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A Doctor of Nutripathy® is a learned and authoritative teacher of sound nutrition and spiritual science. Doctor-NutripathyNutripathy® is based upon the spiritual concept that God created man with certain nutritional needs and placed the source of those dietary requirements in natural foods. A Doctor of Nutripathy® teaches that a properly combined diet of natural foods with a balanced mental/emotional/spiritual awareness will allow a person to live in a state of perfect wellness.

Doctors of Nutripathy® (DN) generally use techniques involving a specialized computerized questionnaire and specimens of your urine, saliva and hair. The results of this testing allows the D.N. to design a personalized regimen to restore wellness. Doctors of Nutripathy®, if not licensed, leave “diseases” to your licensed doctor. We do know, however, that many terrible health problems simply disappear when a person concentrates on building their health instead of treating their “disease.”

We believe that many “diseases” are not diseases at all, but are merely the result of improper attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle and environmental influences, which result in cellular contamination, which is the beginning of the disease process.

We are Doctors of Nutripathy®. We may examine your urine, saliva, hair and ask you many questions relating to your attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle and environment to determine the end products contained therein. Then we compare it to what we know should be contained in an individual in good wellness. Using this method to balance your body chemistry can result in perfect wellness.

There is a great difference between general nutrition as practiced by most professionals and the specific nutritional program that you will be given by your Doctor of Nutripathy®. General nutrition is a shotgun approach based upon educated guesswork. The regimen that your Doctor of Nutripathy® will develop for you is tailored to your specific profile as revealed by scientific testing of your urine/saliva/hair and your responses to a specialized questionnaire.

The results are usually positive and speedy. Before you realize it, new energy appears and a feeling of zest overcomes you as your wellness problems disappear and perfect wellness evolves.

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