BIA® Certification Level 1


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BIA®  Level 1 Technical Lab Training presents practical instruction to successfully conduct a lab analysis using the methods taught by Dr. Carey Reams. Basic principles of the BIA ®  Urine/Saliva test are taught, including an introduction to the indicators and factors.  Instruction includes proper lab procedures, use, care and maintenance of lab instruments, equipment and supplies, recording lab data, and maintaining compliance with lab safety standards.

Implementing the BIAS ® Training with the BIA ®   Technical Lab Training creates an unparalleled integrative system that allows you to confidently and efficiently market and service your client base. BIAS ®  Training includes instruction in the application and usage of the BIA®  pre-diagnostic client record management system and report generator.  You will learn how to use our proprietary BIAS ® Internet  platform  to  calculate  immunological  and  metabolic  functions,  biological  age,  energy reserves,  speed  of  decline  and  biochemical  zones  and  ratios;  identify  adverse  relationships between the 12 energy meridians, pathological tendencies, personality traits, stress patterns and more.

Gain confidence in test data interpretation and the ability to create comprehensive, client specific nutritional wellness programs for the prevention of biochemical imbalances and correction of biological  terrain;  compile  protocols  indicating  which  nutritional  supplements,  homeopathic remedies, raw juice therapy, or dietary and lifestyle recommendations are necessary to adjust and balance the body chemistry.

Upon completion of the course, unlimited technical support is included to assist with entry of lab data, client history, questionnaire responses, symptom indicators and proper protocols to navigate various BIAS ® menus. BIA® Level 1 Technical  Lab Certification  is the only  integrative platform presently available providing the knowledge and skills to properly conduct the Reams BIA® Lab, and  utilize the BIAS pre-diagnostic report generating interface.

Note: Access to the Professional Lab Kit and the BIAS®  are necessary (not included in tuition).

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