The “Dragon” is symbolic of a pattern of energy, which has been colored by negative emotions.  It is a personification of your Stress Pattern. It is an energy entity, created and filled with the life energy of its creator.  The “Dragon” is a figment of your thoughts, feelings and words you have chosen in response to PPCE (People, Places, Circumstances and Events), which were stressful enough to cause you to believe that you were out of control of your life.  The “Dragon” represents the drag-on your life.

The following observations of the “Dragon” will help you to be conscious of your “Dragon’s”  life-style.  The more you know about your Dragon, the easier it is to control and move it out of your life.

1.  The Dragon is lazy, will not work to live, and gets your emotional body to do its work.

2.  The Dragon likes a diet of hormone releases – the greater the quantity the better.

3.  The Dragon likes to sleep and be fed by large emotional discharges, like being fed intravenously.

4.  The Dragon wants to keep your attention on Present Stress Effect, not on the Cause which is the origin of your  Stress Pattern.

5.  The Dragon is a parasite.

6.  The Dragon’s job is to keep your energy so drained, to the extreme of depression of near death if possible.

7.  The Dragon’s goal is to prevent you from manifesting your Soul Pattern (The Plan for Your Life).

8.  The Dragon is neither compassionate nor sentimental.

9.  The Dragon’s goal is to work against you – It is the Adversary.  It will use whatever works best, and will continue to use it again and again.

10.  The Dragon is magnetic; it will draw PPCE to you to elicit a negative response or cause you to overuse your strengths and create a weakness.

11.  The Dragon is a homeopathic, attracting like energy to keep you deepening your Stress Pattern.

12.  The Dragon is afraid that you will wise up and regain control.

13.  The Dragon uses weapons of confusion, being scattered, inability to focus, criticism, condemning and blaming others or conditions for your status.

14.  The Dragon likes to strike (getting your emotions out of control), run, hide and then rest.

15.  The Dragon likes to nip at your heels with seemingly small irritations, aggravating you to prompt a large emotional release or create a slow but steady drain on your energy.

16. Your Dragon is likely one or more of the PPCE closest to you — family, siblings, spouse, children, employer.

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