Bio-Code® Challenge

Bio-Code® Challenge

TIP:  Do not use punctuation – comma, quote, hyphen, parenthesis or apostrophe

TIP: The body is symmetrical, but the Bio-Code® is often different for right or left.   For example, if you have
         right shoulder pain, if no results for “shoulder pain”, search for “right shoulder pain.” 

 TIP: If you cannot find “cracking skin”, search for “skin cracking”. The database requires that you enter the symptom
         exactly as in the database.

 TIP: Do not mix symptoms. Search for ONE symptom only per search.

 TIP: Make SURE that your spelling is correct.

 TIP: If you cannot find your symptom, let us know immediately. There has to be a reason and we will help you find it.

TIP: The organ usually comes first. For example, search for “prostate enlarged”, not “enlarged prostate.”

 TIP: To find the 3 Mineral Cell Salts of which you are likely deficient, enter only birth month/day: (MM/DD)


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