Banana Peeling

It’s All About Your Banana Peeling


     Little Johnny was an empathetic personality. He was sensitive to everyone and would go out of  his way to help anyone avoid pain.    

     Little Johnny hated doctors. He hated doctors because every time he went he had to get a shot. Johnny hated shots because he didn’t like the pain associated with the injection.

     One day, Johnny  had been sick for a week. His mother announced to Johnny that she was taking him to the doctor. Johnny was scared because he didn’t want to get another injection. On the way to the doctor’s office, Johnny’s body was greatly stimulated by the fear of the “what-if” movie that he was experiencing. He was imagining what it was going to be like to get another shot.

     At the door to the Doctor’s office, someone had dropped a banana peeling on the floor. Johnny didn’t see it and slipped on the banana peeling. Johnny fell on his butt, greatly bruising himself.

     Johnny and his mother went into the doctor’s office. After examining Johnny, the doctor announced that he was going to have to give Johnny an injection. Johnny was anxious, furious and scared. He started crying and wanted to run out of the room. His mother pulled down his pants and the doctor gave him an injection right on his sore butt, not noticing that there was a huge bruise that he could have avoided. Therefore, the injection was even more painful.

     Ever since that day, Johnny has been allergic to bananas. They cause him to swell and to have stomach pain.

     This is how your MemGram® works. Your Stress Pattern isn’t necessarily logical. Your cells don’t have a Mind, but they do have Memory. Bits and pieces of various memorable experiences can be put together to  produce another  stressful event. The people, places, circumstances (PPCE) may be different than the original, but the FEELING will always be the same.

     When you understand YOUR banana peeling event(s), your entire life will begin to change. I look forward to helping you initiate this change. You CAN enjoy BEING, DOING, HAVING exactly what you desire. It is your birthright. Let us show you how.


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