MemGram® – How It Works?

It Helps You Put The Pieces Together.

MemGram® Processing (MP) is a tool for increasing your self-awareness about your life, your business, your body, your emotions, your past.

The Chains are a result of the collective work written by Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. who cross-connected bio-energetics, psychology, western medicine, sound and vibration, Eastern philosophies, quantum physics, homeopathy and mathematics.

What Can It Do For You?

MP can tell you what is happening in the present time. More importantly, it can explain WHY.

MP can find what emotional situations occurred in the past and have led to this present day condition so you can correct your behavior and emotional responses to stop re-creating and re-experiencing people, places, circumstances and events that you do not want to be experiencing.

In the future, you may find yourself in a similar situation, but this time you will be more aware. You’ll be able to say, “Wait a minute, this isn’t working for me any more.” You will have spotted a behavior pattern before it becomes a problem.

You will learn that all the crap in your life has occurred, is occurring, will occur simply because YOU ARE NOT THAT.

How Does It Work?

We use questionnaires and/or urine/saliva as evaluations. We convert the data into a heat rating for 24 organs to construct the Organ Trauma Sequence (OTS) which produces a chain of organs that are then seen as their corresponding emotions with dates of occurrence calculated.

The chain of numbers (OTS) has a story to tell. We can read it like a grammatical sentence. The OTS gives you a holographic image, a “slice of life”, of your personal issues or traumas or whatever challenges on which you are working.

Is This A Psychology or an IQ Test?

No. There are no right or wrong answers. The questionnaire is designed so you can learn more about yourself and your stress. MP is its own science. Every science has its own language and special terms that must be understood in order to comprehend the science.

The MP language is a body-mind-spirit language and is created by assigning numbers to specific organs and glands. Emotions, conditions, functions, physical and mental attributes are also assigned.

Our organs/glands hold recordings in our DNA of what has happened to us in the recent and distant past. When we identify which organs and glands are stressed, the his tells us what emotions need to be observed.

Emotions are made of energy. These are mental experiences with biochemical (physical) actions. They tell us how to be, how to feel. By showing you how your physical and emotional symptoms are connected, it will help you increase your self-awareness.

If Something Was In The Past, Can’t I Just Blot It Out? Why Look At It Again?

Your body and mind record everything, pleasant and unpleasant. The pleasant events are light and airy, while the unpleasant ones are compressed energy and contain heavy emotions, anger, hate and fear. Through this self-awareness method, you will learn how events in the past are still influencing you, especially the negative emotions of anger and fear. You will learn how those early events gave you an unconscious “code to act” (Invisible Belief System), that you will follow now, even though you might not want to act that way.

I Have Tried Various Therapies — Why Is MemGram® Processing Going To Work For Me When All Others Have Failed To Have A Permanent Fix?

MemGram® Processing is the only process which involves untying your knot in the exact reverse order in which it became tied. It is that simple. There is only one way to physically untie a knot, therefore, there is only one way to mentally/emotionally/spiritually untie a knot. It must be in the exact reverse order in which it became tied. Plus, MemGram® Processing is very specific regarding the events in your life that created your present. If you don’t change your present, you cannot change your future. The only way to change your present is to edit the past, but it must be in the exact reverse order or all you do is make things worse!

Tell Me More About The Codes

In your lifetime, and what you have inherited through your genetic line, you have developed certain survival mechanisms and behavioral patterns that helped you cope with life from the time you were a helpless child. As you matured, those early life codes, the emotions and actions you created that helped you in the past, became obsolete. These codes are no longer workable and, worse, they are often unknown to you. Instead of bettering your life, you will find yourself in situations that are stressful.

What Are MemGram® Levels?

Each time you completely Process a MemGram® chart, you remove the ability of the Stress Pattern to continue to use the same forces against you that it has been using for your entire life. Your self-awareness prohibits it. You may not feel like it at the moment, but you have moved up a level in consciousness. What level are you on? There are people who are on Level 70+ and what they have learned about themselves and can see in others is amazing! This takes a lifetime commitment to personal growth and shedding of the Invisible Belief System. Are you ready for a new future? Get started or keep on keeping on. You deserve it! The universe deserves it and needs you to be one of the few to graduate to higher levels of consciousness.

MemGram® Processing is the way out. It is the way for you to gradually break free. It happens because of what you learn about yourself and your relationship to your Stress Pattern. Your Soul Pattern is just waiting for you to give it a chance to manifest. Make physical actions in accordance with your Soul Pattern and you will soon have the life you have always wanted.

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