General Information

1. Cycle Time: Cycles should be between 20-30 minutes. A chronic person should consider doing two cycles daily. An acute person should consider doing one cycle daily.

2. FDA Approval: The device is not FDA Approved, nor registered. It is an experimental device designed for research. Absolutely no claims are made. We are still searching for total understanding of why the device produces the desired results.

3. Research Participant: You can become a Research Participant and obtain your own RADION® for 30 days by sending a $995 security deposit, plus shipping (approx $100). If you desire to continue cycling after 30 days, you can retain possession of your RADION® for an unlimited time by sending an additional $795 security deposit, or by allowing BIRI to charge your credit card $100 per month for 9 consecutive months. You can save $100 PLUS get FREE SHIPPING by paying the full Security Deposit in advance ($1690). You agree to participate in all survey requests made by BIRI during the time that you retain possession of the RADION®. You also agree to return the RADION® at any time upon the request of BIRI. If return is requested by BIRI, you will receive a full refund of your security deposit.

4. RADION® Sale: The RADION is an experimental, research device. It is never sold. It is only loaned to Research Participants.

5. RADION® Returns: You may obtain a full refund of your security deposit by returning the RADION® in excellent condition at any time. You also agree to return the RADION® at any time upon the request of BIRI. The Research Participant must pay the return shipping charges. If BIRI is required to perform maintenance on your RADION in order to return it to its excellent condition, such maintenance expenses will be deducted from your security deposit.

6. Cleaning: The bulb or footplate may be cleaned with Windex or Glass-Plus. Power cord should be unplugged from wall when cleaning. Be sure to have both bulb and footplate completely dry before use.

7. General Use Instructions:

● Hold the bulb tightly with two hands.
● Start with both palms tight against the bulb.
● Charge intensifies if you remove one hand.
● You can lessen the starting charge by having only your heels on the plate, then lower your feet.
● Keep both feet on the plate. Do NOT lift your feet.
● You can lessen the charge intensity by lifting PARTS of feet.
● Always keep some surface of BOTH feet on the footplate.
● Do NOT touch another person or thing during your cycle.
● Bystander should not touch the footplate or bulb or get too close to user during cycle.
● Attach switch cord to your wrist to easily cycle on/off.
● Prepare for brief intense initial charge when cycling on.
● Bulb can be moved to any area of body that needs support.
● Bulb may be held with one hand when also touching skin elsewhere.
● Cycle should last at least 20-30 minutes for best results.

8. Testimonials: There are many testimonials from Research Participants who believe their disease has been healed, their injuries healed, their pain eliminated, etc., but we are more interested in what happens to YOU. Absolutely NO claims are made for this device. This is an experimental, research device for which we do not have all the answers. We look forward to your feedback.

9. NOTE: Returns are not accepted. We will help you locate a new owner but any transactions will be between you and them. Do not order if this is an issue.

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