What Will I Discover?

Thank you for your interest. Here is what you will learn. The BIA®report is very comprehensive.

1. Your Metabolism Efficiency (EM): This is our measurement of how well you are converting food into energy and what % of everything you are eating is being turned into toxic waste that costs the body energy to process. The lower your EM, the more weight management is an issue and the less energy you have to deal with life and the more you rely upon your Reserve Energy to get you through the day. The lower your EM, the more likely it is that degenerative disease is forming.

2. Your Reserve Energy (ER): This is our measurement of the status of your immune system and the reserves required to protect yourself. The lower your ER, the more susceptible to disease you may be and the more you have good days and bad days depending upon your Metabolism Efficiency for the day.

3. Your Biological Age (BA): This is our measurement of how old your body thinks it is versus your chronological age. This puts the degeneration process that may be present into a more easily understood perspective.

4. Your Adverse Relationships (AR): This is an analysis of your body chemistry that indicates to us the emotional stress involved and the load that the hormonal system is under in order to keep your body in balance. The higher the AR’s, the longer the problem has been a problem and the longer it is expected to take to regain balance.

5. Your Speed of Decline (SD): Our measurement of how fast you are aging. Once you reach a critical point, it is unlikely that any natural method is going to reverse whatever degenerative process that is taking place.

6. ORP: The oxidation-reduction potential. Research has shown that super-healthy people have a negative urine ORP. Average healthy people have a urine ORP of 0-50. People who are developing disease have a urine ORP of 50-75. People who have been diagnosed with a disease have a urine ORP of 75+. This is a measurement of how much premature aging is taking place in your body.

7. How does your body chemistry relate to your symptoms and how you can remedy the out-of-balance body chemistry.

8. What you need to do regarding dietary, lifestyle and nutrition modifications to bring yourself back to a state of wellness.

9. What emotional cause is behind the symptoms you wish to alleviate or the life you wish to live versus the life you are living. What the emotional cause is; when it happened; who it happened with; and how to insure that you do not continue being manipulated by the invisible belief system that is at work at the cellular level, which represents the plan against your life. If you have ever asked, “Why Me?”, this is reason enough to do the BIA®. Believe it or not, the answers can be found in your urine/saliva.


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