What Is It?

Nutripathy® is a spiritually-based science of wellness.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “doctor” as: “a learned and authoritative teacher.” This is a Doctor of Nutripathy®, a learned and authoritative teacher of sound nutrition and spiritual science.

In many instances, you will discover that your local Doctor of Nutripathy® is working in conjunction with a licensed M.D. or other doctor licensed in the healing arts. You must remember that many licensed doctors are too busy to take the time required to counsel you concerning your nutritional and mental/emotional needs. It is not as easy as giving you a prescription or adjusting your vertebrae, and it takes a lot more time. Therefore, a Doctor of Nutripathy® satisfies a great need in the practice of a doctor licensed to diagnose and treat disease.

Nutripathy® is based upon the spiritual concept that God created man with certain nutritional needs and placed the source of those dietary requirements in natural foods. Nutripathy® teaches that a properly combined diet of natural foods with a balanced mental/emotional awareness will allow a person to live in a state of perfect wellness.

Doctors of Nutripathy® (D.N.) generally use techniques involving a specialized computerized questionnaire and specimens of your urine, saliva and hair. The results of this testing allows the D.N. to design a personalized regimen to restore wellness.

Doctors of Nutripathy®, if not licensed, leave “diseases” to your licensed doctor. We do know, however, that many terrible health problems simply disappear when a person concentrates on building their health instead of treating their “disease.”

We believe that many “diseases” are not diseases at all, but are merely the result of nutritional deficiencies, which result in cellular contamination, which is the end product of improper diet.


Are you sick? Do you ache? Are you tired most of the time? You can be well! You can do what you want, when you want and how you want. Age need be no barrier. The energy is still there. All you need to do is discover how to release it. Think of all the things you could be doing, right now, if only you felt like you had the energy to do them.

It doesn’t matter how many doctors you have visited who have told you it is just your nerves and then prescribed more medication. lf you still feel badly, you probably have been talking to the wrong people. You may have been looking in the wrong places.

Headaches? Swollen, aching joints, arms and legs? Tingling feelings in your hands and feet? Chest pains? Can’t get up in the morning? Lightheaded and dizzy? Indigestion? Constant gas? Constipation? Pain in your abdominal area? Burning in your stomach? Irritated colon? Maybe you have some worse wellness problems?

The Problems Are Many

You could be like so many people who have come to us with longstanding problems and a long history of prescription drugs and very sophisticated medical diagnoses.

Many times, mysterious conditions defying medical diagnosis and treatment turn out to be simple nutritional problems. Who knows, you may be able to gain a whole new life of good wellness by visiting your local Doctor of Nutripathy®.

The amazing fact is that your Doctor of Nutripathy® will not mention nor be concerned with your “disease.” Legally they cannot, and even if they could, they realize that the cause of most wellness problems is nutritional or mental/emotional based.

Nutritional Deficiencies

There was a time when the earth was plagued with all kinds of infectious diseases. Thanks to medical science, these killers are rarely a subject of modern conversation. Instead, we see people dropping like flies from cancer and cardiovascular disease.

In 1920 life expectancy was 50 years. Today life expectancy is 67+ years. Death from infectious diseases used to be 250 per 100,000 in 1920. Today the death rate has dropped to less than 10 per 100,000. These figures are for the age group 35-44 and represent quite an accomplishment for medical science, or perhaps it was simply better hygiene and living conditions?

Arthritis, Heart Conditions, Cancer

At the same time that we celebrate this accomplishment, people are suffering from blood sugar problems, strokes, kidney failure, tumors, arthritis, heart disease and more. The death rate from these problems remains at the same level it was over 50 years ago.

Why? Because of inadequate nutrition and mental/emotional stress. Nutripathy® teaches that if you will balance your metabolism by using proper nutrition and restoring sound mental/emotional balance, in the vast majority of cases, wellness is the result.

Nutripathy® teaches that most wellness problems are nutritionally caused. We also believe that orthodox medical treatment for nutritional deficiencies is failing. When you use medicine (poison) to treat a nutritional problem, you get sick. The older you get, the more medication you require, and, as a result, the cells get so “gummed up” and overdosed that you die. In other words, contrary to popular belief, you don’t get a headache because your body is deficient in aspirin!

More Medication Is Not The Answer

You have been led to believe that you should expect to get sicker and less resistant to disease as you get older. Why do you accept this false notion? There are many civilizations in the world where people live well past 100 years of age without losing their teeth, going deaf, becoming blind, getting arthritis or having strokes. Of course, these civilizations exist on wholesome, natural foods, which shows us again that good wellness is the normal result when mankind’s nutritional needs are met. They are also a lot less stressed, not only mentally/emotionally but also by less electromagnetic frequencies flying through the air.

There are many stories of middle-aged people who were tired of being sick and, upon switching to a natural dietary approach, began living a more vigorous, joyful life. Some of them are now 100 years young and still growing. You, too, can live this active, disease-free life if you take care to see that all your nutritional needs are met. By studying people who do live long and healthy lives, it is possible to determine the nutritional requirements for good wellness.

Personal Program

It is also possible for a Nutripath® to examine your urine, saliva and hair sample to determine the end products contained therein. Then we compare it to what we know should be contained in an individual in good wellness. Using this method to balance your body chemistry can result in perfect wellness.

There is a great difference between general nutrition as practiced by most professionals and the specific nutritional program that you will be given by your Doctor of Nutripathy®. General nutrition is a shotgun approach based upon educated guesswork. The regimen that your Doctor of Nutripathy® will develop for you is tailored to your specific profile as revealed by scientific testing of your urine/saliva/hair and your responses to a special questionnaire. The results are usually positive and speedy. Before you realize it, new energy appears and a feeling of zest overcomes you as your wellness problems disappear and perfect wellness evolves.

Nutrition Confusion

During my years at Chiropractic College, I became more aware that nutrition as well as proper nerve energy reaching the body’s millions of cells was the answer to obtaining and keeping perfect wellness. But what foods, vitamins, minerals and herbs, and how much of each? Was everyone the same, or different? I really didn’t know where to turn, since every time I picked up another book on nutrition, I became more confused.

Then, in the summer of 1976, I came across a biochemist who was an expert in agricultural nutrition. This biochemist was convinced that the same testing methods used by farmers to produce healthy plants by altering the condition of the soil could be applied to human urine and saliva to develop a picture of that person’s nutritional deficiencies.

As this biochemist taught me, I knew he had discovered a great, but simple, way to perfect wellness. When he was poisoned by the establishment” and incapacitated for almost a year, I was forced to continue my nutritional education through the “school of hard knocks,” and it was in answer to my prayers that the divine idea came. Concept upon concept began to develop until the reality of Nutripathy® occurred. Nutripathy® – a natural way to perfect wellness by using specific nutrition and balanced emotional/mental awareness – is definitely a gift from God, through divine inspiration.

Nutripathy® – Natural Way To Perfect Wellness

I believe that man is not the evolutionary product of an amoeba. Man was created by God, in the image of God. The earth was created and man was placed upon the earth with certain nutritional requirements.

Man was expected to eat fruits, nuts, seeds and vegetables as nature provided them. In them are found all necessary requirements for life, except water. (Genesis 1:29, 2:19)

It is certainly no secret that man is made from minerals of the earth. Vitamins come from minerals and have no function without them. Enzymes are found in all foods and are co-factors of vitamins. Cooking kills enzymes which are the life of all foods. You cannot plant a cooked seed and expect it to grow. That should give you a good idea of how much good it does your body. It is sickening that common sense is so ignored today.

Common Sense

Common sense tells us that God created foods just the way God wanted them. When God created foods, all of the nutrients necessary for the assimilation and utilization of that food were put in that natural food. Common sense tells us that anything we do to that food, other than eat it, destroys nutrients, and the result is a nutritional deficiency which manifests itself later in poor wellness.

The way to perfect wellness is through proper nutrition and mental/emotional awareness. Nutripathy® can be your guide. Allow a Doctor of Nutripathy® to determine your nutritional deficiencies so he or she can prepare a dietary program that will put you back on the road to wellness.

Good Health Is Most Important

When your body has all of its nutritional needs met you can expect a new surge of energy and strength, both physically and spiritually. Wellness problems will disappear and you, as well as others, will notice the new you!

Without good wellness, all the money in the world, or anything else for that matter, is worthless. When you are sick it is like being in prison. When you feel well you are FREE!

Are You A Prisoner?

Are you free, or are you a prisoner? Do you have to resort to coffee, cokes and other stimulants? Are anti-acid tablets, sedatives, tranquilizers, laxatives, alcoholic drinks, insulin, drugs, diuretics, glasses, hearing aids or cortisone shots a part of your weekly activity? How are your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, colon, hearing and memory? Can you run a mile, or even around the block? How well are you? Are you already a prisoner?

I have seen many people, who had almost given up, experience fantastic results in regaining their wellness by using simple Nutripathic® regimens. What does this mean to you? It means that your body chemistry and mental/emotional imbalances may be simply determined and a regimen can be tailored to your needs so that you, too, may experience life just as Jesus said, “I have come so that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”

The Cause Of Wellness Problems

More people are experimenting with themselves today through more types of diet than ever before in history. Many people have been improved from various diseases right before my eyes through correct food science. The thought that should be at the forefront of a progressive doctor’s mind today is the food question, including vitamins, minerals and herbs. All kinds of books have been written on how stomachs are filled with “foodless foods,” how we are starving amidst plenty and how doctors are looking for a “cure” while our bodies are just suffering from malnutrition.

Quality, Not Quantity

You may wonder how anyone in America could not feel well because of nutritional deficiencies. My research has shown that the reason is that quantity is not the same as quality. We have plenty to eat, but in quality we rate as one of the poorest-fed nations on earth.

Government statistics show that there are many countries where a person over the age of 50 has a significantly greater life expectancy than in the United States. Why? The foods available in these other countries are simple, natural foods. They don’t have our supermarkets, and, as a result, they don’t have our hospitals.

Fertile Soil

The human body is a by-product of the soil. The diet for a healthy individual should consist of many chemical elements, such as calcium, silicon, sodium, iodine, magnesium, potassium, zinc and many others. These elements are found in fertile soil. They are transmitted to plant life, where the chemicals of the soil become food for man. Thus, to enjoy perfect wellness, we must eat food containing the elements found in perfect fertile soil.

The progressive doctors of today who are doing research regarding this matter have concluded that much of the breakdown in the human body is due to a lack of important elements in the body, which results from our depleted soil.

The plants are transported to our kitchens, and here another loss of these vital life-giving chemicals takes place.

There are three factors which interfere with the proper chemicals getting into our bloodstream where they can nourish our body. These three factors are the soil, the processing and preserving of our foods and the cooking of our foods after they arrive in our home.

Soil Depletion

It is possible to starve on a full stomach if the food you eat is grown on depleted soil. Much of the fertility and life of the soil has been removed through constant crop growing and soil erosion. In many cases it is necessary to use artificial, stimulating fertilizers or hybrid seeds in order to keep up with past records.

Dr. Albrecht conducted an experiment at the University of Missouri demonstrating that the soil in which plants grow has a great deal to do with how much resistance, life and vitality a plant has.

One amazing aspect of the experiment showed that when a healthy plant was grown and entwined with a diseased plant, even though there is direct contact, the disease, bacteria and germ life failed to transfer to the healthy plant.

What does this have to do with our bodies? We need the same chemical care as plants. The foods we put into our bodies mold us. What we eat finds its way to every cell in our body. It helps us grow, build and repair. It gives us the strength and power to overcome disease and the stress of everyday living. Poor soil, resulting in nutrient-deficient foods, results in healthy bloodstreams and ultimately thereby builds disease.

Processing And Refining

The second stage – processing and refining – is where man “refines” his food through milling, polishing, devitalizing, demineralizing, canning, seasoning, flavoring, coloring and preserving.

For example, in the processing, preserving and refining of wheat, vital life elements are destroyed, leaving only the starchy part of the wheat, void of the necessary minerals, vitamins and enzymes which are needed for healthy body functions, such as proper heart function, bowel regulation and others.

Our chronic diseases of today were developed over a long period of time because of a lack of important elements in the foods. Heart disease is rampant today. The lack of calcium and potassium and other minerals causes a lack of muscle tone. The heart is primarily a muscle. Need I say more?

Many doctors proclaim a vitamin E deficiency as being a contributor to heart disease. Vitamin E is best found in the germ of the wheat and in its outside covering. White flour has been devitalized by removing this layer. It is a foodless food.

Nutripathy® teaches that white flour and white sugar are among your worst enemies when it comes to building perfect wellness.

An experiment was done on a pigeon that was very sickly and unable to walk because of being fed only polished (white) rice. In just three hours after eating rice polishings, which are rich in Vitamin B and contain the “life” of the rice, the pigeon was able to stand, and it seemed to be completely recovered in twelve hours.

Dead Pigeon

Doctors of Nutripathy® have a lot of “dead pigeons” coming into their offices to be told to start adding foods to their diet which they have not been eating in the past. Many times the client has never heard of what should be a common item on the table.

There is in almost every disease a shortage of some chemical element. In every case of ill wellness there is a body chemistry (metabolism) out of balance. For example, a brain tumor may be caused by a lack of potassium.

Lung cancer may be caused by a deficiency of some 60 different minerals. Breast cancer may be caused by a lack of manganese. Stomach cancer may be caused by an over-production of hydrochloric acid. Ovary and uterus cancer may be caused by a deficiency of manganese. Prostate cancer may be caused by a lack of manganese and zinc. Colon cancer may be caused by a lack of copper, iron and zinc. Skin cancer may be caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.

Many experiments have been conducted with animals proving that nutritional deficiencies can produce inflamed eyes, heart disease, halitosis, bronchitis, diabetes, kidney malfunction, rickets, mean personalities, poor judgment and lack of alertness. Man is experimenting with himself on a daily basis.

Nutripathy® teaches that the processing of our foods is an important factor in body depletion and breakdown, due to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the foods we buy and the improper handling of those foods before you buy them.

Many cereals today are practically nothing but white flour and various forms of sugar. It behooves today’s housewife and mother to take great care in her selection of foods for the family. Avoid processed foods, preservatives and artificial colorings like the plague. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, don’t buy the food until you have researched that ingredient and know what it is. Choose as near natural foods as you can obtain. Use whole wheat flour, natural syrups, honey, raw sugar and molasses. You are gambling with your family’s lives. You owe it to them to see that this new awareness benefits them as well as you.

Heredity Is No Excuse

Many people think that good or bad wellness is the result of heredity. If this were true we could change the diet of some of those long-living foreigners to that of most Americans and they should continue to live practically disease-free lives.

But again studies have shown that when those people change to a typical American diet, they begin to show higher incidences of cardiovascular problems, cancer, diabetes, senility, etc.

The lesson is clear – you are what you eat. Nutripathy® will tell you that heredity can point you in a certain direction, but what you put into your mouth determines which way you move. The people of Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Hunza and parts of Russia live on a diet of natural foods. Most of them live long, full lives without the use of drugs, surgery, etc. Yet, when these people come to the land of supermarkets and fast-food meals, they develop the same wellness problems as Americans. Whether or not you have good wellness is not a matter of heredity; it is a matter of nutrition.

You Are What You Think

In addition, you eat because of the way you think, so perhaps it could be said that you are what you think. If that is the case, if we work on how people think, perhaps we wouldn’t need to be concerned about their attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle or environment; it would fall into place as a perfect crystallization of their perfect thoughts.

It is certainly something to think about. Doctors of Nutripathy® do a lot more than think about it, they have a wonderful tool called MemGram® Processing that assists you to learn Who You Are, Why You Are Here and Why The Plan Against Your Life is what it is.

Kitchen Cooking

In considering the third step in our problem, it is well to notice that one of the greatest perils to live foods today is your own cooking utensils. According to government statistics, food losses (vitamins and minerals) range from 32%- 75% when the usual high-temperature cooking methods are used.

Our own inventions can be used for our destruction through improper use. Many people do not know the simple difference between a properly prepared potato and a boiled potato. One is alkaline, the other acid. Most people peel off the skin and throw it in the garbage, unaware that 60% of the valuable potassium is directly beneath the skin. The art of cooking can destroy us or build us.

What happens when you eat the wrong foods? They release too much energy. The body cannot assimilate it, and the excess energy burns out the weakest place first. Disease strikes in the weakest organ, and it will show in the Nutripathic® profile.

A Cooking Change Is Due

It is generally agreed that minerals and vitamins are lost when food is left uncovered during storage or cooking. Other food elements are destroyed when boiling water is added. Ordinary cooking destroys vitamin C. Many other vitamins are lost through improper cooking procedures. You may have cooked a head of cabbage through the boiling method and had, as a result, a head 1/3 the size it started out, with much less food value. This is an enormous waste in dollars and food value.

Cook Without Water

Stainless steel is the preferred way to cook. These pans have covers that fit so the foods are tenderized without the addition of water. Therefore, the foods retain their original color as well as their wholesome flavor. Shrinkage is reduced almost entirely.

Foods tenderized in this manner are more desirable because the mineral salts and sweetness are preserved and there is no need to add artificial seasonings. Also, there is no danger of aluminum poisoning which we see occasionally in hair analyses.

Many cooks employ false methods of economy. They feel that pans are pans, so the cheaper, the better, and food has to be cooked as quickly as possible, so they cut corners by boiling or microwaving. I have discussed such matters with many clients. What they thought was economy was really resulting in doctor bills later.

Why go to the trouble to buy live foods if you are going to boil the life out of them? By using correct methods, you preserve nutrients and improve your body.

There is so much sickness and Suffering today that doctors do not have enough hours in the day to care for everyone. People are spending fortunes for “cure-alls” only to end up with another kind of ache or pain later. I suggest that you inspect your kitchen and see that the equipment meets with the suggestions of Nutripathy®.

Do you desire beauty? Beauty starts from within. your body is only as good as you feed it. Just as a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, so our lives are determined by our organs. To be well, you must have pure blood at all times. Good blood is made from minerals, vitamins and inspirational thinking.

We can summarize by saying that today’s stomachs are filled with “foodless foods,” and we are rapidly becoming people afflicted with nutrient starvation symptoms. Many housewives have not been taught the proper preparation of foods and are not aware of the tremendous losses when the mineral-rich juices are thrown away. In proper stainless steel utensils with vapor-seal lids, the mineral salts and vitamins are preserved for use in our bodies. Food should be cooked below the boiling point and in heat low enough not to destroy the mineral balance.

Cancer Need Not Be A Problem

Interestingly, the nations with very low incidence of heart disease conditions also have a near non-existent cancer rate. All of the research scientists involved reported that they believed it was due to their diet of natural foods. Also, in every instance where the foods of more sophisticated nations are added to their diet, the rate of cancer goes from practically zero to alarming levels.

Nutripathy® teaches that cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen to the cells. This can be a nutritional imbalance as well as a long-term mental/emotional imbalance manifesting in the affected individual or in their ancestors. Cancer is the fastest growing wellness problem and cause of death in this nation. Deaths due to cancer are increasing 60%per year. One of three Americans presently contracts cancer at some point during their lifetime. Soon it will be one of two, and in a few more years every American will have “cancer” unless we wise up and do something about our intake of preservatives, flavorings, colorings, foodless foods, prescription drugs and mental poisons which we allow to infiltrate our minds.

What is my personal opinion as to why you don’t read more about the overwhelming evidence that diet and emotional wellness is linked to cancer? Advertising in the newspapers and other media is placed by companies selling items that are contributing to the very problem we just mentioned. You don’t bit the hand that feeds you. Thus, you are forced to turn to so-called underground publications to read the truth.

Diet And Your Body

The basic functions of your body are simple to understand even though the inner workings are quite complex. By understanding and cooperating with your body functions you can enjoy excellent physical and mental/emotional wellness.

Your bodily functions can be divided into those that supply the elements needed for life and those that haul away the garbage of the body. As long as cells get the energy needed and as long as the garbage left over from metabolism is hauled away, the cells will function excellently and your body will enjoy good wellness.

When the supply of nutrients or the removal of waste is interrupted, the cells suffer and operate inefficiently. Then the metabolic balance is disrupted, altering organ functions; and before long, wellness problems begin to manifest. lf nothing is done to correct the problem, even death may occur.

Therefore, your diet is the key. lf your body isn’t given the proper nutrients, the cells will begin to malfunction. If your body has to spend too much time hauling away the garbage residue of a lousy diet, then that causes undue tissue stress and can result in significant enough irritation to be a causative factor in major wellness problems.

Nutripathy® Is Not A New Idea… Different Approach

Nutripathy® teaches that the solution to most of your wellness problems is a regimen that will eliminate the wrong things going into your body and mind. This approach has been used for years by “alternative” doctors in various parts of the world.

Trying to find published information by such practitioners is not the easiest job I have ever done. It seems that there is some kind of conspiracy against the masses learning that there is an alternative form of wellness care – namely preventative medicine – that is being practiced by open-minded, “new-thought” medical doctors. A few of those men and their proven methods follow.

Dr. John Tilden had an idea called “Toxemia.” He “cured” many people by placing them on a nutritional program which allowed them to remove the “crud” from their systems. Dr. Tilden died in 1940 after a long and successful career.

The concept that wellness problems develop only when the body becomes loaded down with “garbage” and after being deprived of proper nutrition was shared by Sylvester Graham, John Billings and Dr. R. T. Trall.

Food Is Your Best Medicine

Dr. Bieler, author of FOOD lS YOUR BEST MEDICINE, stated that his 50 years of medical practice taught him several things about nutrition and its relationship to perfect wellness:

  1. It is not germs that cause wellness problems. It is the impairment of cellular function through improper nutrition and the build-up of toxic waste material surrounding the cells.
  2. Drugs and medicine are almost always harmful and should be used only in emergency situations.
  3. Food is the best source of the elements needed to cleanse the body as well as provide it with the proper nutrition.

Dr. Bieler lived well into his 80’s and worked with many people who had been termed hopeless and terminal by his medical peers. He was successful where his peers had failed. The principles of Nutripathy® are proven again.

Long ago, a friend of mine recommended that I obtain a book authored by Max Gerson, M.D., entitled CANCER THERAPY – RESULTS OF 50 CASES.

It turned out to be a very exciting book. In all 50 cases the “cancer” disappeared using Dr. Gerson’s dietary methods. He proved, to his own satisfaction, that all chronic, degenerative diseases consist of severe nutritional deficiencies and a great deal of toxemia. Of course, you already know from previous discussions that toxemia consists of accumulated “garbage” caused by environmental and food poisons.

The Gerson Therapy certainly was not complicated. It consisted of filling the system with the necessary nutrients, and complete detoxification of the body through natural means.

For some peculiar reason, Dr. Gerson was largely ignored or rejected, or both, by his medical colleagues. This is hard to believe, because, being a Medical Doctor, he had established the value of his work through the use of physicians, hospitals, biopsies and laboratories. He proved that the “cancer” he was treating, and, of course, which he was legally licensed to treat, was no longer in existence. The amazing thing is that this was not a once or twice happening. Dr. Gerson did it many times, and yet his work seems to be largely ignored by the medical profession.

Dr. Gerson worked with those who had been medically diagnosed as having incurable diabetes, arthritis, cancer, arteriosclerosis, kidney disease, glaucoma, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cataracts, etc. Dr. Gerson viewed these diseases as simply different manifestations of the same condition.

Different Manifestations Of The Same Condition

This is not hard to accept when you realize that if you have severe nutritional deficiencies coupled with toxemia, a sore throat and aching joints could both be symptoms of the same basic problem. Each part of the body has its own set of symptoms which it may exhibit. We don’t talk about a throat attack and a sore heart, do we? It just doesn’t work that way. Therefore, when you have severe toxemia, if the throat is one of the weaker parts of the body, then your throat will be sore. This should not be looked upon as a sore throat disease, but as a manifestation of a more basic underlying cause.

Dr. Bieler designed a nutritional program that enabled Gloria Swanson, the famous movie star, to eliminate a uterine tumor. lt was Dr. Gerson who helped Dr. Albert Schweitzer. Dr. Schweitzer was 75, on insulin, feeling poorly and not getting any results from the best doctors in Europe. Within one month after being treated by Dr. Gerson, Dr. Schweitzer was off insulin and returned to Africa to work for another fifteen years. Isn’t the power of natural healing awesome? I firmly believe that the reason it is so ignored, or “pooh-poohed,” by the medical profession is because it is a relatively simple procedure and doesn’t involve all kinds of fancy machines, drugs, hospitals or doctor bills. This may sound preposterous, but what other answer is there? The only other answer is that natural detoxification procedures don’t work. Then what do we do with Dr. Gerson and the many others who have been carrying on similar works for decades? It is pretty difficult to ignore results if we are searching for truth and reality of wellness.

Nutripathy® Is Valid

The natural condition of man is wellness. God didn’t create us as sickly, puny, helpless beings. It follows then that if you provide your body with all it requires nutritionally and cease contaminating it with flavorings, colorings, preservatives, drugs, X-rays, alcohol, stimulants or mind poisoning, you should be in a state of perfect wellness. All you have to do to get sick is to not do the foregoing, in varying degrees, depending on how old you are and how much you want to hurt. This is all that disease really is about. lf you want to reverse the process, just cleanse the system and supply the proper nutrients.

Nutripathy® is a valid approach to perfect wellness. By using Nutripathic® concepts, you, too, can develop perfect wellness, or keep it if you already have it. How many people around you do you have to see die of the treatment or die of complications from the treatment before you wake up to the truth?

Your Doctor Of Nutripathy® And You

Please don’t expect your Doctor of Nutripathy®, unless they are also a licensed professional, to diagnose or treat a disease. Nutripathy® is only concerned with wellness. A Doctor of Nutripathy® is not a licensed doctor recognized by any state government to treat disease.

Therefore, please don’t ask your Doctor of Nutripathy® about disease, or to treat your disease, or to confirm that you do or don’t have a certain disease. Your Doctor of Nutripathy®, unless also a licensed doctor, is not legally permitted to do this.

Nutripathy® And Universal Law

It is not simple to know what to do about your nutritional needs. The more you read the more confused you can get. What to do…that is the question. Make it easy on yourself. Find out what your Nutripathic® profile says about you. You could discover, like so many others have before you, that Nutripathy® is indeed the final solution to your wellness dilemma.

Nutripathy® is based upon a belief that God created man, earth and everything on it, the universe and beyond. It has been my experience that most, if not all, other sciences are based on the evolutionary or agnostic concept.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Nutripathy® is a departure from that concept. God created your body to operate a certain way. God also created the foods to be put into your body. Your body works like a computer, and in computer terms, GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out. The garbage out is degenerative disease. Nutripathy® helps you discover the laws of God which involve nutrition and correct mental/emotional awareness. Nutripathy® teaches you how to live those laws so you may benefit from the use of them.

1.5  |  6.4/6.4  |  7C  |  .04M  |  3/3

The above formula is a part of your Nutripathic® profile. This, accompanied by a perfect Hair Analysis, is a profile that God has in mind for you. As long as your Urine/Saliva Analysis looks like this, you cannot be sick. When you violate God’s decreed diet or allow yourself to become poisoned by negative emotions, your Nutripathic® profile will change to reflect the price you will have to pay.

Faith Is Very Important

If you do not believe in God, and in man as God’s creation, then you probably won’t believe in the specific dietary needs decreed by God. If this is the case, then you should consider NOT going to see a Doctor of Nutripathy®. Chances are your faith is not strong enough to withstand the detoxification process involved in Phase l. If you do believe, then Nutripathy® gives you the hope of perfect wellness.

Your Final Solution

Wellness is no mystery to those who have followed the teachings of Nutripathy®. If you improve your nutrition for your body and your mind, you will improve your health. It really is that simple. In fact, it is so simple that, when it works on you, you will probably think it is a miracle. It is no miracle. It is simply universal law, a truth, goodness, love, sharing, another gift of God given to you.

What Nutripathy® Isn’t

Nutripathy® is intended to complement rather than substitute for proper medical or psychological care. Nutripathic® techniques and processes are tools for personal growth and as such are not intended for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical or psychological condition. If you are suffering from a medical or psychological condition of any kind seek out the advice of a qualified and licensed medical or psychological professional.


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