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I hope these Secrets of Living audios do as much for you as they did for me. These are some of the audios I used back in the 1970’s to change my self-concept from someone who couldn’t speak to someone who held training sessions in front of hundreds of people on how to recruit by telephone.

There is a reason for the 7 listenings. Studies show that you have to hear a recording at least 7 times before you have heard all of it. The reason is that what you hear periodically triggers a flash-back or a flash-forward and you “go to the movies” for a few seconds, all the while missing what is being said on the recording.

Only about 5% of the people asking for Audio #1, will still be there asking for the Audio #12. Interestingly, it is the same 5% who, at age 65, are financially independent. The other 95% at age 65, to survive, must depend upon welfare, family, friends, social security, or continue to work.

Which % will you be in?


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These audio files are powerful.
They will fill your brain with the positive vibrations required for you to achieve your goals.
I used these messages to help me achieve my desired success.
Please listen to them 7 times before requesting the next file.
Download the REALIZATION NOTES form to use with each listening session.

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