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What Does MemGram® Processing Cost?


First, you should be asking, “What is the cost to me in terms of my aspirations, dreams and goals if I do NOT do MemGram® Processing?

You have to start doing something differently or tomorrow is going to be just like today which was just like yesterday.

Each Trauma has its own set of Words. The # of Traumas are listed on your MemGram® Chart.

You are given only the Words for your latest Trauma on your MemGram® Chart. We work with these Words during your FREE MemGram® Orientation session.

Each Trauma is a separate MemGram® Processing session. A MemGram® Processing session is designed to last between 12-30 minutes.

Dr. Martin’s rate is $2.95 per minute. Other Certified MemGram® Processors are available for $1.95 per minute or less.

We do not like to do more than two sessions weekly because you get “brain burnout” and it doesn’t work.

We do not like to do less than 1 session monthly because you lose continuity and it doesn’t work.

If MemGram® Processing allows you to live the life you have always wanted, the cost doesn’t matter.

The smartest investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

Go to and submit your data today. We will send your MemGram® Chart to you. You watch the Orientation video and then schedule your FREE Orientation session. Only then will you realize how important this knowledge is and wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone explain The Plan Against Your Life to you many years ago?

If you have already have received your MemGram® Chart, for what are you waiting? The rest of your life depends upon what you do with this knowledge. Watch the Orientation Video and call 888-221-4116 or contact my Assistant, Lisa <> to schedule your FREE Orientation Session.


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