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NOTE: The doctors above have absolutely no connection to the RADION® nor have they been asked to comment on it.

“I had severe arthritis in my back causing problems walking erectly. After using the RADION® for 30 days, I saw a great change in my energy and ability to walk. It is a wonderment!” — Bellingham, WA

“I have been using the RADION® for 30 minutes daily for almost 3 months. My skin seems smoother. My eyes seem to be gaining clarity of vision. I am coming out of my depression. Have you ever heard of such a thing?” — Fruita, CO

“I burned my arm while using the oven. It was a pretty bad burn. I used the RADION® for 30 minutes twice a day. It healed so swiftly from the inside out that I did not have the ordinary scabbing that usually takes place from such a burn. It is amazing to me.” — Phoenix, AZ


“The RADION® has taken the squint out of my eyes. They now are much more wide open like when I was in my 20’s. I run the bulb all over my head, including my face. I am beginning to remember much better. This is thrilling! My mother died of Alzheimers. I also have more energy. I am 73 and have much more energy to do more things. My moods have also gone up a few notches. It is easier to smile and laugh when things don’t go right. Thank you very much for my new lease on life.”
— Alice, FL


“I am 76 years old going on 25. The RADION® has restored my youthful energy. It is phenomenal.” — Miami, FL


“My husband is doing great. His hair is growing in on bald spots and has turned much darker. At 78, he just got his drivers license for 2 years without restrictions. He can now read all the letters on the chart without glasses.” — Elsie


“What a wonderful Miracle Machine. I don’t know what I would do without it. We know in our hearts that every molecule within our being is touched by the hand of a healing Angel every time we use the RADION®.” — Hot Springs, AR


“The RADION® takes the pain out of my husband’s back. I broke my toe and the RADION® took the pain away and the toe healed in a short time. My husband had a polyp disappear in his colon after regular use of the RADION®. We are very pleased with the machine.” — Marguerite, SD

“I have been using the RADION® for about 3 weeks. I feel it has helped me. I was having backaches and bleeding hemorrhoids. This has all stopped. The RADION® is doing a great job.” — Bingham Lake, MN


“The calluses on my feet are disappearing and my shoulder is so much better since using the RADION®.” — Ed

“I have been treating an old injury (right shoulder) with no success. After just 1 session on the RADION®, the pain was gone and I regained complete flexibility. I also noticed that my erectile dysfunction is diminishing. No bad effects noted. Everything from the RADION® appears positive.” — Plantation, FL


“I am a therapist and have used the RADION® on a middle-aged man who has been poisoned by the de-icing chemical used on airplanes. This was his job. He lost his job and drivers license because he became unable to work. He had terrible neurological damage. He had developed chronic diarrhea with abdominal pain. After only 6 cyles on the RADION® he has had significant improvement.”
Dr. Floyd, Canada

“My back aches and hemorrhoids have disappeared since using the RADION®.”
Martin, MN

“My eyesight has improved to the point that I have to have my glasses changed. I have been using the RADION® for one or two cycles per day.” — Anonymous

“I am doing tremendously better since using the RADION®. My neck is improving so much that some days I don’t notice the pain. My appetite has diminished so that I want to eat less and better food. My pH’s are much better. My libido has returned! When I was 50 I became menopausal and simply lost interest. Now, after 4 years, it is back. My husband was having high blood pressure problems and now it is within the normal range again. I enjoy using the RADION® and I miss it if I can’t fit it in to my daily schedule.” — Anonymous

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