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Introduction To Bio-Codes®

All life forms share a common ground in that they are immersed in the electro-magnetic field of the earth. Each life form has its own electro-magnetic field, which when sufficiently distorted, will ultimately result in disease of the organism. Symptoms, diseases, body chemistry patterns…they each have their own electro-magnetic pattern, frequency, or as we like to call it, their Bio-Code®.

Everything vibrates. This vibration may also be called a “frequency”, much like a radio station that has a particular frequency. If you tune to it, the electronics vibrate to that frequency and the vibration is converted to sound by the speakers. This sound wave vibrates the surrounding air which eventually reaches your ears and your eardrum begins to resonate at the same frequency. The result is that you hear sound that may originate many thousands of miles away. You are  “connected” to the source.

We don’t question this vibration principle when it comes to the radio or TV, but we don’t apply the same common sense to everyday living, especially as it relates to our health.

We call this vibration the “Bio-Code®.” We believe that there are combinations of herbs, flowers and homeopathic remedies that generate Bio-Codes® to offset just about anything that is wrong with our life. Think of it as a “force field” of reciprocal electro-magnetic energy that supports our cells in their innate quest for healing and complete immunity. When the proper Bio-Code® (sometimes a combination of Bio-Codes®) is present in our lifestyle, amazing things happen.

It’s An Electro-Magnetic Universe

The deeper science looks into the subatomic level all it finds is electric charges. Those electric charges make up an electric matrix (electro-magnetic pattern). An electro-magnetic matrix determines the unique shape of each object. No two snowflakes are the same? It is because every snowflake has a unique electro-magnetic matrix. It’s the same with everything in the universe. Your body is a unique electro-magnetic matrix.

Your Electro-Magnetic Body

All electro-magnetic activity begins at the cellular level. Each cell in your body has a voltage, just as your car battery does. When you are healthy your voltage is high. When you are sick your voltage is low. If the voltage in your cells is low, your entire body suffers. If you aren’t functioning properly at the cellular level, there is no way your body can function properly. Low voltage also reduces communication among your cells. Your cells communicate with each other via bio- electric transmission. When a particular area of your body is diseased there decreased or non-existent electric communication among your cells in that area of your body. What causes this lack of cellular communication? Toxins are the culprit. Toxins that enter your body on a daily basis.

Bio-Code® Nutrition

The universe is electro-magnetic. Your body is electro-magnetic. It follows that your food is also electro-magnetic. All foods have a unique electro-magnetic matrix, just as you are a unique electro-magnetic matrix. When our Creator designed the human body it was designed to understand specific nutritional information; more precisely, specific electro-magnetic information.

How do you know what is electro-magnetically correct for your body? Natural, organic foods are more likely to be correct for your body than are man-made foods and chemicals. It is also electrically incorrect for your body if man has altered something designed by our Creator, such as using chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Those chemicals (toxins) are absorbed into your food. When you eat the food you take those toxins into your body. When you drink water that is chemically treated you take toxins into your body. When you breathe air you take in toxins. Twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year, you are poisoning your body with toxins. The only way to remove your toxins is through correct electro-magnetic nutritional supplementation.

Nutritional Supplementation

You may be taking nutritional supplements and have been for some time. Nutritional supplements are no different from your food, water, and air. They, too, can be electro-magnetically incorrect. If they are not electro-magnetically correct, they may be toxic to your body. Yes, nutritional supplements can be toxic to your body! If you are still searching for a cure, perhaps this is your problem.

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Introduction to Mineral Cell Salts

All of our glands, organs, blood and skin consist of cells. Our health is dependent upon the health of our cells.

Cells are composed of three basic parts; a nucleus, the  brain  of  the  cell;  the  cytoplasm,  which  provides nourishment  to  the  cell  nucleus;  and  the  cell  membrane, which gives it form and protection.

Cell Function

The cell interior (cytoplasm) contains 12 cell salts. Different types of cells require more or less of certain of the  cell  salts.  For  example,  nerve  cells  require  larger amounts of one cell salt and blood cells carry higher amounts of another cell salt.

It is a necessary function of the cell membrane to allow proper nutrients to enter to fuel this factory and keep  out  all  harmful  substances  like  bacteria  and viruses. You must get all the raw materials needed on a daily basis.

Our cells are replaced on a regular basis. When the cell does not have the proper materials that it needs to be a healthy cell, our overall health suffers. Cell salts provide  the components that  our  cells  need  to  be healthy.  Taken  on  a  regular  basis,  the  cells  rebuild themselves with the required healthy materials.

The Mineral Salts Discovery

Dr.  Schuessler,  a  German  biologist,  found  that, according to the time of year we are born, we are likely deficient  in  three  of  the  12  cell  salts.  This  deficiency may predispose us to certain ailments as we mature. Dietary,  environmental  and  lifestyle  factors  may  also result in certain cell salt deficiencies. Replenishing that deficiency  through  micro-cell  nutrients supports  the health of the body. He also discovered that the cell salts work, not as a medicine, but as an enhancer for the health of the body on a cellular level, helping the body to heal itself.

The cell salts system of wellness is based upon the “cell  theory”  of  Dr.  Virchow  (1885).  He  said  that  the body is a collection of cells and that all medical treatment should center on the health of the individual cell. Together  with  Dr.  Schuessler,  they  developed  a  wellness system based on cellular health.

Both doctors believed that a tissue imbalance or a lack  of  any  of  these  minerals  may  lead  to  disease. Providing the missing minerals to the tissues corrects that imbalance and sets the stage for wellness.

The cell salts provide a rebalancing of the body to enable  its  natural  disease  controlling  mechanisms  to function. The cell salts are not a “cure” or a “medicine.” They are body function balancing dietary supplements. Charles W. Littlefield, an analytical chemist, wrote: “These mineral salts are the physical basis of all healing.  If  they  are  absent  from  the  blood  and tissues,  no permanent cure is possible.”

The 12 cell salts are essential for the health and growth  of  the  body.  These 12 cell salts make up the human body. Due to the minute scale of cells, the ideal way to replenish a  deficiency is  to  use  very  small  micronutrients  that can go directly to the depleted cells.

The  12  Cell  Salts,  or  Tissue  Salts,  or Mineral Salts, as  they  are sometimes  called,  have  been  standard  homeopathic remedies for years, usually packaged as small lactose tablets and prepared according to homeopathic stan- dards,  however,  some  believe  that  spagyric  tincture mineral  salts,  prepared  as  dietary  supplements,  provide   an   easily   absorbed  transport   for   the   body, enabling  the  needed  cell  salts  to  go  directly  to  the bloodstream without the body expending much needed energy to digest and process them.

Why Is A Spagyric Tincture Superior?

There  are  several  sources  for  mineral  salts  but many  believe  that  only  a  spagyric  tincture  has  the potency  to  deal  with  today’s  toxic  world.  A  Spagyric tincture is one prepared by using a mother salts procedure as developed by Paracelsus in the 16th Century. To explain the spagyric tincture one has to explore alchemy.   Spagyric   was   a   phrase   that   Paracelsus invented  in  the  1400′s.  It  means  to  separate  and recombine.  Paracelsus was a famous Swiss alchemist and physician and was known for his crusade for natural medicines and cures. Paracelsus is considered to be one of the fathers of modern  chemistry  and  pharmaceutical  medicine.  A respected physician and university lecturer, Paracelsus demonstrated the power and effectiveness of alchemically prepared medicines.

A spagyric tincture is made by a careful process in which each part of the mineral or plant that you are working  with  is  separated  through  a  process  of  heat and distillation causing each part to be brought to its highest  and  purest  potential  state.  This  purification process is believed to separate it into body, mind and spirit. Alchemy assumes that each mineral and plant has each of these qualities.

Having  brought  them  to  their  highest  state,  the parts are then recombined, resulting in a superior “living tincture.”  After all the “bodies” of each part of the mineral  or  plant  have  been  separated  and  perfected, they are recombined. When consumed, the effect carries over to the person consuming it, thus affecting the physical as well as the subtle levels of the body.

Asians have long understood that we have an energy body as well as a physical body. Cell salt tinctures resonate with the Chi flow in the body. It is well documented  that  this  is  an  important  part  of  the  results shown   by   Acupuncture,   Acupressure,   Therapeutic Touch and other systems that work on the subtle energy bodies of both humans and animals.

Another vital factor that makes a spagyric tincture superior is that the mother salts were mined from the earth 30 years ago, carefully prepared in a year-long process and aged like fine wines.

Many dietary supplement manufacturers overlook these  essential  micronutrient  minerals  that  the  cells need to remain healthy.

Locate  the  spagyric  tincture  mineral  salts  today and begin using them according to the wisdom of the ancients. Have each of them available for a moment’s notice. You will be amazed at the results. Keep them around for the myriad of situations that arise in your household.  Take  them  for  at  least  a  90-day  period before judging their effectiveness for you.

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