Joseph R. Scogna, Jr.

Joseph R. Scogna, Jr. (1949-1989) was dedicated to understanding life energy and the complex connection between the body, mind and spirit. He was interested in all branches of knowledge; he incorporated time-tested Eastern philosophies, western medicine and physics, uniting all in the universal language of mathematics. In hisJoseph R. Scogna, Jr. quest, Joe experimented with frequency counters and electric meters of various sorts. His greatest achievement was his cutting-edge use of infrared detectors to catalog emotional traumas, the psychological causes of disease and disharmony.

Joe wrote hundreds of texts and papers on electromagnetics, human electricity, the genetic blueprint, radiation studies and nutrition. He wrote health evaluations to complement many modalities for manual and computer use, including symptom awareness, emotions, urine/saliva tests, hair analysis, blood studies, voice print analysis, business troubles and many more. His computer databases include His computer databases include as remedies herbs, flowers, foods, homeopathics, emotional hazards, sound, color and much more. Everything he wrote was geared toward enlightenment and greater awareness for individuals. His collective work comprises a vast library of information and is being released exclusively through Life Energy Publications.

Joe has left us an extraordinary legacy. Those who have studied and used his technology have regained their determinism regarding their life and health on many levels – body, mind and spirit.

I spent hours with Joe while he taught me his concept of Success Awareness Formulas (SAF®). It was a wonderful journey. I miss him.

I highly recommend ALL of his books. They have information which cannot be found anywhere else.

Joseph’s research with SAF® is the foundation for our MemGram® work. Our MemGram® Processing departs from SAF® protocol, but it depends upon the SAF® basics for  its success in helping people to be, do and have everything that they desire.


SAF® is a registered trademark of Life Energy Institute.

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