4-5-6 consists of 4.5 hours of wonderful, enlightening knowledge regarding the BIA®. The feedback has been extremely positive about what the practitioners learned. The opportunity to ask individual questions was really popular. Many case histories and a wide variety of symptoms were discussed:

  • Gallbladder profile
    Shortness of breath profile
    Arthritis profile
    Enlarged liver profile
    Ulcer profile
    Confusion profile
    Overweight profile
    Heart medication profile
    Depression profile
    Crohn’s Disease profile
    Senility profile
    Chest pain profile
    Deficient alkaline reserve profile
    Pancreatitis profile
    Disorientation profile
    “Can’t Handle Pressure” profile
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome profile
    Body/Muscle pain profile
    Epstein Barr Virus profile
    Allergy profile

These audio tapes, now converted to .mp3, are a collectors item. Your BIA® proficiency will expand exponentially.

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