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What is a private membership association?

Under the 1st and 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and equivalent provisions of State Constitutions, we the people have the right to associate with fellow members and form our own Association just like the Boy Scouts and the NAACP, just to name a few famous Private Associations.

As a Private Membership Association, former members of the “public” become contract members with the Association. The membership contract limits claims against the Association and allows our members to receive information, cutting-edge services, products and more within the protection of the Association. This program provides extraordinary privacy protection.

As you may know, many medical practitioners and companies who provide natural remedies are being harassed, investigated and sanctioned by licensing agencies, law enforcement agencies and other bureaucrats. By going after the practitioners and naturalists, these bureaucrats believe a great service is being performed in the name of “protection of the public.”  Did you know that in 2008 the FDA proclaimed that cherries and walnuts were “drugs”?  How ridiculous is that?  Is proclaiming cherries and walnuts a drug really for the “protection of the public”?

The solution to the problem is to become a private contract member of a Private Membership Association. Under the 1st and 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and equivalent provisions of  State Constitutions, you have the right to associate with fellow members and offer benefits and services that are outside of the jurisdiction, venue and authority of State and/or Federal agencies. What could come under scrutiny and, in some cases, be considered an illegal act outside the Association can be perfectly legal within the protection of a Private Association.

It should be noted that this right of association is not absolute; the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in many cases that the State cannot interfere with private association activities unless the private members are being subjected to a substantial evil that would shock a person’s moral and common sense. For example, if the private members are becoming seriously ill or injured or dying due to the so-called benefits and services of the Association, then outside State and/or Federal agencies can intervene.

However, if there is no substantial evil, and although the services of the Private Association may be controversial, unpopular, unconventional, or lack proper endorsements and approvals; the U.S. Supreme Court again has overwhelmingly ruled that a freedom of assembly and association cannot be violated.

If you know anything about alternative medicine, you know that the AMA, FDA, FTC and the pharmaceutical companies make life difficult for anyone who tries to manufacture, promote or sell anything that actually helps people get well. They put into place so many laws that restrict the supplement manufacturers that most supplements don’t really do that much. Our goal is to offer information and products that work extremely well, to actually fix numerous health problems.

There is a solution. Government agencies have a mandate to protect “the public” but have very limited jurisdiction over 1st and 14th Amendments Private Membership Associations. By being a Private Membership Association we are free to serve our Members with the help they so desperately need. Joining a Private Membership Association is a small price to pay for such a wonderful freedom – the freedom to take charge of your own health! Do you really want the government to micro-manage your healthcare choices?

To become a member of our Private Membership Association, we ask you to read and complete our Membership Agreement. By agreeing to our Membership Agreement and digitally signing the agreement, you will then be asked to render your non-refundable Membership Fee of $20 to join the Biological Immunity Research Association.  This will be the best $20 you ever invested in yourself.

Once you are a Member of the Biological Immunity Research Association, you will then have access to all the anti-aging information we have gathered to share with our members.  This information includes, but is by no means limited to anti-aging educational information, research studies and proven products.

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