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Why Standard Process?


There is only one company who truly uses only concentrated, whole, organic FOOD to make its dietary supplements. All other companies use, to some degree, compounds purchased from pharmaceutical companies that are able to be called “natural” but are fractionated, not concentrated, whole, organic FOOD.


Dr. Royal Lee, D.D.S, founded Standard Process in 1929. Raised on a farm near Dodgeville, Wisconsin, his interest in science and nutrition began early at the local elementary school. At age 12, he compiled a notebook of definitions on biochemistry and nutrition, and he began collecting books on these subjects. What started as a hobby continued throughout his lifetime to eventually become part of the Dr. Royal Lee Memorial Library.

Dr. Lee graduated in 1924 from Marquette University Dental School in Wisconsin. While attending the university, the importance of nutrition became a major interest of his. A paper he prepared in 1923 outlined the relationship of vitamin deficiency to tooth decay and showed the necessity of vitamins in the diet. His research led to the development of CATALYN®, a vitamin concentrate derived from natural sources. Introduced in 1929, CATALYN® became the nucleus of a complete line of nutritional supplements at the Vitamin Products Company.

Dr. Lee believed the key to maintaining the quality of nutritional supplements was a unique manufacturing process. He designed high-vacuum, low-temperature drying equipment to preserve the maximum nutrients of the whole foods. These technologies continue to be used today.

In addition to his work in the nutrition field, Dr. Lee was the inventor of a wide variety of dental, mechanical, automotive and electrical equipment. He filed over 70 patents for all types of equipment, processes, internal combustion engines and food products. For more information on Dr. Lee, see:


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