MemGram® – What Is It?

MemGram® – What Is It?


Since the 1920’s, quantum physicists have proposed that an infinite number of alternate universes exist.

Leading scientists have suggested the existence of multiple universes.Scientists Planck & Einstein

This discovery was made when physicists found that it was impossible to pinpoint the exact location of an atomic particle. It appears that it doesn’t have a single location. Atomic particles appear to have the ability to simultaneously exist in more than one place at a time. This would mean that particles don’t only exist in our universe; they can also exist in an infinite number of parallel universes.

All possibilities exist.

Do we live in a mind-matrix that supports every possibility? A matrix where all possibilities exist and we get to choose which ones we want for our “reality?” I believe that a parallel universe doesn’t actually exist, but is a reality that could have existed if you would have made different choices in the past. If it is a reality that “could” exist, then it means that you can draw from that parallel reality to change the course of destiny that has been decided because of the choices you have made in the past. In other words, if you could edit your past thoughts and feelings, especially as it has to do with the major decision points; if you could apply the wisdom of today instead of the conscious awareness that you had then, that you can bring the parallel reality of “what could have been” into the reality in which you live today. This is life-changing!

So how do parallel universes come to be? If you are born in this universe, how can you alter today’s existence if there is an infinite number of dimensions where you exist simultaneously? The theory is simple:

Every decision you make in life causes a “split” in reality.

Every decision you have made has created a split in your reality. Think about it. If you could apply the wisdom that you have today to several decisions of the past, your life would be much different today. It makes sense that the only reason that it would be different is because all possibilities exist. If they exist, they exist right now. All you have to do change your life is to change your “invisible belief system.”

Your reality is defined by your invisible belief system.

Do you know the power of your thoughts?

Scientist Max Planck Max Planck, a German physicist and one of the proponents of Quantum Theory, said that “all matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration which holds the atom together. We must assume behind this force is the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.

In other words, the substance of the universe, of your reality, may simply be thought, an invisible belief system. Consciousness forms the building blocks of the universe and everywhere that consciousness explores, with the expectation that something will be there, it also creates. If Quantum Theory is correct, it implies that to change your current reality, all you need to do is change the frequency of your thoughts. To change the frequency of your thoughts, you must first understand what determines the frequency of your thoughts. The cause is your MemGram®, something that, once understood, gives you the power to be, do and have everything you desire.

Definitions To Help You Understand Your MemGram®

MemGram®: The sum of your experiences since conception that have programmed your cells to be addicted to the opposite of what your Mind desires. This program controls you and is unknown to you until you experience MemGram® Processing, which is the process of unraveling, in the exact reverse order, the tightly bound web of experiences that have convinced your cells that happiness for you is most everything that you do not want your life to be. Once you understand what is your MemGram® and how it came to be, YOU will be free to control your destiny. You are here to learn what it feels like to be who you are not; you are not here to be who you are not, however, most people are living a life that they know is not who they really are. When you Know Your MemGram®, you Live A Transformed Life!

MemGram® Processing: A telephone communication with a Certified MemGram® Processor who is trained to process your MemGram® Chart.

Soul Pattern: Your inner strength. Who you really are. Who you want to be. What you want your life to be like. What your life would be like if there were no opposing radiation from people, places, circumstances, events (PPCE) making it difficult, if not impossible, for you to be who you really are; who you want to be; what you want to be; where you want to be; how you want to be. Your Soul Pattern is a gift from God. It is apparent in your personality. Your personality is unique to you. You are a unique, wonderful creation with a little spark of the Creator inside just waiting to bust out as soon as your cells stop believing that your MemGram® is happiness instead of everything that your Soul Pattern represents. You are here to learn to appreciate your Soul Pattern and to realize that you really do have the power that it represents. There is only one way to truly appreciate this great gift from God; you must learn what it feels like to be who you are not. This should not be confused with being who you are not. You can never be who you are not, but you can lose sight of, or faith in, who you are. This happens when you are tricked into believing that your MemGram® is real. Your Soul Pattern would manifest by default if it weren’t for your Stress Pattern. This is the prime dichotomy of life. The physical dimension is created by the resistance of dichotomies, i.e., male vs female; hot vs cold; light vs darkness; good vs evil, etc.

Stress Pattern: Your inner weakness. An emotional energy pattern that was created when you were young. It was created when your personality internally resisted the people, places, circumstances and events (PPCE) who represented the radiation opposed to your true nature (soul pattern) and how you innately wanted your life to be. This PPCE is still attracted to you today because the cells of your body have become addicted to the emotional “high” that comes from having this opposition in your life. Your cells believe that the stimulation stemming from the negatives in your life represent happiness and life. Your Stress Pattern represents the plan AGAINST your life. It represents everything you don’t like about your life. By understanding your Stress Pattern, it is possible to make decisions that help you achieve the happiness, health, success and romance you desire from life. Your Stress Pattern results in your cells developing an Invisible Belief System, which is your MemGram®.

Benefits: If your physical symptoms are the result of suppressed emotions (many are), then you can expect to see symptom changes. If emotional symptoms are a result of a suppressed MemGram®, then you can expect to see symptom changes. You can expect more health, wealth, happiness, success and romance in your life. This is absolutely the best life-improvement technique ever discovered.

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