BIA® Pro Level-1

Professional Level-1 consists of audio recordings of 1-day classes taught to Health Practitioners.
Class Notes are included.

A Practical Quick Start Program for the Health Care Practitioner.

  • You will learn how to integrate the valuable BIA® knowledge into your practice. This is an extensive seminar presenting the basic principles, physical evaluation techniques and treatment protocols of the program.
  • Explore a new approach to better digestion, assimilation and utilization of nutrients based on over 25 years of urine/saliva research.
  • Explore the relationship between nutritional deficiencies and imbalances in body chemistry.
  • Use new physical diagnostic techniques to identify digestive and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Learn how to determine whether a patient’s dietary habits are the cause of specific health problems.
  • Become familiar with the basic techniques of the BIA® and use the results to pinpoint a patient’s dietary excesses or deficiencies.
  • Review ways to cause patient compliance and monitor their progress on a nutritional program.
  • Discover how to pinpoint the emotional causes behind physical symptoms.
  • How to perform the urine/saliva test known as the BIA®.
  • What is the urine Refractive Index and what does it tell me about my patient’s health?
  • What does the Urine pH and Saliva pH tell me about my patient’s health?
  • What is urine Conductivity and what does it tell me about my patient’s health?
  • What are the Nitrogens and what do they tell me about my patient’s health?
  • Where are the relationships between the actual and balanced BIA numbers?
  • What is the Metabolic Efficiency and how does it affect my patient’s health?
  • What is the Immune Energy and what is its significance?
  • What is the Biological Age and its significance?
  • What are the Adverse Relationships and how can they be used to indicate whether the body chemistry is physical or emotional in origin?
  • What is the Speed of Decline and how is it calculated?
  • How to know what various nutritional regimes may be used to positively alter body chemistry.
  • How to know what nutritional products are appropriate for various body chemistries.

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