Muscle Weakness – Hair Loss

Muscle Weakness – Hair Loss



The client’s Calcium level is much higher than normal range. Several mineral ratios are messed up. Phosphorus is way high. Profile suggests copper, lead, aluminum and nickel toxicity. She is complaining of fatigue, extreme muscle weakness, brain fog, skin changes. No kidding.

High Calcium causes fatigue and brain fog. High Phosphorus suggests muscle wasting and severe tissue breakdown, which is behind her noticeable hair loss. High toxic metals short-circuit your nervous system leading to all kinds of crazy symptoms. If you have them, you must eliminate them or suffer the consequences. A Hair Mineral Analysis is the only way I know to detect them and to watch them be excreted.

Calcium belongs in your bones, not in your tissues. If it is high in your tissue (hair) then it is also high in the brain. Your brain cannot function if it is hard as a rock. Dementia is on the way unless something is changed, now!

Metals don’t belong in the body. Client reports living for 40 years beside a busy freeway and under the landing pattern for large jets. She was hoping the ocean breeze blowing away from her was successful in carrying the fuel vapor toxicity away from her. Looks like her fear was justified.

It will take several months on the correct nutrition program to correct this horrible imbalance.

The Hair Mineral Analyses (HMA) is an easy test to do. Order the HMA specimen kit and return it with a hair specimen. Mineral levels in your body are an all-important factor for establishing overall wellness of the body. Everything comes from minerals. Minerals are the basic building blocks of the body. So go your minerals, so goes your body — often ending up in a disease state when in reality it all started with improper mineral ratios that should have been noticed and corrected years earlier.

Minerals are the FIRST domino. Most symptoms later in life are the result of unbalanced mineral ratios earlier in life. If your mineral ratios are out of balance, no amount of right anything is going to have a lasting effect until you fix those ratios.

You cannot get this info from blood, urine or saliva. For example, the body will “rob Peter to pay Paul” for years to keep the blood normal. Blood is your lifeline. The body will rob from less critical areas to provide what the blood needs to remain normal. This may create symptoms, like the ones you are reporting, but they won’t be life-threatening symptoms like it would be if your blood falls out of normal ranges. This is why you can feel terrible and still have a blood test that is “normal.”

You may order the specimen kit from BIRI,

Questions? Call my office, 888-221-4116.

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