We believe every person is endowed with innate intelligence. Some may prefer to use the terminology Spirit, some may prefer to say Soul or Divine Intelligence, while others may simply call it Energy. We believe this innate Intelligence came before the physical body and will continue to exist when the body stops functioning. We believe when an individual is referring to “me” or “I”, they are referring to this Intelligence that makes them unique and is not related to an individual’s IQ. This Intelligence can communicate through a multiplicity of languages.

We believe we interact with everything via an exchange process involving this energetic language. From the simplest organism to the most complex; from the food we eat to the words we speak, from the clothing we wear to the chemicals in our environment, everything carries with it the information that makes it unique as well as how it relates to the whole. This information is often referred to as a frequency or signature pattern. We believe it can be as simple as a single note or as complicated as a symphony; carrying with it a tiny bit of information or complex and large amounts of data.

TESTING – This test requires your physical presence.

When a test is run on you we are communicating with your Intelligence by sending signatures (informational patterns) that are output through the test plate and the response is measured through the electrodes. We are not looking at medical or chemical quantitative values but at qualitative values. The uniquely qualitative response from you as to what is occurring in the exchange of information…Does it have the information it needs or is there a disruption in the data flow, either in whole or in part, that is creating issues. We believe that Your Body Is Your Mind Made Visisble®, therefore, we believe that one way the Intelligence can display these disturbances is through the manifestation and experience of discomfort.

We believe that when your body has the needed information and all parts of the energy flow are re-established it then has the ability to regain homeostasis or fix itself. Crossovers with the language of medicine are inevitable at times but the essential difference is our recognition that diseases do not have their own identity and diagnostic terms are just a convenient grouping of symptom experiences.  WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE AND WE DO NOT TREAT DISEASE.


The highly specific information that your intelligence selects from the testing procedure is imprinted or copied into a medium using the test plate and acts like a software program for the innate Intelligence. We feel that when the correct information and communication is reestablished the manifestation of dis-ease is often reduced or eliminated. This effect of new communication may be termed by the ignorant as treatment of disease, when in fact it is simply a new pattern established through corrected communication with new information uploaded and applied. WE DO NOT DIAGNOSE AND WE DO NOT TREAT DISEASE.

Whether or not this information is effective depends on your desire and the sincerity of the practitioner and the amount of energy needed to change course. When using this technology and its imprinted software program for the intelligence, we cannot override the agency of the individual. This explains why an individual using corrected communication does not have undesired “side-effects”. While we have learned much about this method of communication with the Intelligence, we also recognize it is an ever-evolving process with much more to be learned.


Scientifically, many years were spent discovering the best way to send this energetic information and measure how an individual being communicates with and responds to the information being sent. The hardware functions are described using terminology familiar to electrical engineers; however, the software language or signatures we output are unique to the specialized computer hardware. The sophistication of the response measurements and the scope of the Holographic Resonance database are some of the key features that set the system apart and account for the ground-breaking results that are being experienced.


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