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Bio-Compatibility Analysis™

There are three biorhythm cycles that begin at birth. They are:

Physical Cycle – 23 days The physical cycle is considered as the strength and confidence cycle. It regulates hand-eye coordination, strength, endurance, sex drive, stamina, initiative, metabolic rate, resistance to, and recovery from illness.

Emotional Cycle – 28 days The emotional cycle is considered as the love and sensitivity cycle. It regulates emotions, feelings, mood, sensitivity, sensation, sexuality, fantasy, temperament, nerves, reactions, affections and creativity.

Mental Cycle – 33 days The mental cycle is regulates is considered as the thinking or logic cycle It regulates intelligence, logic, mental reaction, alertness, sense of direction, decision-making, judgment, power of deduction, memory and ambition.

What can be expected from the relationship of two people with different Biorhythm when they come together in a social or business relationship? The purpose of the Bio-Compatibility Analysis™ is to explore this situation. Forewarned can be forearmed.

Is what you feel for that other person really love? We have been so distorted by our upbringing that we might not know who would be right for us. We are taught that we should love everyone, but because of our lack of knowledge regarding our MemGram®, we find it impossible. Therefore, that teaching results in guilt. Without the knowledge of your MemGram®, you cannot love everyone and not everyone can love you.

You attract opposites if you do not like yourself or if you have a need to suffer or if you were conditioned wrongly by being raised with people who are not like you. You can now find the love of your life. No need to settle for less. If you have been getting involved with people who make you unhappy, you can see what you are doing and correct it.

You are on your way to greater happiness. Do not be afraid of it. You can learn to live with yourself; to accept yourself and others, too. Don’t fight it. You are what you are. There are people who will love you because you are you. At least 60% is needed IN EACH AREA of Bio-Compatibility (Physical-Mental-Emotional) for two people to be happy together without much friction.

If you have an area of compatibility below 60%, it means there will definitely be friction in that area. The relationship will only work if both of you compromise equally. It may also work if one of you willingly becomes the giver and the other becomes the taker. Any action short of these two options will most likely result in a relationship termination. This termination will be a difficult decision for both of you, especially if you have a high Emotional (Love) percentage compatibility, but it will be for the long-term benefit of your individual personal growth.

If your average compatibility is between 0 and 40%, it means you have low compatibility, but high polarity. Your high polarity will cause much stress but it will have the effect of balancing each other so that your risk factor becomes low as long as you are willing to give the other person much space to be who they are. Jealousy or fear easily arises in this type of compatibility and can be extremely detrimental to this relationship. High polarity is better for business relationships than it is for social relationships.

A commitment to unconditional love for the other person is what is needed to insure the relationship. Accomplish this and you have the key to a fulfilling relationship.

Your Bio-Compatibility Analysis® is based upon your birth date and/or the birth date of the other person. You will be surprised how amazingly accurate it is. Your report will be sent to you via the web. You are the only person who will be given the URL.

Bio-Compatibilty Analysis™: Both individuals, plus the relationship, are extensively analyzed. ($2.00) You may order here or use the iPhone App as described below.

The Bio-Compatibility Analysis™ is also available as an iPhone App. Check it out in the App Store. A convenient way to quickly compare Biorhythms of your social and professional contacts.

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