MemGram® Certification

Certified MemGram® Processor (CMP)

Enrollment in SAF® Level-1 training is a prerequisite for MemGram® Processor Certification.
(We pay the SAF® level-1 tuition for you when you enroll to become a Certified MemGram® Processor.

To honor Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. and to support Kathy Scogna’s efforts to perpetuate his SAF® teachings,
we encourage you to complete ALL SAF® Training Levels.


CMP Policy & Rules

Certification Level – 1 MemGram® Apprentice $ 995
Certification Level – 2 MemGram® Processor (CMP)
$ 995
Certification Level – 3 MemGram® Master $1645

Payment Plans are available.
Online MemGram® software is provided free to active CMP.
Active means that you are self-processing with a mentor at least weekly and that you subscribe to SAF® Online.
Our agreement with Kathy Scogna is that active CMP’s maintain an active subscription to her SAF® Onine whether or not you use it.
We will provide details regarding this when you enroll.


Doctor of Nutripathy® (DN)
Doctor of Nutripathic® Philosophy (PhD)

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