National Health Federation

National Health Federation

     The Federation has your health and your freedom on our agenda every day.  Our lobbyist, Lee Bechtel, operates full-time in Washington while our president, Scott Tips, travels all over the World, participating in Codex and other meetings and  speaking out on your behalf for health freedom.  Plus, there are many other NHF advocates working behind the scenes for you.

     Do be an activist, we cannot do his alone.  Our members are our strength, financially and by their activism.  Join the Federation and let’s expand your freedoms.  You must always fight for your liberties.

     The Federation has an extremely long-standing (57 year) reputation for being factual, reputable, and never backing down to those who try to rape and pillage our health-freedom rights. Join the Federation in support, donate so that we will have more power to spread the word of these issues, and most of all, never be apathetic thinking someone else will fight your fight.  We can win with your support and the Federation as your health-freedom voice.

P.O. Box 688
Monrovia, California 91017
Main phone:  (626) 357-2181 | Fax:  (626) 0642
e-mail: | website:

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