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Anyone who has symptoms for which the cure has alluded them no matter how many medical tests they have endured, or who has impaired metabolism symptoms or a reduction of energy will benefit from getting a hair mineral analysis (HMA).

Hair Mineral Analysis indicates how your body is storing minerals, toxic metals and producing energy. The closer your cell enzymes and tissues contain the proper minerals the more energy your body will have for proper function.

Every cell enzyme and tissue contains one of three things: the correct mineral, the wrong mineral or a toxic metal. For example, your bones, teeth and nerve fibers should contain 99% of the calcium in your body, the man’s prostate contains the most zinc and the thyroid gland contains the most selenium. When cells contain the wrong elements dysfunction occurs. Often, symptoms that have no basis in traditional blood tests or other traditional diagnostic testing.

HMA is used to design a nutritional program that corrects metabolic derangements so the body can excrete toxic metals, bio-unavailable minerals and use the preferred minerals. Once you have the right parts, your body can function like a brand-new car.

HMA is a metabolic screening test that shows significant mineral levels and ratios and toxic metals that have excreted into the hair, which represent thyroid and adrenal gland energy production, identifies trends; assesses organ, gland and tissue function and is used to guide restoration of body energy mechanisms.

HMA is a tissue biopsy that is non-invasive and extremely accurate. The HMA lab does matter. We have used the same lab for almost 40 years because it is one of two labs that do not wash the hair prior to testing. This is important.

The hair sampled must be from the scalp. The first specimen can be from anywhere on your head, but the nearer to the scalp the more recent your metabolic activity mirroring. It is very important that HMA retests are near to the scalp so you are seeing the most recent changes in your mineral metabolism.

One of the important minerals is calcium. It is important that it not be too high or too low on your HMA. Excessive calcium is a sign that stress is causing your degeneration and it is also behind many medical problems today. There is a right way and wrong way to deal with high calcium. We believe that a high calcium HMA level is worse than a low calcium level. More on this when we review your HMA report with you. Get yours today!

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