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Having done a lot of personal inner work I went through MemGram® Level-1 with cautious optimism. I was amazed and shocked by what this process revealed to me about myself.

For me, what the process revealed was already known on a very deep level but to have it come to the surface with such crystal clarity was both fascinating and empowering. I’ve looked the dragon squarely in the eyes now and I know what it is and where it comes from. It may still try to bite me but it will no longer have the element of surprise. Because of my new found awareness, it will never be easy for this old nemesis to drag me back down into the pit again.

Thanks Dr. Martin. You are very good at what you do!

— P., Colorado

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My core concepts on MemGram Level-73 – hope and determination – strengths that God wants me to recognize and claim as my own! In the past these questions engulfed me!! Who am I? What am I? I know that my God has great things in store for me! What keeps me from claiming them?

I’ve learned that I do count; that I can reason and resolve issues that effect my life. I am a shepherd – a leader – not a sheep! Others are not above me! Mental confusion and detours are all ways to discourage and to isolate me from the fulfillment of desires and dreams that are the essence of my being who I am!

I can hold my own and not let others inflict their perceptions upon me to control my life. I am not oppressed – the victim role is not for me!

As I continue on my journey – I ask myself some more questions. Will I bump into snafus? Sure! Will I quit? Not me! Will I learn and regroup? You betcha! What will be my battle cry? Bring in on! With my God, victory is mine! Praise God!

— F.S., California

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Hi, Doc! The completion of MemGram® Level-12 was quite a test in patience for me. More than anything, it has been a realization of what true patience really is. It is a realization that there is nothing to change. Yes, easier said than done, but when the Stress Pattern pushes you to extremes, it becomes perfectly clear that this is the only way. Patience is form of acceptance. Letting go of wanting to change or figure things out moves me into freedom and acceptance, no matter how destructive it may be. The only way to overcome an unwanted situation is to love it fully…accept it..the only reason why I desire to change it because I have an aversion toward it.  Letting it be allows it to dissolve on its own, as long as I am patient to wait it out. Blessings.

— M.Z., New York

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Hello Dr. Martin — Just giving you an update. If you remember me, the one with so many dragons. I regret I could not finish our sessions, but the money has not been there to do so. But on a positive note I took what you said and applied it to my life in trying to stop all of the chaos and I have been 80% successful. I did has you said, I got a little place of my own and have my own kitchen, no more permanent house guest. Although the cost of living is more and has cut back my budget, it has been good me having some peace and quietness and time to work on me. Anyway, I just want to say thank you for your help, as I would probably still be on a downward spiral.  Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.

— M.I., Oregon

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Dear Dr Martin —I am writing because I have found the improvement MemGram® Processing has made in my life remarkable and wish to share it with the world, in the hope that more people may come to know what it is, try it, and benefit from it. As I am an author, I have no better way to convey my experiences than to write about them; this has resulted in a book. This book explains how MemGram® Processing helped me recall events which took place during my childhood that I had completely forgotten about; events that had in fact pained and scarred me, leading me to form behaviors that generated problems in my daily life and relationships.

MemGram® Processing enabled me to trace my issues back to my childhood, allowing me to understand them and face them on a new level. This method allowed me do go so far back and so deep within me, that I had a revelation as to the reasons behind what was tormenting me. It allowed me to re-live them, identify them, dismantle them and free myself from the spiral in which I was imprisoned. Knowing what was behind the emotions, weakened them greatly and offered me control over them and my behavior. I simply began feeling better, having put behind me the obstacles I had set for myself. My way of thinking and feeling was reformed.

Another noteworthy piece of information I would like to share with others, is how little time was needed for MemGram® Processing to take me so far back and produce substantial results. On a personal level, I have for the first time -through cellular memory- found clear scientific basis supporting Phycology.

I would very much like for you to read my draft and give me your feedback. As it was originally written in Greek, I had a professional book-translator translate it for you. If you so agree, I would like to publish it at my own cost, in the hope that many more may benefit from MemGram® Processing. I have already done research to find an established publisher who will not only offer the best possible professional result, but also market it both in bookstores and online. Best Regards

— A.T., Cyprus

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The turbulence and peace between me and xxx lies in direct proportion to the placement of our attention. The key is awareness vs the assumed negativity of the particular condition. In short,  if we take a stand that negativity is something which we must deal with, therefore fighting it, we end up creating it even more in our attempt to solve it because our attention is stationed in it. The matrix of negativity is expanding. Cellular addiction to drama and uncertainty is equal to the theory of relativity where nothing is absolute. It is well used for watering down the truth and brushing it away and having your way out of responsibility. Relativity is the greatest excuse since the beginning of time to hinder expansion of awareness. Who wants to face themselves and take a deep hard look at self and admit that we create our reality. The universe is an exact science of absolutism. Cause and effect work like clockwork.

For me, the biggest thing during my MemGram® Level-15 was to take an action and establish boundaries and not wait for xxx to come around.  Her addiction for conflict and looking for solution for the same conflict has been long and treacherous. She would have been a great politician…they cause the problem, wait for your reaction, then offer you a solution that you wouldn’t have accepted prior to the problem, all for your own protection, ha ha ha. Me taking the action and being decisive made xxx realize that her manipulation and addiction will work with me. The result was that she let go of wanting to have control and life is much easier for both of us.

— Client, New York

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Dr. Martin — Just a couple notes before our Thursday session. A few days after our last session, I did have an AHA moment when while shaving in the morning I looked in the mirror and had 2 amazing thoughts I never remember having. They were feelings as much as thought in that looking in my eyes I said out loud I like you, Tom, and I really like how you look – for me it was awesome.

Thoughts this past week are remembrances of being told often that I was too excited – I needed to calm down. I believe I took from this feelings are bad – emotions are bad – I kinda lost the ability to feel about a lot of things – did not know what it meant to feel and I am sure 2 years in Vietnam had lots to do with it. I have been told countless times by many different people I take things to personal and I have never understood what that meant, that is, until Thursday night…Aloha!

— T.J., Colorado

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Hi, Dr. Martin — A change.  Things I have prayed for seem to be appearing without effort.During a conversation yesterday with a lady ( who is loud ) she asked me a question which insulted me and my first recognition was a surprise for I found myself thinking about my response. To answer her in kind where there would be no gain for anyone or NOT TAKE IT PERSONAL and answer it politely. The calmness in the situation was amazing and today I realized I had recently read that the presence of calmness is an indication of RIPENED experience. Along with that my reading says a man becomes calm in the measure that he understands himself. I guess what I am saying is I now see progress and it is fun. Self-control is also fun. Thank you.

— T.J., California

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OK! So -I was wondering again…you know how you told me that because we are now in the middle of our sessions and things will become more intense – i.e. things will happen and I will be given the choice to choose if I want to react based on my new awareness or if I will react based on my old patterns:

I was sitting on my balcony the other day and this older man from right across started talking to cut the long story short – he asked me out to go for a coffee – and I refused at the time – was a bit shocked he was “making a move” – he is quite older – must be between 45-55 – but he is good looking for his age and has a son around my age.

This scenario – is exactly the repetition of the scenario I experienced in Athens – at the age of 11 – the age we are approaching with the sessions (I was in love with the son of a very famous actor that lived across the street and I spent the year before we moved by watching him – his house his room etc.. – we were going to school together – he was 18 and I was 11 and we finally kissed the last night before I moved to another country! (was my first kiss! and then there was this huge gap..up to the age of 18 or so..)

So I was wondering – is this a coincidence??? really amazing! So the older me would say – the guy is older, he is a photographer (I think this links to the creativity we are talking about myself in our sessions somehow), and therefore doesn’t fit the profile of what I’m looking for, i.e. a guy my age, educated, with many degrees – a good steady job etc etc…

The new me – is somehow and for some reason a bit attracted to this guy – and is curious in experiencing this thing – even though I know that this may become quite “psychotic” since he is living EXACTLY OPPOSITE my house!

Also – in this weekend – 2 guys approached me – the one is a famous actor and the other one is a banker – but a great dancer and quite creative – I think these all are not coincidences? i.e. linked to creativity somehow? and if I recall my past – I believe the best suit for me – was indeed creative guys…don’t know! Very funny – anyhow!

Oh yes!! and also – the other day I visited a friend of mine at her office – and saw this painting she had on her wall – and I saw my name on it…I was a bit curious … I thought this was a painting of another friend of mine and it just happened that I wrote my name on it .. anyway! as I approached – I saw other words written on it and realized the painting was MINE! I had created it 3 years ago and I DIDN’T EVEN REMEMBER THIS! This is the first time stuff like this happens to me (i.e. not to remember a painting of mine)..and I was shocked !!! and very touched :)) I felt great – I was really amazed 🙂 I realized also – that in 3 years – I made AMAZING progress…I remembered myself during 2009 – and its like its a different person. Be well.

— Anonymous, Europe

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I greatly appreciate this process of enlightenment and understanding. One of my favorite words in the Bible is understanding and I feel I am gaining some true understanding of me and how I think in this process. I am surprised at how I have so many times lived me life or changed the direction of my path based on someones comment that was based on their life experiences and or belief systems. Several of them in the end when I had no assets left and decided to go my way expressed to me of all my faults and poor character.  This is not to say it is someone else’s fault for I accept the decisions I have made in my life. I am learning that somewhere along the line I developed the belief that wanting to earn a lot of money was a bad thing and being poor was talked about so much in the church I attended I misunderstood that it was more honorable. Hopefully I have come past that now. Thank You.

— T.J., Colorado

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Dear Dr. Martin! — So, completing MemGram® Level-1 was a total revelation for me. So.the most important thing I have learned/remembered is the fact that LIFE IS NICE! and can be nice most of the times…when you are also positive and open and LIVE IN THE NOW. not in the past. not in the future. i also believe that everything happens for a reason and there are no coincidences. When you are tuned in with reality – everything is possible. you just have to see beyond what you have been seeing up to now..or at least see it from other angles as well. I have also realized a great thing…I am AN ADULT not a kid anymore. I can do whatever I WANT without getting permission/approval by anyone. Also I am a child of God and the cage I have been living in is much bigger than the cage controlled by my parents, my friends, my colleagues. I live in the UNIVERSE on planet earth and I have equal rights to my dreams and needs as everybody else. I have a soul and I am creative.  It is a part of me. My soul knows what I want, what I need, what my dreams are and how to make them come true. I know that when I decide what I want the universe sets it up for me. I just have to decide what I want and it will happen sooner or later. Also, I don’t have to take things personally. Things happen, but they can be undone. I don’t need to react and be a rebel to everything – I won’t change the world anyhow in this way.

I can change the world by changing myself first.  I have to remain PATIENT. Things wont change from one day to another. Away is not always better. It is just different. I am here now and I should take advantage of that situation and enjoy it.  There is no point in physically being here but mentally being elsewhere.  I don’t need the support from EVERYONE. I have myself and God’s support.  I have to keep (or start) listening to my soul pattern. This eventually converts my stress pattern.  I just have to listen/trust my soul and my dreams will become true. I WILL BE AND I AM VERY HAPPY THAT I AM ALIVE!  It was great meeting you and yes, things have changed and will continue changing for the better. I look forward to Processing next my MemGram® Level-2. Be well. Best regards.

— Anonymous, Europe

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I so appreciated your comments about the latest MemGram® Trauma. I want to find the MACHINE!! I have so wanted that sense of fulfillment that comes from being the true expression of me. The people pleasing empty person has gone!! Praise God!!  The freedom is so very healing!!  Thank you, thank you, Dr. Martin

— F.S., California

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After we hung up, I remembered that when I turned 15, a very important birthday for a Latin girl, my mom and step-father got into a nasty fight and my mom ended up THROWING dishes and smashing them on the kitchen floor. The end result was a ruined birthday and I lost my friend cause she heard the whole fight while we were on the phone. She told her mom and she was not allowed to hang out with me anymore. For me, a big disappointment as I would have been the quintessential “quiceanera”. It’s like being princess for a day on your 15th birthday. Next week is my birthday and I can already feel the anxiety building up … funny how it all ties in. I so appreciate how this fits into my MemGram® so I can finally enjoy my birthdays. Thank you.

— A.B., Arizona

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Hi, Dr. Martin —The most reassuring benefit the MemGram® Processing is bringing me is the clarification that the PPCE happening around me are not personal. That has been an amazing asset in soothing my emotions. I do not get all wound up over what is happening around me externally. I manage to realize it is all part of the squirrel cage that I am determined to exit. There is a sense I am getting a glimpse of who I really am. Very fleeting at this stage though and hard to maintain.

I am using this same concept in my internal thinking. I will be contemplating our work together and all of a sudden I realize my thoughts have slyly moved to a subject that doesn’t threaten the status quo. My brain seems to note when I am on track to make some connection and leap frogs my thoughts to a subject that doesn’t have much to do with anything. Now I realize what is happening. I like calling my brain on this redirecting.

This may be Way Too Much Information, but I don’t know how else to explain it:

Twice so far I have called my husband on things that I would normally have kept my mouth shut knowing that the effort to point out to him that he had hurt my feelings /disregarded a personal decision (I made regarding only myself), would cause me to feel more ‘beat-up’ than keeping my mouth shut. Both times it took me a little while for my brain to figure out how to approach these issues. In the past I noticed these things happening and just accepted that it was easier to take on another reinforcement of protecting my husband’s ego at my expense. OR I would have cried and he would have yelled which doesn’t solve anything. Then he would apologize for making me cry -not for what he did.

The first one was something I did for myself. I only told him because I would be receiving information in the mail that he would be curious about. I told him this was something very personal to me and to please not tell anyone. He told his brother – the one that does not keep secrets and analyses everything anyone does for motive. He could have told any other member of his family and it would have been no big deal. My mode of bringing up the incident was more calm and thought out. When he countered with ‘my decision was not a good one in his opinion so therefore he could disregard it’ and he ‘was so proud of me’. I responded from a calm sense of who I am that his actions were disrespectful. Before I would have given up at this point because I know he was so busy defending himself that he wasn’t even hearing my words. I reminded him calmly why I was being selective regarding with whom I share my personal decisions. I continued with calmness and asked him to repeat why I was angry with him. Once he saw that his typical defense mechanism was not going to make me see that he was right,(which is really me giving up) he said he understood. He saw this as he lost a card game. No big deal. He ‘Bluffs, Bluffs, Bluffs,’; then I ‘Call’ him on it; he ‘Folds’. The me calling and him folding has not occurred before.

To me I see it as a PPCE that didn’t perpetuate the squirrel cage. My mind and emotions did not betray me this time. They guided me to a place in myself that took care of me instead of watching out for other’s egos at my own expense. In the past it felt like beating up on myself was better than standing up for myself and then being beaten up by others. This time there was such a calmness and knowing what was happening externally was BS. I can physically feel it inside of my body.

The second one was where my husband and I did a good deed for someone else and he took full credit. He has repeated his story of his good deed over and over to several other people as well as the person involved always leaving me out. Typically in my presents. I saw it as showing disrespect for me personally. This is definitely one I would have kept my mouth shut on before. My Inner kept prodding me. I selected the time and place to bring it up with calmness. This time he countered with he is so sensitive about his hearing loss that he would rather leave my part out of the good deed than admit he hadn’t heard. Had I not brought the incident to his attention (because he didn’t hear what was being said) his elderly friend would not have gone ahead with cataract surgery at this time. Now she can see.

Again the ‘card game’. I am amazed at my resilience, calmness, and tenacity in both situations. I don’t feel as if I have to protect my husband’s tender ego. Nor do I feel like I have to go in with both guns blazing to make my case. I don’t feel like it’s only a card game. Winning and losing is not the goal for me. It doesn’t even bother me that he sees it that way. It is more a tapping into that place inside me that is me – knows my rights as a human and expects to be treated as a human instead of settling for less than I should.

I am pushing my mind/brain to more clarity when it would rather not. Using PPCE to not take life personally. I like that place inside of me that in calmness is resilience, tenacious, and loves me above all others. It pushes me to speak with clarity on my own behalf. AND I WANT MORE OF THIS!

Thank you ever so much.

— L.B., Iowa

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This week I will be taking the Bach Flowers Level 111 training. One of the remedies is called Holly and is for jealousy, hatred, etc- I never thought it applied to me until I started Knowing My MemGram®.

Though I’m not a fan of Wayne Dyer – he coined a phrase that I haven’t forgotten. “If you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change” This is what the MemGram® Processing is helping me to do.

I have been told that I am very gifted and yet have not been able to access these gifts. I had a Hand Analysis done recently and was told I was a messenger with a heart and that my personality was getting in the way of my soul’s purpose- again – the MemGram® Processing to the rescue.

I was aware of the concept- people we are interacting with are like actors in a movie. The MemGram® Processing has helped me to see that as real rather than something I know.

I’m finding it fascinating to learn the patterns that are holding me and to look back and see so many other experiences where these patterns were at work.

I’m enjoying the ride. Warm thoughts.

— K.R., Pennsylvania

Dr. Martin — I believe this is the session that has me celebrating tonight. After 6-1/2 years of not being able to drive at night on the highway because of my eyesight, I drove tonight for 1-1/2 hours and had no problems. Headlights where normal and not exaggerated. It means a lot of freedom for me.  I am so happy!

— V.M., Cyprus

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Hello Dr. Martin, Well with a Volatility rating of 86%, I felt pretty confident that, as you predicted, I’d have an explosive situation within the 72 hours of our session but I couldn’t imagine what it would be or who it would be with.. But just like you suggested my chart indicated…it could come from the last person I’d expect.

And so it did. The blow up was with my daughter-in-law who I invited to live with me after my son’s death. He left her with ruined credit and a financial hole to dig herself out of. I have always been there for her financial hardships (helped keep her afloat when she lost her job some months ago – she has since found another job) and to pay for things for my grandson that she cannot afford,etc. etc. etc. I was able to fairly quickly know that it was “her stuff” and did not take much of the bait. I remember feeling anxious, angry and somewhat shocked.

Later I was able to reflect back and could identify the feelings of sadness, betrayal,being diminished and disbelief…how could this be happening. I could also see that I have experienced the feeling of betrayal a number of other times.

What have I learned already?…I’ve learned that this MemGram® stuff is amazingly accurate. I can clearly see the pattern that has repeated itself (driven by the unconscious beliefs) over and over. This is giving me an explanation of why my life has gone as it has.

One great gift may be a melting of resentment towards my husband that I have never been able to eliminate. I have more of an understanding that he couldn’t help himself…that his life was going the way it was going because of his traumas and unconscious beliefs.

With this clarity, I’ve been more able to de-personalize what he said and what he did and didn’t do. I can blame his dragon not him!

Looking forward to our next session. Best To you.

— J.S., PA

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My husband and I started reading your Know Your MemGram® book last night. Awesome book! We are really enjoying it. Let us know when it is in its final version and available on Kindle.

— A.B., Arizona

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I started my day off today calling Home Depot to ask for a replacement for a pull chain on a new ceiling fan I had purchased there. No problem, they are sending me that.I spent sometime in my laundry room envisioning creating an office space there. Had a few real inspirations…like have a thin wooden board made to cover my utility sink when not in use, shelves above the door etc.

Had my 1/2 hr session with Dr. Martin and thought I’d keep going with the “request” calls. Next I called Pyrex to request rubber tops for some glass food storage bowls (I have no idea how or why my tops “walked off”)….found out they were under “warranty”!! and they will send replacements at no cost!

Thought I’d up the ante and go for bigger things so I called about a Marriott timeshare charge that I’ve been disputing since August…long story short I spoke with someone who actually found the missing info and she will send it on to claims (or some department) to get it resolved and will get back to me in about 1 week!

There was no stopping me now…so I decided just for fun I would call Oceans Lab…I sent some specimens there on 12/7/2011 and never got my results. I have called probably 30 times since and all but one time, all I could do was leave a message and got no return call. I even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on them. Well, guess what today someone answered and ended up saying he would send me another kit (costs $159) and he’d toss in a few other things for my trouble!

must be true… things can really happen when you get your vibration right!

Thanks Dr. Martin, I think things are shifting with my invisible belief system. This is awesome. Best to you.

— J.S., South Carolina

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When I started MemGram® Level-3, I was confronted with a lot of challenges and a lot of confusion, which drained me of energy. When I was able to see and to recognize what the Drag-on was all about things changed.

After completing Level-3 a few weeks ago, I was challenged with health problems, energy level was low,so that I couldn’t work for a couple of days.But in the midst of it, I could feel the strong grip that was influencing my life all these years. Since then I have become much calmer and alert.

I was able to stop this young woman from trying to dump her married problems on me. I was able to say NO, so after that, I recognized that it was just another test – which I won.

—  P.T., Germany

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I found the cause of the pattern we discussed in last session about putting stuff off until I end up scared. Here it goes: When I was a child up until about age 7-8, I used to put off going to the toilet (no.2) until i got “scared” (you get the picture :O). My Mom would yell at me and told me that she was always getting furious because I would never SAY that I needed to go the bathroom. The truth is that I always believed I didn’t need the bathroom..until it was too late of course :).

Dr. Martin’s response: Awesome discovery! Occasionally it takes some time to make the connection, especially when you have 15 in your Chain, which can act like a curtain between you and your past. Your #15-Hypothalamus is at age 19, so any connections prior to 17 can be expected to be fuzzy.

Now, every time you feel like procrastinating, you can reflect back to the source and realize why it is that you feel compelled to a repeat performance. Don’t take the bait. Do what you have to do to take control.

— Anonymous

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Thank you Dr. Martin. A note about what I have “realized” through processing this MemGram Level-2: Patience is not always a virtue. Sometimes it is an excuse, a way to avoid dealing with the situation at hand. I am a very patient person, but it was my patience that kept me from looking around to see what was really happening and putting the pieces together. I know now that patience is a virtue only to a certain point. It’s very hard to put together patience and perseverance when patience is overpowering my ability to see where I need to step in and demand a result. I have moved up to a new level of activity, seeing my ability to command change and see it through to the end rather than waiting for it to manifest.

— D.R., Washington

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Dr. Martin — During my last session “EYES” was my Core word. At the time, I was baffled concerning this word, but, as I looked back in my childhood years – I didn’t have any eye contact when I was growing up. As I told you my Aunt had children of her own, so I was just one at the end of the ladder, who came last. When there was a problem I was usually blamed because her daughter or daughters convinced her that I did it. Well, she certainly didn’t look at me with a motherly eye, but just the baddy – her daughters would laugh at me. I would try to defend myself but the bottom line in her mind was that I did it. It was terrible.

And then it continued in London. The eyes of my father, and my step mother , also there they was no love in their eyes – just hate. He use to look at me long and hard, so that I felt uncomfortable. It gave me the shivers – there were no warmth in his eyes – it was so cold.

Today when people look at me, or should I say stare, I sometimes wonder what do they see in me? To look people in the eye it is something that is not easy- but now I ask myself what have I been doing all these years – didn’t I look people in their eyes or was I just looking past their eyes? Strange to think about it. This MemGram® Processing is something else! I will appreciate your comments.

— P.T., Germany

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Thank you, Dr. Martin. — The MemGram® Level-1 Processing sessions reinforced these issues:

  • • I am here to learn what it feels like to be who I am not.
  • • What are my thoughts in the morning as I walk out of my bedroom door?
  • • My PPCE’s are here to push my buttons and make my life difficult. It’s not personal. Never was.
  • • What is happening now is just a trigger to reignite the feelings from my childhood.

During the MemGram® Level-1 Processing these concepts felt so elusive. Yet sticking with it to the end of this level has brought me so much joy! Now I know that I am very sensitive and was born into a family and community that was at the opposite end of the spectrum from sensitivity.

I now know that it is okay for me to be sensitive and them to be the opposite. There is nothing wrong with me. The strength I feel, from knowing without a doubt, that their behavior toward me didn’t extinguish the me of me. That now it is up to me to nurture, sooth, reassure, and encourage the wonderful sensitive me that I am, is so freeing. I cannot wipe the smile off my face.

I truly am not who they tried to make me. I am a rose bud. A rose such as me, cannot be forced into being a geranium to please PPCEs. I know that it is impossible. I am still here. I was afraid I had lost me. My heart is beating with joy at the delights I will find as I allow myself to blossom into a rose.

When I walked through my bedroom door this morning there was so much hope and anticipation for finding out who I truly am!

My PPCEs will never change to what I want them to be. Nor do I need to continue to attempt to be what they expect me to be. I feel strength, clarity, and a solidness to who I am. Their barbs and arrows do not pierce me as they did before. It was so much easier to respond to a PPCE incident this morning with my husband that would have previously triggered me. I just laughed to myself and addressed the issue. It didn’t trigger me into old feelings. Wow! What a feeling! Blessings, Dr. Martin.

— L.B., Iowa

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Dear Dr. Martin — I think you might have saved my life. My husband and I are so grateful for the improvement in my health and well-being. He and I have been laughing a lot more. One of my girlfriends told me I looked so much better. My eyes had a light in them again. I have so much more energy. My husband has told me several times that I wouldn’t have been able to ‘do’ all the things I’ve been doing lately three weeks ago.

Since completing the Memgram® Level-1 I have notices some big changes. I no longer withhold my feeling and comments when I don’t agree with others. This was a common behavior for me due to my people pleasing, not wanting to hurt others feelings, and wanting to fit in. Besides that I wasn’t sure how to let others know that I didn’t have the same point of view as them because I was afraid I would be overly aggressive or be ridiculed. Right after our last Level 1 MemGram® call I very effectively voiced my views on gun control in a non-aggressive and intelligent way. I wasn’t tongue tied or afraid to speak up. I am no longer silenced.

By doing this, I had more self-respect for myself and did not feel threatened or that I was threatening others. I was very clear. The odd(wonderful) thing about this is that it has happened several times. I can no longer hide who I am. I think I am getting glimpses of my Soul Pattern.

Another benefit I am noticing is that my husband does not irritate me so much. I am able to laugh at a lot of the things that used to drive me crazy. Not only that, but when I laugh, it used to trigger his sensitive button, which really caused a hurt feeling for both of us. Now when I laugh he usually does too. Wow!

I just wanted to let you know how very grateful I am for your guidance to me through to a better place. Thank You!

— L.B., Iowa

Discover Your MemGram®

I feel so different since I’ve gone through 5 MemGram® Processing sessions — Amazing! Shane said he’s noticed a big difference in me too! I would love to be more clear about everything, but we’ll wait and see.

— N.T., South Carolina

Discover Your MemGram®

Regarding your weekly MemGram® Memos, I know this is going to sound weird, but usually what you write speaks to my heart and soul regarding an issue that I am trying to make sense of. Or something that is going on that I am not allowing myself to acknowledge.

MemGram® Memo #23 has given me some things to think about : self-study is sacrilegious – I question myself over this all the time; continuing to live in PPCE denial that talking about the weather, compromise for the sake of pleasing, what’s on TV (nothing worth watching), etc., is enough for me. Well, it’s not!!!!!!!

When I broke off with my Mother again this time, which included some understandings that I will not go into now, this is what happened: It was like all that finger pointing I was aiming at her vanished and I saw a lot of things that I did as a parent. It was me going from ‘victim’ to accepting and taking responsibility for my own actions as a Mother, instead of blaming even that on my parents.

Somewhere inside of me there is a bright, imaginative, articulate person with a lot of wisdom that I would really like to know a whole lot better.

Well, I think you are stuck with me for a while. Thanks Dr. Martin.

— L.B., Iowa

Discover Your MemGram®

Hi Dr. Martin — I just submitted my Level-3 MemGram® questionnaire can’t wait for the next round! Today was interesting as I have felt for days like I wanted to jump out of my skin. As I allowed the feelings to come up I felt a yellow yolk like sphere in the center of my abdomen. Memories of my dad started to come up when he found us and wanted to take us back with him. I began to cry remembering how I so arrogantly told him that I nor my brother would be going with him, I was 6 or 7 at the time. I started to feel how he felt as he turned and walked away with my uncle who told him “there’s nothing more we can do here, let’s go”. I felt his incredible pain and total responsibility for causing it and also for the pain my brother felt, I felt as if I had ruined their lives.

The yellow sphere in my stomach was a constant reminder that if I’m mean or go against what my loved ones want from me I could lose them. It kept me from “exhaling”, relaxing, feeling safe. As I sobbed, the sphere began to melt and slowly leave. I felt a vulnerability not being sure how to act or how to be now that it was gone. I totally understand now that I am not responsible for ruining anybody’s life but my own. I did not cause their pain only mine. I also saw that each time I gave in or did something for somebody I was throwing a “net” over them, sort of trapping or capturing them. The thing is they had no idea what my motives were they only thought that I was being nice.

The truth is that I love helping people and I know I will do things for people I feel have a need because it is who I am not out of fear of loosing them. I love my dad and brother with all my being and miss my dad as much as ever but I finally feel free to be me! My MemGram® Processing has been painful, enlightening and life changing!

There is no going back I will only go forward and become clearer and clearer, My husband and I have been going dancing again. I was on the dance floor the last time and suddenly realized how happy I was and how I had forgotten how much I really love to dance!

Again, thank you many times over for your part in facilitating this process. I especially appreciate your integrity. You are always steadfast in having this be MY experience. You’ve never told me what to do or how to do, you don’t push any of your concepts on me but are always there to support, answer questions and encourage. Cheers to the next adventure that awaits me on MemGram® Level-3. I can’t wait!

— A.B.., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

After completing my MemGram®Level-2, I feel that all the feelings involving my Mother are insignificant. Big deal, everyone has a story that shapes their lives one way or another. I am noticing when I set myself up to not be able to reach what I want. I recognize the feeling of not being prepared for what I am encountering in my life. I used to blame my parents or their treatment of me as the cause. Now I am looking back at how resilient I was and am. I do not see myself as a victim any longer. I am really pretty amazing. I definitely have had a shift in my thinking and feeling.

— L.B.., Iowa

Discover Your MemGram®

I had a really good eye appointment this past week. Doctor said “Your eyes look great, what are you doing?” She said I definitely have increased tears. so MemGram® and nutrition response are having a positive effect. I had been feeling like I had more tears but I was not used to it and it did not feel quite right and perhaps I was cautious about believing it. I was very excited about that appointment and wanted to share it with you.

— G.P., Pennsylvania

Discover Your MemGram®

A person came to me and admitted an indiscretion that happened over 30 years ago that really hurt. I was able to identify it as a trigger to several incidents in my childhood and young adult life that hurt the same way. As a child, the only feeling I could have was ‘numb’ because I wasn’t allowed to have emotions. So, I went ahead and linked the today feelings (crying, sadness, devastation, betrayal, being disrespected), to several incidents. I had already processed a lot of emotions around these issues in formal therapy and self-therapy. The feelings were always right under the surface and always reappeared. They feel not so devastating now. Looking at the revelation of the indiscretion, I see the part I had in causing it. It don’t take responsibility for ‘it’ but I do note that if I had been who I am today, it wouldn’t have happened. Today’s revelation does not feel like ‘the victim’ that I would have previously slipped into. I seem to be better able to focus on how resilient, smart, courageous, moral, and person with integrity I am. I felt compassion for the indiscreet person due to my behavior to them at the time. Wow! That’s a big deal for me.

— L.B., Iowa

Discover Your MemGram®

I have believed for some time that my perceptions about life have been greatly influenced by emotional and psychological traumas I experienced while in utero. Although many people tell me they love me, I have felt unloved and unlovable for most of my life. Physically, I am overweight and currently have a mass in my left breast. I also still smoke.

My MemGram® Processor has helped me to become emotionally stronger; to release significant amounts of shame and guilt; to recognize that the poor decisions made throughout my life have been driven by the need to feel loved; to realize that I am becoming who I really am at age 71. Thank you.

— Joan, Florida

Discover Your MemGram®

Awesome session, I made a big breakthrough today!! I will put it into action and sit back, let my soul pattern take over and just let the residual stuff I don’t need exhale out. I had felt in the past that if I was presented with something in my life I needed to handle it or deal with it somehow. If I didn’t then I didn’t have what it took to be a strong well put together person.

This because of all the years of watching my mom fall apart and worry “panic” over everything even about something as natural and necessary as puberty. The last thing I wanted to be like was my mom so I would try to be strong and deal with everything and everyone that I came in contact with. I didn’t want to runaway like she did but as I’ve seen in my MemGram® Processing that’s exactly what I do when things get too hot. I flee, run, go away and I make up a good reason for doing it so I don’t look bad or cowardly. I am more like my mom then I realized.

I don’t need to run, just stay firm to my choices and let the excess or not wanted situations back out into the world like exhaling carbon dioxide. I simply don’t need it and I don’t need to fight it or make it fit either.

WOW! A million thank you’s for your explanation of the universe breathing in before it exhales was just what I needed…

— A.B., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

When I first started the MemGram® Processing, my life-traumas, memories, feelings, beliefs, etc. were all wadded up as if in a huge messy ball of yarn. It was impossible to separate it all out in order to even begin to effectively work on different areas of my life. I had so many troublesome issues but could not identify what was connected to what or what affected what in my life to cause many problems in my health, relationships, general functioning, knowing my purpose in life, etc.. It all seemed to meld together – no starting place and no end.

MemGram® Processing is finally separating the individual strands (connected chains of events) and identifying the starting points when false negative belief patterns were formed and the subsequent events that served to reinforce those particular beliefs. It is truly phenomenal how it all fits together and the timing of processing the various trauma sequences. MemGram® Processing is also helping me recognize when everyday events tap into those subconscious memories and false belief patterns and is giving me tools to dismantle the energy of those belief patterns. My health and energy are improving, along with my attitudes.

I am so grateful for MemGram® Processing and for you. I do not want to leave this world with so much junk in my heart, so I intend to continue this process as long as possible, with the hopes of working through all the trauma sequences and correcting all my false subconscious belief patterns in order to finally to become the person I was intended to be. (I only hope it doesn’t take the rest of my life. Then, Lord willing, some day in some way, perhaps I will be able to help someone else’s life be better, too. Thank you so very much! You have helped more than I can every tell you. May God bless you.

— Carlon, Texas

Discover Your MemGram®

The intensity has subsided. My note to you sort of wrote itself. I love the imagery of overturning a rock and getting past feeling repulsed by what’s under there. The analogy of course is looking at experiences in my life that have been hidden and now thanks to you and your help, I’ve managed to view these things with compassion and caring for myself. I love that you question me about looking back and having an opportunity for a “do over”. It helps me to see that some of the things that I’ve done in my life that I’ve felt shame about for a very long time can be let go. I did the best I could at the time based on what I knew. I believe we’re on the right track.

— Sandra, Pennsylvania

Discover Your MemGram®

Once we started on the MemGram® Marker #1, all kinds of memories associated with my Invisible Belief System began to come forward. Many of them I had remembered before, was emotionally stuck and not able to move forward. As I looked at the memories from this Marker level I was able to process it as an adult instead of a child. I realized the beliefs were instilled in me at a very early age by a mentally ill mother. So of course they were false and needed to be released. Identifying that my Mother was mentally ill helped me deal with her being abusive, mean, controlling, and manipulative. I found that it was easier to release her emotionally than hold myself to the expectation of forgiving her behavior.

Now I am learning to trust myself and who I am. It doesn’t matter what someone else’s opinion is. I need to check in with myself first. I am responsible and accountable to myself first. As others are to themselves.

— L.B., Iowa

Discover Your MemGram®

Hi Dr. Martin — Wow! this MemGram® Marker was wallop to deal with. The first MemGram®level was a breeze to get through, as the levels get deeper and deeper the truth behind why I do what I do is becoming more complicated. I say complicated because it is not for the reasons I thought they would be. Life for sure is not what you think it is. I also learned that my main challenge was “overwhelm” or becoming overwhelmed, no surprise there. The reason why I allow myself to become “overwhelmed” instead of just saying “No” is becoming clearer and clearer. I can see back in my childhood where I was trained to please others and get lots of attention by doing what others wanted me to do. So the more worn out and overwhelmed I became the more proud of myself I was for being tough and handling it.

As I go through daily life and find myself repeating negative behavior time after time I am beginning to trace it back to a specific day and time when I first did this. I use to think and believe that this was just me, just the way I was. Now I see that this is the way “I” decided to be, I didn’t come this way. I made the choice to be or not to be something because of a specific event in my life and what “I” decided it meant to me. This puts all the responsibility back on me, not for what happened to me because I was a child but for how I allowed it to define my life.

I can only see from here to go forward and untie a few more knots and then a few more until my soul tells me it’s enough. Thank you, Dr. Martin for facilitating me through the easiest process I’ve ever been through and at the same time the toughest of my life. What’s next?”

— A.B., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

Level 1 of the MemGram® Processing caused me to accept my emotions and to acknowledge how I feel in any given moment and I have no shame or apology about it. Being more in touch with myself is bringing me into a place of living from my heart and living authentically. I am also a bit more humorous and more creative. I am excited for Level 2 so I could come in contact with deeper levels of myself. I love the unfolding that is taking place. I received my certificate of completion for level one in the mail. Thanks again. I value your work.

— Debra, Canada

Discover Your MemGram®

Starting out I did not know what to expect and was not sure how this would help me. All I knew was that I wanted more from life! Having finished level 1 I can truly say this has been a huge help to me! I am now aware of the things I am doing and the way I am letting them affect me. Having this awareness is so important in beginning to make the changes in my life that I was unable to make before. I feel like I am able to be a better mother to my four sweet children, a better wife to my husband and over all a better person! This is very exciting for me! I have always wanted to be better and do better! Now I know I can make that happen! Thank you Kathy for being so wonderful through the whole process!

— Jana, Texas

Discover Your MemGram®

MemGram® Level-1 opened my eyes to the fact that the different PPCE are players in the plan against my life that just keep repeating as though I am caught in a loop. I know all of this is linked with what happened in my past but I am not yet at the point where I can always easily dismiss some of the rudeness, or mean behavior that other people direct at me. I look forward to my MemGram® Level-2 to continue my growth.

— Judy, Illinois

Discover Your MemGram®

After 18 sessions, I have broken so many cycles that brought a very loving mate into my life shortly after my last session, which would not have been possible without MemGram® for one thing. My thinking is different and I’m not so inhibited to step out and be who I AM. I’m connecting with more beings of like-minded energies and thoughts and becoming more intuitive as I clear the old and make way for the new. To learn what it feels like to be who I am not, is liberating and why I want to continue my MemGram® journey.

— Nikki, Belize

Discover Your MemGram®

I just submitted the forms for MemGram® Lelvel-3. I am really excited because of the improvement I am feeling in my physical body especially since I have been doing the MemGram® Processing. I feel more alive and in charge of my life and most importantly is that I no longer stuff down my opinions in various situations. I believe that I have something significant to contribute where ever I am and I am no longer silent. This is where I am after the MemGram® Level-2 Processing and I am totally excited about Level-3. I will submit my Session Notes on Monday. Looking forward to our session on Tuesday.

— D.M. Canada

Discover Your MemGram®

I’ve done 4 levels of MemGram® Processing. I find it to be the most profound psychological tool I’ve ever discovered. I stopped MemGram® Processing and things got really difficult! I think it has stirred things up and I need to continue MemGram® Processing. I look forward to MemGram® Level-5!

— K.K., New Mexico

Discover Your MemGram®

My first level of MemGram® Processing was amazing. Awareness — no longer ruminating in negative manner over various issues that come my way. Less reactive to old internal issues. More proactive – what can I do now – instead of dwelling on what didn’t work out. Feel freer and clearer. Able to see interactions with others more clearly. I look forward to MemGram® Level-2!

— Zy, Mississippi

Discover Your MemGram®

Hello Dr. Martin, It’s been a couple of weeks since I finished the last MemGram®. It was by far the most stressful and difficult MemGram® since I began this journey 18 months ago. I am without words to express what a difference this program has made in my life and the lives of my family members. It has literally been a process of uniting one knot at a time in the reverse sequence that it was created. I have relived things and events that occurred to me in my childhood that up until now were only a bad memory. The difference now is that when I relived them through the MemGram® Processing I remembered the choices I made at the core level which were creating the reality in front of me. I no longer blame anyone for anything that occurred to me, is occurring and will occur in the future. I and I alone am responsible for the state of my life. At first it was kind of scary realizing that there was no scapegoat to blame it all on…cause it is all me. As my faith in the Divine and the plan of my soul pattern grows I am feeling more and more empowered to live and be happy! I know that even though I may not have all the answers my soul pattern does. As real as the dragon is and what it has planned for me for my life, so is my soul pattern and what it has planned for my life. I will not say this has been a ride in the park, like any habit that you want to change, it takes discipline, determination, total commitment and total surrender to your soul pattern but it does work! Easier said than done but with your help and thank you! thank you! I am where I am today, happy, at peace and with the faith that this life’s going to turn out alright after all! I have not forgotten about becoming a Certified MemGram® Processor. I am waiting for a go ahead from the Divine which I have not yet received. If and as soon as I do I will let you know so I can start helping others until then I’m going to bask in the warmth of clarity and continue enjoying how wonderful I feel and how wonderful life can be. I cannot thank you enough for the past two and a half years and your expertise which facilitated the process that made this change possible. I hope one day I can thank you in person.

— A.B. Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

It’s like the dragon went away. On Friday I noticed a radical change within – felt peaceful with myself – and as a consequence with the young ADD challenged grandnephew. So far this inner peace is holding. I feel good about myself and my life. Things are proceeding down a path where it all works out. Working with my inner anger better or even seeing it dissipate. Don’t get rattled like I use to. It is as if I have released or let go of fighting within myself. Feels great!

— Z.A., California

Discover Your MemGram®

Dr. Martin, I hadn’t planned to get into this. I wasn’t sure what it was and it sounded interesting. I thought the fee was $20 and that the first session was it, but I am seeing the worth of all this. Kathy is an excellent facilitator. When I am not sure what something means, she has a way of clarifying so I see the light, so to speak. Blessings to you, also!

— Joan, Texas

Discover Your MemGram®

I am starting to pick up the stress pattern of those around me. Past tendency was to whimper with them and to feel the pain. The hormones dumped and the effect was sadness and the feeling that the battle was lost- no hope. I am aware of what they need to do. Question is are they willing to listen- probably not. Look for those I can dialogue with and share my insights and thoughts. I know that they are out there!! It will be fun to find them! A recent encounter involves a sorority sister who is pursuing a doctorate in education and a master’s in chemistry with very limited funds. She is in the midst of a divorce and her tale of misery is very real. She is in her 30’s and definitely very intelligent. She is contacting anyone who is sympathetic to her tale for $. We wonder how she got herself in this position with no full-time job and lack of funds. She’s applied for a chapter scholarship and her poor judgment and lack of realistic expectations is self evident. My reaction years ago would have been to feel guilty if I didn’t write a check. This time I am not stepping up to the plate and feeling as if it is my responsibility to handle this sister’s dilemma. The load has lifted!!

— F.S., California

 Discover Your MemGram®

I found that MemGram® Level-1 helped me to evaluate situations from a better perspective, and although not always being able to stop things from happening in their tracks, I was able to look back afterwards and realize what went right or wrong and how I would go about it differently. I’m finding more awareness is the answer and the release to happiness. Things don’t bother me as much as they used to.

Upon the commencement of my MemGram® Processing journey I was also enduring some intense one-on-one counseling sessions for P.T.S.D. from my past 26-29 year relationship. My hope was that MemGram® would help the process along, little did I know at the time that MemGram%reg; Processing was to be the major source of change and the base I ended up using for my counseling. It helped me in more ways than I could ever have imagined. Not to discount the one-on-one counseling I was receiving, that was absolutely necessary for what I was recovering from, but MemGram® Processing has been invaluable.

— Dawn, Canada

Discover Your MemGram®

MemGram® Level-1 helped me immensely. Friends and family notice a shift in me which is great. My sessions have helped me with: I’m opening up, communicating more, asking for help and not judging myself, I understand now that when PPCE come up in my life that is has nothing to do with the now (I feel, associate it & laugh hahaha) and have learned to keep things in proper perspective.

— Maria, California

Discover Your MemGram®

MemGram® Level-1 helped me release upset from my experiences in my younger years. I feel as if I have adopted forgiveness and that I am better able to cope with challenging people in my space. I still have much work to do. I aspire to being a better person, and one better equipped to keep my household calm and peaceful and harmonious, as it should be for unwell people. And to support my mother as she passes over. And my spouse as he has additional challenges. Anything I can do to reduce my limitations and increase my strengths is what I am striving for.

— M.M., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

Wow! I can’t wait to see what’s next, I feel like I toppled over the edge and the rest of the ride will be easier. Its been one year and nine months since I began the MemGram® processing and it has brought so many positive changes into my life. I’m learning that I don’t know myself at all because the way I was behaving was in a manner that was responsive to the negative PPCE I was manifesting. As the negative PPCE drops off I find that it is no longer necessary to react in that manner, so the question is what do I really choose or want to be? That is what I ask myself when I change my reaction to the PPCE — where do I choose to direct this energy instead of my usual reaction. As soon as I choose another option more conducive to how I want my life direction to go it changes. I have tripped many times along the way but I get up and keep re choosing life and living cause I am finished with simply surviving. I am so appreciative and grateful for the changes that MemGram® Processing has brought into my life. I’ve heard bits and pieces of this all my life and I know that’s how the creation and manifesting process works. I can’t thank you enough Dr. Martin! To say that my life has changed for the better is an understatement. I am excited to see exactly what I am capable of.

— A.B., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

Here is the answer to your request: what did MemGram® Level-2 Processing change in my life? MemGram® Level-2 was the tough, and I got through it :)) I am amazed at how past events that I totally forgot, or even the ones I thought I had dealt with surfaced in a way to complete the question I’ve been asked. Level-2 Processing gave me strength to work through the issues, toughest ones I had to deal with, and now I have the tools that allow me be who I am now. The dragon has no power over me. I am so excited for what Level-3 offers. Thank you so much! I am so grateful for working with you.

— Khatira, Texas

Discover Your MemGram®

Awesome Dr. Martin, I am beginning to experience my life outside of the stress pattern. It is in spurts here and there but definitely there. I am also finding that nothing “awful” happens other than the PPCE backing off when I don’t give in. For what ever reasons I believed that going against the stress pattern, turning the other cheek was giving in to the very people and circumstances that hurt me. I felt like my only way out was to fight it, resist it, let people know that I was not going to take it. In a lot of ways it felt empowering to fight for my rights. Like I was whipping my step father’s butt and standing up to my mom, it felt good.

I also began to see that when I was standing up for myself I was also proving others wrong, litigating as if I were in a courtroom and I relished the win. I realized this the other day when a car drove right in front of me and I stopped myself from yelling and cursing. I didn’t manage to drive away without trying to teach this person a lesson, I had to tell him to be careful cause the next time I may not be able to stop. After I drove away I realized that I spend so much time creating situations to plead my case and prove I’m right. It’s not for ego although I did enjoy the triumph, I was being a vehicle for justice so that neither I nor anybody in my world would suffer at the hands of the unjust. I now realize that I don’t know what I don’t know and the very people that are supposedly pushing my buttons and driving me nuts hold a wealth of information about what’s in my sub-conscious. I know this because I put them in front of me to show me what I don’t know. They are not the enemy no one is we just need to re-choose and make the new choice stick.

— A.B., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

This has made the unknown – known, the secret is out and I am excited to know that all the questions as to why things are the way they are have been given an answer. It is not the devil or something outside of myself it is all of me creating what is going on in my life. If I can create one way of experiencing life I can for sure create another way of living. I am not a victim to anyone or anything, I am in control. Thank you for the MemGram® experience. I don’t have to be numb anymore I can be out here enjoying my life.

— T.B., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

I just believe that with each MemGram® level I continue to realize that this is all about me and only I can change it. I am in control (or should be) of my reactions to things that happen. I am not where I want to be yet but this is all a process, Definitely an EYE OPENING process!

— T.B., Arizona

Discover Your MemGram®

Dear Kathy: It has been a joy to work with you in the last several months doing the first 3 Levels of my MemGram®. You have a true gift for the work that you are doing with this. You created an environment of trust and support making it very safe to share the wide range of thoughts, emotions and insights that arise during our sessions. I really feel a bond between us as kindred spirits as well as in our relationship through the MemGram® process.

You asked me to share what Knowing my MemGram® Marker #1 has done for me and the changes that are taking place in my life. This has deepened my awareness and understanding of the patterns operating in my life and how to address and change the ones that get me stuck and cause frustration. At the same time, I am learning patience and compassion for myself and others. I also have developed an appreciation for the lasting impact that events – both seemingly small and large – can have and how my stories are just my stories from one perspective. I get to define who I am and how I show up. As I become aware of the patterns showing up, I have the choice in how I respond, and that can be to give a smile of recognition and let that pattern go. I completely understand the cosmic sense of humor that we teach best that which we most need to learn and that my gift is empowering others — teaching them to reframe their ideas and attitudes. This has really helped me practice what I teach.

I have sincere gratitude for how you and the MemGram® experience have touched my life in such a profound way.

— Janet, Canada

Discover Your MemGram®

Dr. Martin — I thought you would like to hear about another MemGram® Processing success. Client — age 64 — began processing 18 months ago. At that time she and her husband were living on Social Security as a stroke left him unable to function in his job. So along with the loss of income he also lost all his benefits. Client was also unable to work due to many health issues. She began processing on a pro bono basis.

As the processing continued, Client started to make changes and new choices about how she was reacting to life. Just as she thought things were improving something or a number of things would happen – pulling the rug out from underneath her time and time again. Exactly as her Chains predicted. She continued on, believing that MemGram® Processing would produce the change she desired. Over time her health improved and she was offered a part time job which she found difficult to handle but forged on. At this point she was happily able to start paying something toward her MemGram® Processing sessions.

Client then found that eliminating a number of foods reduced the toxicity in her system and helped to improve her physical symptoms. Again with the new improvements along came new crises in her life and she would become discouraged and question whether anything really changed at all. She continued to believe in what MemGram® Processing could do for her and seeing the Dragon- her Stress Pattern– for what it was allowing her to pick herself up with the help of her Certified MemGram® Processor and continue on.

This September — having completed 6 MemGram® Levels — she was offered a full time position with a significant increase in salary. She has created a new reality that she didn’t think was possible when she started MemGram® Processing.

This is the kind of stories we hear time and time again from clients who recognize that change takes time and faithfully make MemGram® Processing a regular part of their life.

— Kathy, Pennsylvania

Discover Your MemGram®

For a number of years, easily 10 or more, I’ve suspected that my feelings of being unloved and unlovable and not good enough originated in utero. However, I had no clue that those feelings which persisted through much of my life were not connected to anything more than the original experience. I have also come to know that any feelings of shame and guilt which I have experienced during many situations and circumstances throughout my life may also be connected only to the original experiences during my infancy and very early childhood. I have become able to recognize and disregard most of these negative vibes. I have become more assertive and am no longer hesitant to tell my family when I would appreciate their help. Thank you very much for your guidance during this process.

— Joan, Florida

Discover Your MemGram®

MemGram® Processing Level-5 made me aware of different aspects of the same trauma. My problem is learning not to react as a reflex in a negative way to PPCE. This is a real challenge because I am constantly triggered in my present circumstances as I continue to fight diarrhea and people not respecting me or my feelings and constantly violating my boundaries.

— Judy, IL

Discover Your MemGram®

Hi, Dr. Martin — I think of you often and hope you are well and flourishing. I miss talking with you and hope to pick that up again, if you might have space in your very busy schedule for me. Life became all-consuming at the end of 2012, when my mom was decidedly going downhill. We had some very tough times, and she died on July 20, 2013, in her own bed at home, as she wished, with nearly all of her kids here at the house. Did the best I could, and it worked as well as I could make it work.

I’ve been piecing myself back together since, with some large changes having happened in the meantime (the power of the vacuum, you know), many of which are good but eye-crossing. I wanted to tell you how much our work together paid off: once you helped me with the breakthrough about my father wanting me to play for company when I was a little kid, it did the trick. I no longer have the crippling performance anxiety that I dealt with my entire life. I’m still so amazed! And grateful to you for your persistence.

I am now Director of Music for my church where I started as parish organist. This is the first time they’ve ever had a Director of Music. I am building what will be an excellent music program, which they have not had before.

I am here partly due to your efforts on my behalf – stars in your crown, sir, and I thought you might like to know. I wish you great blessings, and remind you to take care of yourself, because you’re important to a lot of folks!

— Nancy, OH

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Dr. Martin — Just a brief note to say what an insightful and gifted Certified MemGram® Processor that Kathy Roska, RN is! Thank you so much for MemGram®. It is changing my life!

— C.L. TX

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I wanted to say thank you to Certified MemGram® Processor Kathy Roska RN for helping me over the past two years! When I started MemGram® Processing I was completely overwhelmed, felt like I was a failure and like my life was spinning out of control on a daily basis. I have learned so much over the past two years! I now believe I have the tools and the awareness I need to create a better life for not only myself but my children as well! That is so important to me having grown up in such a tough family life. I want my kids to have what my parents didn’t know how to give me. Kathy, you have been such a blessing to me. You always made me feel very comfortable and were always so patient. I pray God’s blessings over you and your family!

— Jana, TX

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For the first time in my life, I have been able to really take some time to process a lot of things that I normally wouldn’t have the time or the awareness to process. With each MemGram® session I’ve been able to see things a little more clearly. I now feel so much more in control of my life’s direction than I ever have before. I am more aware of the changes that I need to make in my life for the better. I’ve gotten a small glimpse of an inner strength & an inner resolve inside of me that I wasn’t aware of before. It’s been just a flash or like a spark that I hoped someday would become a large flame, burning bright & strong. Thank You, Kathy Roska, RN!

— Marshall, AZ

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Working with you has become one of the greatest blessings of my life and I thank you for your help and guidance. I am so very much more self aware and no longer squash, deny or ignore my feelings. I am no longer burdened with leftover insecurities from my childhood. I am grateful for the journey. Thank You, Kathy Roska, RN!

— Joan, FL

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Hi Kathy, I wanted to send a quick note about MemGram® Processing and what it’s done for me. It’s been great getting insight as to why my emotions are uncomfortable at times and why the same issues, but different circumstances, keep popping up. I’m happy to say that those issues are much less frequent now. Being aware that the ’cause’ doesn’t have to determine the ‘present’ helps me keep things in perspective. Even though I gave up one of my businesses, my finances have gradually been increasing. I feel I’m attracting more positive outcomes. My health issues are resolving. And my tight shoulder is gaining a little more range of motion. I’m very happy with the results! Thank You, Kathy Roska, RN!

— Kay, TX

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As for what MemGram® Processing Level 1 has done and changes that I’ve noticed, I do feel more in control of myself and my feelings. In general, I recognize more quickly when I allow a situation to stir me up and can therefore alter my perceptions. In building our new house, I became aware of needing to own my “wants” and not blame my husband for all the expensive extras. This has helped us avoid several frustrations. Unfortunately I tend to quickly forget all the wonderful lessons too. Am hoping my memory and awareness will open up with more processing. On to Level-2!

— Hope, TN

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I love the new me and I love that I am being so kind to myself and am having so much fun. I want to keep going. I think I submitted the data for Level-2. I am ready for what is next.

— P.H., MD

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During Level -1 I learned so much about not reacting…about coming into awareness of my Stress Pattern techniques executed against my life. I also discovered a very freeing concept — don’t take it personally! Either the people who hurt me were doing the best they could or they were sent on assignment (in which case they were doing the best they could to fulfill their assignment because they were not operating within their Godly spirit or power). Either way, I learned that not taking everything so personally is a vehicle for deliverance.

In round one of Level-2, I learned that my Stress Pattern has come after my life’s timeline in order that I might be distracted from becoming The Changer that I am. This struck me deeply. Time has always felt like a haunting presence in my life. I often long to be out of third dimension where time is no longer an obstacle. It was interesting because the morning after we had our session, I pulled up the next message in a deliverance series I have been working through and the topic was regaining the timeline of your life!–the timeline that God ordained! It talked about how the enemy hijacks our timeline so we spend life in a false time path which takes (and keeps) us off course. As I worked through the prayer in regard to this issue, I felt a huge shift in my inner and outer world. I literally felt like I was clicked (more like clunked!) back into my proper timeline. I could feel that timeline oozing with destiny. I’ve always felt like I could smell the destiny and sense it’s nearness but it always felt strangely beyond my grasp. After our session and the timeline deliverance prayer I feel like my feet are finally planted in the proper time stamp terrain. I do not believe in coincidence. I know that your guidance in regard to my life’s time issues was the ground work I needed to execute freedom in this area of my life! God Is So GOOD

Now I just need to stay the course! I’m back on track! The enemy has been revealed. He can no longer keep me tied to the past. I am in sync with my timeline now. I realized that my soon to be ex-husband was part of the timeline hijack. I also realized that I have been letting him feed off my energy. He is a time stealing, life force sucking parasite. I have continued to “be nice” and I extend mercy and grace at every turn. These sincere gifts of my heart are only met with more anger and hostility and attack. I realized that he is addicted to the fight. He is addicted to hurting me. I have continued to offer myself up as his energetic host. I had a series of revelations today that led me to the realization that I have to cut his feeding tube once and for all! I have been his power source. As I looked back at history, I saw that during my “illness” years, as I got more and more weak and sick, his star rose higher and higher. The sicker I got, the stronger he got. All those years as I was lying in bed, he was becoming a three time world champion in karate. At my weakest point, he reached his pinnacle. I let him steal my life force for his own power and success. I have never cut that cord fully. I intend to do so now! I believe this will free my life in ways that will allow me to become the world changer I am supposed to be!</p

— Dr. A., MI

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I realized that I internalized the bad things that have been done to me instead of externalize them but what this really mean is somehow a light went on and I realized i had power. I have let the bad energy penetrate me because of fear that paralyzes and NOT being able to measure “bad”! That is really amazing! I was taught by my parents to NOT MEASURE BAD. The bad penetrated them and they didn’t do anything to call it out or to call it “bad” and make people responsible for it. My Mom made everything a crisis so that I learned to act calm in order to quiet the stress on my brain and constant stimulation. But when real crisis, real “bad” happened there was no action-no expression or protection or defense from the people that should have been dealt with to protect them and us kids.

God made a light go on in my brain and it wasn’t confusing or perplexing anymore! I had the realization that I could call bad “bad” every time now and it wouldn’t be blocked. God is restoring the power he gave me to do this.

With the slightest bit of knowledge that aggression is coming, I need to call it out – express myself against it so it doesn’t penetrate me. I have the power to stop it and externalize it. As a result of MemGram® Processing, I called this man out who was manipulating me right away- quickly- and said, “Stop saying that to me, its not appropriate for you to say that and you need to stop it.” He replied, with his head down, that he would not do it anymore. Wow! Simple but powerful!

— C.M., CO

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Dear Dr. Martin — You asked me to send my thoughts of MemGram® Level-2 Processing regarding the effects on my relationships:

I know that God has given me the gift of meekness and gentleness and that through my life I have also gone the other ways being provoked to anger and aggression. I Have seen God change me severely in the anger and aggression throughout my Christian life. The MemGram® is a continuation of what God has done – of helping me to be provoked less or react and take it personally, more so. It has helped me to be more balanced and less selfish and I have less of a need to demand my rights and have “strict justice.”

The results of the MemGram® Level 2 Processing produced astounding results! Some of the results are a combination of MemGram® Level 1 and 2 building:

1. The haunting has greatly reduced. Fear at night of mistakes at work. Sometimes the dragon wakes me up at night about a patient of mine- to try to haunt me that I made a mistake but now there is not as much fear attached. And I can usually go back to sleep, I know that it’s not real and I am aware of it and can fight it.

2. You said “do your passion”. Well, I began playing piano again, bought an electric piano after wanting to start practicing and play again but never did. Now I have a piano teacher that is just right for me. I am playing differently without caring if I make a mistake. I have gone back to some classical pieces that I played before when I was young. I used to give up more quickly because I was hard on myself and expected to play perfectly. It’s not stopping me now and I practice better and can play repetitively without getting bored, I have more discipline.

3. When hit with the pattern of PPCE trying to strike and cause me to feel overwhelmed and then bad about myself. I am not reacting with such extreme feelings or believing that what I did is so bad like I used to feel about my mistakes. I can look at the big picture. I am not giving any place for the dragons to attack and learning how to handle difficult people better. With Gentleness! Not with aggression or control.

4. I realized that not liking myself or feeling that others would not like me if they get to know me was very subliminal and I was not aware of it. Until this MemGram®I saw how it kept me from pursuing friendships with people. I feel more confident in relationships, meeting people with less expectations or the above fears of not being liked. I feel I have something to give that doesn’t need to be downplayed. I am not afraid of giving to people with the fear that they will need too much and be draining because I understand how my defense system works and how to protect myself better. I can listen longer and better. I don’t have the high expectations of other people as much. The EM energy has changed and there is a difference in attracting the situations of PPCE trying to penetrate the defense borders. Difficult people are now smiling at me.

5. I feel more maturity in handling situations and not going extreme one way or the other. Instead of disconnecting or hiding, the way I answer people is easier and more simple. I can happily reject easier. Not reacting to what other people want to control in me but deciding what I want and when and being more in control of that.

6. The last but best thing is spiritually my relationship with God is better. I also have a new sense of his greatness and worthiness.

Thank you for being on this journey with me, your sensitivity, insight and acceptance have helped me get through!

— C.M., CO

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Dear Dr. Martin — I am still in MemGram® Level-1 but here is what I have learned so far.

When I am not accepting myself “as I am” I do not accept others as they are. Instead, I try to mold them and control them so they are what I need. So, I divide and separate myself from others and leave myself open to being wounded.

I need to keep my focus on my thinking, my motivations and my feelings so I become aware of when I am living the Stress Pattern and not the Soul Pattern of my life.

I need to take the feelings back to the time of being a child – hold that child, comfort that child and assure her that she is wanted, acceptable and able.

I need to give to myself what I always wanted others to give to me. Then I will be free to truly love and accept others.

Thank you for your enlightenment.

— B.S., MO

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Dear Dr. Martin — Due to the difference the MemGram® Processing has made in my life I have been promoted to a newly created position in charge of the western slope in Colorado.

I do know that continued success in my personal and professional life depends upon me going forward to Level-2 Processing. I also will begin the Certified MemGram® Processor training as soon as possible.

Know that your labors have made a great difference in my life and as a result the lives of many others.

Thank you for all that you are doing.


— S.M.., CO

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Dear Dr. Martin — Because of MemGram® Processing, I understand more about why I was rejecting myself, how my physical body responded to the incident that brought about my rejection and how that has controlled my life since that time. MemGram® Processing has opened my eyes to my life, what I have been endowed with by my Creator, and granted me more peace and serenity. MemGram® Processing has complimented my Al-Anon program by opening the door on my Invisible Belief System even more than I imagined possible. My spiritual journey has been enhanced and my understanding of God has changed in loving and true ways. I pray to increase this understanding and come to live out God’s plan for my life. Thank you and God Bless!

— B.S., MO

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It has been quite a journey in these last 2 months learning about who I really am and how much stress pattern is in the way. I believe what strikes me the most is the concept of being the master manifestor. Because when one considers this about oneself, one must own the fact that we are always manifesting and therefore must take responsibility for the good and the bad that we have manifested.

I can certainly see where the stress pattern has gotten in the way and continues to get in the way, especially with situations I haven’t uncovered yet. Knowing that the MemGram® exists explains everything. It explains why once a decision is made to open oneself to a wonderful life, that blockages that weren’t perceived before instantly come up and completely cover some of the wonderful experiences one was expecting to have. And then I realize how much more I have to focus on the happiness and how much more healing work I have to do.

I think it’s the relationships that mirror back the stress pattern and how it shows up and where I should not take it personally. But the relationships are also a measure of my progress and also where I want the work to go next. I am looking forward to MemGram® Level 2! Peace and Blessings!

— D.B., Costa Rica

Dr. Martin — I am blessed with the MemGram® experience and what is happening afterward. I am experiencing more abundance in my income, more opportunities to work and to be of service and also experiencing more synchronicity while in a “mundane” reality. Life has become quite full. Have more to share soon. Thank you for your services.

— E.C., TX

Dr. Martin — One of my Words was PROVE — Oh how I have tried to “prove” myself, over and over again, but never hitting the mark in my own mind. Always looking outside myself to fill the “God” hole because I did not realize that only God can fill the void in me. Always believing that I was “separate from”, even separate from God.

MY other word was FILED — I never “filed” past events properly because my view of what was going on was always skewed by my Invisible Belief System about myself. And I always expected others to react in a negative manner because I was not enough and separate. I thought that I “knew” what others were thinking about me and I would always play that “movie” in my mind and attempt to defend myself against their judgment of me when all along it was I doing the judging. Insane.

My 3rd Word was RESIDENCE — My residence was always “victimhood”! Now I “see” that I have a choice of how I see history and what neighborhood I will reside in. I can alter the data of my past and thus FILE it away correctly so I can live in the “now” OR I can keep doing the same thing over and over again, play the same movies over and over again, stress out and die unhappy! What I choose throughout my day will decorate my RESIDENCE. I now know that I have always done exactly what I wanted to do and gotten exactly what I wanted without knowing it.

Instead of playing the movie of victimhood and taking up that role, I can take every attempt to judge back to my childhood and tell myself I am not that child NOW! I can ask myself “what is going on right now” and refuse to play the movie even if it appears someone is trying to hurt me. I need to realize that almost always, no one is trying to hurt me, I just think they should want to hurt me. I need to understand that I can choose to take offense or I can put up my shield of “kindness” and “mercy” and not take offense. Each time I choose to “stop” and “think” I am moving beyond the plan against my life and living the plan for my life designed by Love! I have found that asking God and another human being can bring a lot of support in this endeavor.

— B.S. MO

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Dr. Martin — Thanks again for all of your help and efforts on my behalf! You should be on the cover of TIME Magazine for Person of the Year due to all of your humanitarian efforts.

— Lori, MI

Hi Dr.Martin– MemGram® Processing has highlighted my Invisible Belief Systems connected with my stress patterns which profoundly affected my life decisions, caused discouragement and sickness.

It has been very interesting for me to see how words (cause,core,effect) related to a trauma at a specific age could pinpoint the event or events( PPCE) that triggered the stress resulting from my invisible beliefs. The effect was to distract me from my soul pattern – to be what I’m meant to be! (The plan against my life).

Over and over this scenario was repeated as I processed traumas. Again and again I saw a different pattern of my invisible beliefs emerge – I don’t fit in, I’m not good enough etc., affecting my life’s direction and well being.

But as the years passed, I began to find myself looking at each situation (PPCE) and seeing it for what it was- and realizing it was not personal – thanks to Dr. Martin’s guidance.

I’m feeling a lightness and a sense of well being that I’ve never felt in my younger years. I’m seeing more clearly the stress patterns of others-which fuels their behaviors. I believe that most are not aware of what drives them and determines their reactions to PPCE.

It has been a long journey but its been a lifesaver for me! I often felt like a bouncing ball. People – so called friends – so effected me. If it was negative I was sure that I was to blame. In extreme situations I would cry, become angry, get sick etc.

Now, with each trauma processed, I am more aware of my soul pattern – where my power lies. I’ve learned that the choice is mine – to make the physical move to follow the desires of my heart and when I do – to feel the inner peace of being me! Thank you, Dr. Martin!


— Freda, CA

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Hi Dr.Martin– MemGram® Processing is amazing. I have learned that I must be authentic and faithful to what I know is true and right — whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4

Each of my past revelations has been just keep going, just keep believing, keep your head down and keep working, digging. This too shall pass and be ok.

I have begun to focus on a single item and I am gaining traction, belief, conviction and progress.

I am handling PPCE with more comfort and grace. I am less reactive, feel more peaceful and my hormone dump is less often.

My inner voice has shifted to a more compassionate, more supportive, more gracious, and loving voice.

I see the world responding to me in a wonderful way that is embracing what I thought they would reject me and coming to help me. I am not alone. I need only ask and I have all the resources I need.

I am excited for MemGram®level-2 in the meantime I am creating a new vision board, stepping up my workouts, become consistent with my daily rituals and meditations for new possibilities and creating the life I have dreamt about and now am living…. playing full out and enjoying it. Thank you, kind soul and new mentor.


— S.N. CA


Hi Dr.Martin– After MemGram® Level-7 I am getting better at getting more accomplished on a daily, weekly basis and planning time to do projects. I see how the enemy has blocked me and I would acquiesce so much to so many negative feelings and believe, “why try? or I can’t do that”.

Now I just start working and the ideas come and lead me to the next one and the next one. The kick back from Level 7 was higher than the PVR so I no longer trust that number so much.

Looking forward to MemGram® Level-8 now because I read all my past session notes (really good idea to tell clients to do this if they question whether they want to continue) and I realized HOW MUCH MemGram® Processing has helped me get out of the pit./p>

Thanks Dr. Martin for being there and doing what you do!


— C.M., CO

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I believe the way this has applied to me over the course of 60 years is that I have chosen to play the role of the victim totally unaware and I have attracted to me the relationship with others that put me at the doorstep of victimhood. What I have learned by Processing my MemGram® is to make the IBS visible and recognize when it in effect and do not take it personally. Now I can truly choose and depersonalize the feelings I have harbored over the years that keep me stuck


— O.C., GA

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Going through eight major traumatic episodes in this 90-year life, how did I respond? At age 6, up against the Nazi edict banning me from attending school, I did not take it entirely personally because it did not apply to me only, but I did internalize bigotry. Then more recently, tested by another government, Homeland Security experimenting with a new energy weapon on involuntary, “old women living alone”, subjects, I persevered with Determination, again able to depersonalize because I was not alone. A decade earlier when I was chairing a Landscape Committee for a CoHousing Community we were creating in Santa Fe,, and no one was joining my committee, that feeling of “wrong”, my invisible Stresss Pattern, came up into consciousness, along with the internalized bigotry.

Going back through the traumas, experiencing covert vampirism from a spiritual master worshipped by thousands, I was able to depersonalize because I was aware of support from others and a subtle sense of religion, of right and wrong and certainty that right would prevail. Then, in a 29-year marriage in which I felt trapped, I often sought guidance from a higher Intelligence, (God), seeing myself embedded in a spiritual context, wanting to do the right thing, even self-sacrifice, but not realizing resentment building up and feelings of guilt. A confidence that Right would prevail fed my Determination. Earlier, with my parents, I made the decision to be what was expected of me, and I began to experience many items in my Stress Pattern, but did not see myself as victim.

What did I learn? That my SoulPattern was there from the start of my life, and somehow prevailed through all my trauma tests. My experiences have been embedded in the cells and processes of my body. Along with emotional healing comes release of physiological toxicity. In relationship with family and with fellow residents in this retirement community, I am often very gratified, feeling grounded in my Soul Pattern. Thank you, Dr.Martin!


— V.H. CA

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If you choose to play the role of the “victor – creator – benefactor – guide” you get the life experience to support that. The benefit of MemGram® Processing is to understand why you have made the choices that you have made, de-personalize the feelings that keep you forever mired in the muck so that you can move forward expecting and making physical moves that demonstrate that you ARE your Soul Pattern.”Even though I have heard and read this many times I think it is finally sinking in that I need to be the victor, creator, etc. I think I think I am playing that role sometimes and try to appear to others that way but in my own mind I fall into the woe is me mind set sometimes. I am going to really work on my thinking and also I believe I need to focus a lot more on prayer and gratitude. Thank you, Dr.Martin!


— J.F. FL

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