It’s Your Birthday!


It’s Your Birthday!



    I have been doing some thinking about a birthday. Why do we celebrate it? Why do adults go ga-ga over a new-born baby? Do you know why a birthday is significant?

     When you understand your MemGram®, you have a deeper understanding of why a birthday is significant and why it deserves to be celebrated.


     Before you are born, you aren’t an individual with individual goals, dreams or ambitions. You are simply part of God. You are part of the whole, just like the ocean is made up of mega-trillions of individual drops of water but you can’t tell one from the other.

     Being born is like being one tiny drop of water squeezed out of the ocean. You have the essence of God, the life-force, but everything else is left up to you to navigate, understand, conquer and celebrate. You are in a dichotomy of “knowing” that there is something much bigger and better than the circumstances in which you find yourself, but you have to work through the understanding of how to make it happen.


     Who you really are, an individualized part of God (Soul-Pattern), is now forced to interact with the universe via a physical body that is influenced by genetics of your parents and your reactions to decisions made by others while you are young. Remember that you are here to learn what it feels like to be who you are not so that you can fully appreciate who/what it is that you really are. Therefore, it is likely that your genetics, family and environmental influences will be an obstacle to you being, doing, having your Mind’s Desire. When you finally understand this, it enables you to stop taking everything so personally.

     Your Stress Pattern will do everything it can to provide one excuse after another as to why you couldn’t, can’t, shouldn’t and, therefore, won’t. It is easier to complain about not accomplishing something than it is to do it. Your Stress Pattern understands this. You are here to learn what it feels like to be who you are not so that you can fully appreciate who/what you really are.


     We celebrate a birthday because it is natural for us to celebrate God. A birthday represents truth, beauty, goodness, purity, innocence, naivety, dreams, goals, visions and more. A birthday represents the gift of life given to us by God so that we can learn to become like him, know him and become a participant in the management of the grand universe teaching truth, beauty and goodness to everyone, everywhere.


     Of course, we have to choose to or not to love God, choose to or not to celebrate God and choose to or not to participate in the hereafter. The interesting aspect of human existence is that we do get a choice. We can choose to die when we die or we can choose to believe that there is a creator God to whom we owe our very existence, who loves us unconditionally and to whom we should pay some respect by doing our best to teach truth, beauty and goodness to others during our sojourn on planet Earth. One choice leads to death. The other choice leads to life everlasting, forever assisting to bring truth, beauty and goodness to everyone, everywhere.     


     So, the next time you celebrate a birthday, whether your own or another’s, stop to think about what you are celebrating. You are celebrating the fact that God so loved you that he gave you the opportunity to be a free-will being, to experience the Universe as you choose. God wants you to represent him on Earth, among all of the crap, evil and other toxicities of living that are everywhere, but, just because you are alive doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work to make your dreams and goals come true. God Works With You, Not For You!

     When you understand your MemGram® on as many levels as you can Process, you understand the Plan Against Your Life (Stress Pattern). This is not the Plan For Your Life (Soul Pattern), although many defeated personalities may choose to believe that after many years of trials and tribulations. It is what you get when you don’t understand that what you see is not real. What you see is a reflection of the consciousness to which you have been exposed and a reflection of the self-consciousness that you have accumulated up to the present. If you don’t like what you see around you, the problem is YOU! The change that is needed depends upon YOU. It depends on the physical moves that you are willing to take which demonstrate what is going on in your mind.


     If a birthday isn’t as happy as you think it should be, the problem is not that you shouldn’t have been born or that you have failed. The problem is that, because you don’t yet understand enough about your MemGram®, you continue to take the “bait” which manipulates and controls you so that you remain a victim wallowing in self-pity, paralyzed by fear, anger, worry, depression or apathy. This is the job of your Stress Pattern and it does it perfectly.

     You have to consciously tell yourself that your Soul Pattern didn’t go anywhere. Who you really are is still who you really are. Yes, it is hard to be, do or have something that many years of experience have taught you that you don’t deserve it, can’t have/do/be it, shouldn’t have it, won’t have it, but that is an illusion, a mind-state of your Stress  Pattern. Strip away that belief by understanding your “banana peeling” and what do you have left? Yes, your SOUL PATTERN. Who you really are. It isn’t a matter of doing. It is a matter of aligning your belief with your faith. Faith expands. Belief limits.


     Yes, a birthday is special. It is God coming to Earth in the form of a human being, YOU! You are a little piece of God who wants to recreate that from which you came; who wants to recreate your little piece of heaven on Earth; who wants to be loved and supported by those around you; who wants to be valued and considered worthy by those around you; who wants to be surrounded by truth, beauty and goodness. Why? Because that is the whole, of which you are a part. So, BE IT! Start right now, today. Or, you can choose to believe that your Stress Pattern is the real you. Either way, you get what you choose.


     Your MemGram® is at odds with Who You Really Are (Soul Pattern). It manifests as People-Places-Circumstances-Events (PPCE) that add resistance to you following the path of your Mind’s Desire. You have a Mind’s Desire because you have a Soul Pattern. Because you are here to learn what it feels like to be who you are not (Stress Pattern), you are likely born into a family that becomes part of your Stress Pattern. Once you realize this, as well as the Eternal Law #4 – Everyone Is Always Doing The Best They Can, then it is much easier to quit taking things personally. Taking things personally only makes you a victim. In this case, a victim of your own Point Of View (POV).

     By understanding your MemGram®, you understand the Plan Against Your Life. Once you understand the Plan Against Your Life, you can avoid making decisions and creating misery for yourself. You can start making choices that allows your Soul Pattern to manifest. The result is that Life Is Good, Because It Already Is. All you have to do is avoid creating the illusion of what already isn’t. This is a movie of magnificent proportions. Once you realize that you are the personality in the audience watching yourself play the movie character that you think is You, then you stop reacting to your Stress Pattern. As a result, your MemGram® loses control over you and you, by default, are able to experience everything you ever wanted for your life (Soul Pattern).

     We look forward to helping you discover your MemGram®!

Discover Your MemGram®

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