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The discovery of the MemGram® is a revolutionary event. It explains the resistance that you have always felt when trying to be-do-have what it is that you desire for your life. It explains why your life has been so difficult. It explains why you hate doing the things that you are good at doing and love doing the things that you wish you were good at doing. It explains why you are in one place but wish you were in other. It explains why you have dreams and desires, but it is difficult bringing them into reality. It explains why you have been abused or taken advantage of when you were young.

Once you Know Your MemGram®, you know what you need to expect and how to handle what is going to happen to you as you walk out of your bedroom door each morning. You can laugh at what previously caused you to be depressed, sad, angry or fearful.


Knowing Your MemGram® allows you to be free to explore, learn and experience your life as you always knew it could be. Whether or not you make the decision to accept this freedom is up to you. Some people are able to make it more quickly than others. There is no right or wrong timeline. It is up to you and, whatever it is, it is perfect for you.


The challenge is that MemGram® Processing requires the services of a Certified MemGram® Processor (CMP). It is important that you have a trained, unbiased person to act as a monitor. Because a CMP is able to accept only a limited number of MemGram® clients, the more people who want to Know Their MemGram® requires an ever expanding pool of  CMP’s. There are only so many hours in a day that a CMP can devote to Processing MemGram® clients.

Assuming that the average person schedules a personal Processing session bi-weekly, this means that the maximum number of active MemGram® Processing clients that any one CMP can handle is 80, figuring 40 hours per week and 1 hour per client per two weeks. Of course, some client sessions are only 30 minutes, but some run longer. Figuring 1 hour allows time to compose the necessary follow-up email for each client and for the CMP to take a necessary break between clients.


There are 7 billion people on the planet. Assuming 50% of them are over 21, that makes 3 billion. Assuming only 10% of them are evolved enough to be interested in Knowing Their MemGram® and only 10% of the interested 10% follow through with MemGram® Processing and then only 10% of those continue past MemGram® Level-1, that still totals 3,000,000 CMP’s needed NOW from all around the world, each in their own language, to help the others Know Their MemGram®. This is a huge undertaking, but one that will transform planet Earth by changing one life at a time.

The number of people who are depressed, stressed, overweight, hopeless, unhealthy, in pain, on drugs, living or dying without knowing God’s Plan For Their Life is incredible. MemGram® Processors offer hope by offering solutions that work.

This is a huge opportunity as well as a huge responsibility. Because you must be sure that a new client is committed, and because a person only appreciates that for which they in some way pay, we highly recommend that MemGram® Processing not be offered free, except to the indigent, but, even then, you must devise a way for the client to make some sort of sacrifice to experience MemGram® Processing, otherwise, you are wasting your time and theirs. Sad, but true.


40 hours weekly of MemGram® Processing will generate adequate income for a busy MemGram® Processor. Money is not the problem. YOU will be your biggest problem, not money. This is why continuing to work on your personal MemGram® Processing is the key to your success as a Certified MemGram® Processor.

If you become a Certified MemGram® Processor for the money, I am telling you up front that you will fail. Save your time and your money. Don’t even consider this. This is either a labor of love for you or don’t waste your time. The MemGram® Mission doesn’t want you, doesn’t need you and neither do the people seeking to Know Their MemGram®. After all, when your physical life is finished, what really matters are the number of people that you helped succeed in breaking through to their “other side.” It is about the Love that you projected and manifested. In this case, Love can be measured by the number of MemGram® Processing clients.

Being a Certified MemGram® Processor is a mind-altering experience. You must have patience and realize that you will attract clients according to your familiarity with all aspects of MemGram®, your experience in Processing others, and, most of all, your own personal MemGram® Processing experience with your mentor.

Once you are a Certified MemGram® Processor, you keep 100% of the income that you generate from your practice. Biological Immunity Research Institute provides MemGram® Charts and Reports FREE to all CMP’s who are also Processing their own MemGram® at least twice monthly.

Nothing is more important than Knowing Your MemGram®. Personally Processing your personal MemGram® at least twice monthly is necessary for you to be “at the top of your game” and to be ready to deal with the various MemGrams® to which you will be exposed.


Being a Certified MemGram® Processor makes you the deadliest enemy of the dark side of this physical dimension in which exist. Therefore, you must have the highest immunity possible to the various attacks that will certainly come from the status-quo and the bureaucrats who have been hired to protect those who exist to steal from the producers. You represent the Light. You represent Truth, Beauty and Goodness. You represent Love. Yes, that makes you a target, but the rewards are beyond worth it.


Developing the highest immunity possible means that you need the best pre-diagnostic tool available to tell you how far away from perfect immunity are you. This is the BIA®. A simple soil analysis, using urine & saliva, applied to the human body. You can do the test in your home or office in 10 minutes. You can also determine a MemGram® from this chemistry if you prefer not to use a MemGram® questionnaire. More info here:


Do you want to invest time and money into learning how to be the best possible Certified MemGram® Processor? This will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done. So, you really want to change a person’s life? Introduce them to Knowing Their MemGram® and you will have allowed them the opportunity to transform their life, NOW. CMP Rules here. (Request password.)


 If you want to support the MemGram® Mission but can’t identify with becoming a Certified MemGram® Processor, consider referring someone who you believe would be interested in joining our MemGram® Mission OR  consider donating to our BIRI MemGram® Fund, which we use to offer MemGram® Processing to the poor. This is the best possible tool to help them elevate themselves. We are a non-profit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

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