MemGram® Order Form

MemGram® Order Form

Please be sure to submit Client Data and General Symptoms prior to submitting this order.
You will need the Client File # to complete this form.

Requirements For Ordering MemGram® Reports:
* You must be a Certified MemGram® Processor
* You must be a subscriber to SAF® Online.
* You must be maintaining your personal MemGram® Processing sessions (2x/month).
* You must have sufficient unused tests balance in your BIAS® account.

MemGram® Charts are FREE.
MemGram® Reports are $100 (currently $50 due to a benefactor).
You are entitled to one FREE MemGram® Report for every personal MemGram® Processing session.

Prepay and Save:
Buy 1 report = $50 ea.
Buy 2 reports = $35 ea.
Buy 4 reports = $25 ea.

  • Usually a 5-digit number. Not the File #. The Client's ID never changes, but each BIA® or MemGram® chart is a new File #.
  • Please enter a number from 1000000 to 2000000.
    If this is a request for SAF® Chain conversion, make sure this File # is a CLEAN record that doesn't contain pre-existing data in the BIA® or MemGram® questionnaires or BIA® results. Data in the Client Data window is fine. If this is a request for a MemGram® Marker, use the File # of the last MemGram® Chart.
  • If retest, what was previous chart? (S1-S2-M1-M2):
  • Report order deducts one credit from your account.
  • If ordering a Chart, do you agree to pay with the appropriate credit deduction from your account and agree that this payment is non-refundable, but may be credited toward another Chart if a Report is never issued for this Chart?
  • Is this a free MemGram® Report order for a previously ordered MemGram® Chart for this client?
  • Is this a reuse of credits from a previous Chart order due to the client not moving forward with Processing?
  • If this is a MemGram® retest, what was the Previous Chart?
  • What MemGram® Level or Marker Level is this?
  • Enter the SAF® Chain that you want converted to MemGram®. If not applicable, leave blank.
  • If SAF® conversion, what is the SAF® Stress #? This is provided by SAF® Online and is required. If not applicable, leave blank.
  • If this is a MemGram® Marker Report request, list the File #'s to be included in the MemGram® Marker Report. Also include the DATES of each report.
  • If this is a request for a MemGram® Tracker report, please submit the latest MemGram® Tracker Total including mm/dd/yy (for example: 124-12/05/13). If not, enter a zero.






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