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I am approaching 80. I have been helping people to greater wellness ever since I met Dr. Reams in 1976. His ideas and ingenious urine/saliva test turned my life upside down and I have been on a health crusade ever since. I have an unknown quantity of time left on this planet. I want to spend it teaching you how to Be Your Own Doctor.

If you haven’t noticed, the medical profession has gone “off the rails.” If you haven’t noticed, then you haven’t been inside a doctor’s office or hospital lately.

When it changed from everyone being a General Practitioner first and a specialist second, the quality of service plummeted. The left hand no longer understands what the right hand is doing. It is only going to get worse as the government gets more involved. The bureaucrats are forcing good doctors to leave the profession in droves.

Medical doctors have a shorter life expectancy than the patients they serve. What is wrong with this picture? If you need a bone set, something cut, stitched, replaced, burned, or poisoned, then a medical doctor is who you need. However, if you want to be taught how to be well, who do you turn to?

The answer is me, or someone like me, who understands how to use the most amazing wellness tool ever developed —  RBTI, Reams Biological Theory of Ionization, or, as we call our version of it, the Biological Immunity Analysis® (BIA®). We do not teach medicalism. We teach common-sense wellness backed by a simple urine/saliva test.

My Be Your Own Doctor course costs only $97 per month and will soon be $149 monthly. HOWEVER, anyone subscribing now will be “grandfathered” at the $97 rate no matter how the subscription rises. Quit anytime. The only prerequisite for the course is to have your own Client Lab Kit, which is $595, plus $19.95 shipping. If you already have the lab kit you are good to go.

The Client Lab Kit allows you to do your own urine/saliva testing, which is required for you to know what is wrong with your body chemistry and what you need to drink, not drink, eat, not eat, think, not think, do, not do, to create wellness in your body and mind.

You will gradually learn everything that I have learned in my 45+ years of using RBTI | BIA® | HMA to assist people who are suffering needlessly. The common-sense wellness taught in this newsletter is priceless. Each issue is approximately 20+ pages of amazing, practical, common-sense wellness techniques from an RBTI | BIA® legend.

This is a printed newsletter sent by express mail monthly. It is not available online. If you are already a trained RBTI or Certified BIA® Practitioner you will receive the first two issues at once since Issue #1 deals primarily with performing the test, using the BIAS, and incorporating the forms.

Want to go from disease, pain, sickness, fear, depression, and desperation to zero health problems and feel better than you have in years?

Do you suffer from aging skin, breathing difficulty, frail bones, memory problems, painful joints, weak heart, memory problems, vision problems, or other ailments?

Much of what you have been taught about conventional healing is simply dead wrong but few people know it and even fewer have the knowledge or the common sense to understand why it is wrong.

As a result, it has caused a silent epidemic that is responsible for an incredible amount of illness, including anxiety, chronic fatigue, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hepatitis C, insomnia, memory loss, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, sexual decline, thyroid disorders, tinnitus, vertigo and more.

My BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR newsletter teaches you how to use your Client Lab Kit so you can heal and have your life back. The test involves using urine | saliva and only takes 10 minutes once you know what you are doing.

You have the ultimate healing power inside of you. You just need to learn how to release it. It naturally flows unless you adopt Attitudes, Beliefs, Lifestyle, or an Environment that blocks it. Everything in your body and mind is held together by this force. When you release this force, your healing begins and is assured. Perfect flow is represented by test results of 1.5 | 6.4/6.4 | 7C | 1M | 3/3. These are numbers that you generate using the Client Lab Kit.

Using the Client Lab Kit as your guide works because it causes both your body and mind to signal and stimulate your endocrine system and immune system to increase the production of health-restoring white blood cells and T-cells. It also increases your production of youth-rejuvenating hormones and cellular internal repair mechanisms.

Using your Client Lab Kit as your guide, you will learn what Attitudes, Beliefs, Lifestyle and Environment are correct for YOU to overcome challenges such as: Adrenal fatigue ● ADHD ● Arthritis ● Autoimmune disorders ● Blood sugar issues ● Bone pain ● Candida ● Cancer ● Chronic fatigue ● Depression ● Diabetes● Digestive disorders ● Dizziness ● Epstein-Barr ● Excess gas ● Fatigue ● Headaches ● Hearing loss ● Heart problems ● Hemorrhoids ● Hormonal disorders ● Inflammation ● Joint pain ● Leaky gut ● Lupus ● Memory loss ● Muscle pain ● Neurological disorders ● Psychosomatic disorders ● PTSD ●Sexual decline ● Skin disorders ● Thyroid issues ● Tinnitus ● Vertigo ● Vision problems… and more.

Perfect Numbers represent just enough resistance to be alive but not enough resistance to prematurely age. Perfect Numbers are 1.5 ● 6.4/6.4 ● 7C ● 1M ● 3/3. When you maintain these numbers, you will be brought from the darkness into the light. You will be freed from suffering the pain of anxiety, fear, stress, or worry. It is your shortcut to healing addictions, emotional traumas, illnesses, unhealthy life patterns, and vicious cycles.

Maintaining Perfect Numbers switches your brainwave state from its current beta state to the cellular healing alpha state. Your brain waves and your wellness state must be in sync. If your brain waves are tired or diseased, then you are tired or diseased.

Another aspect taught in the Be Your Own Doctor Newsletter is Voltage. Every human is an electrical being, a generator. You are either generating energy for the dark side or the light side. Voltage is connected with cellular energy, pH, acidity alkalinity, and your level of wellness.

Chronic disease is linked to low voltage. You need to learn what it is in your Attitudes, Beliefs, Lifestyle, and Environment that causes a high or low voltage. Voltage = Life! The Client Lab Kit is the tool you can use to help you nail down the changes you need to make to restore your voltage.

You will enjoy deeper and more restful sleep and your daily energy level. Your stress and anxiety will melt away. This has nothing to do with fate, it is basic chemistry. The Perfect Numbers represent the free-flowing healing nature of your body

As your health improves, so will your relationships, personal happiness, and financial success because success attracts more success. You will be happier, more positive, less stressed, more calm, more relaxed, and more at peace with life no matter what is going on in your life. When your cellular energy is fully turned on, good things happen in love, life, and money. You prosper and attract beautiful things in all areas of your life.

People who do not have the Client Lab Kit and who do not opt to send their specimens to us for testing and who do not subscribe to the BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR newsletter are sitting ducks, vulnerable to a host of diseases and ailments. You will get continually weaker and weaker with age, less and less disease-resistant.

Without this knowledge you will suffer from the symptoms of a continually age-deteriorating body, feeling fatigued every day, being unable to fully enjoy life because something in your body is not serving you as well as it used to do.

Want to live longer in great health? Today’s leading-edge scientists now say the maximum healthy lifespan for humans could be 122 years. The youth-producing secrets taught in the BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR newsletter will help you live healthy longer by using your Client Lab Kit as your guide to know when you are veering off course.

You need a way to know when you are prematurely aging and what to do about it, otherwise, health is a crapshoot.

I am pouring everything I have learned in almost 50 years of working with the RBTI | BIA® | HMA | MEMGRAM®. I do not know how many issues there will be. When I start repeating myself, I will likely quit.

As of this edit, 06/19/24, there are 41 issues. You do not have to wait until the first of the month to receive the next issue. If you prefer, you can purchase the next issue(s) whenever it suits you, but you will always be sent the next issue on the first of each month.

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Dr. Martin
Executive Trustee


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