BIA® Certification – Level 2


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Level II Certification provides a concise understanding of Ionization Theory as taught by Dr. Carey Reams and BIA® principles taught by Dr. Gary A. Martin.  Level II is dedicated entirely to helping the practitioner integrate into their practice the theory, application and meanings of the numbers both individually and collectively.   Level II expands the practitioner’s knowledge and ability to understand the significance of  the various combinations of  the  BIA®  indicators for properly implementing and monitoring diet, supplementation and lifestyle programs.

Building on the precepts taught in Level I, the practitioner will utilize the urine and saliva lab test to gain further understanding of digestion, nutritional deficiencies, disease processes, organ function and the inter-relationships of frequency and form.   Extensive seminar and lecture presentations provide the principles, physical evaluation techniques and recommendation protocols of the BIA.

Level II  teaches the fundamental principles of ionization providing insights into the electro-magnetic properties of the human biological form. Practitioners will learn how to create the ideal electro-chemical environment to restore balance to the biological terrain of the cells.   Upon completion of Level II the practitioner will have acquired insights into the multi-dimensional cause and effect of dis-ease, providing a new paradigm of understanding ourselves, our environment, and the conversion of energy,  mass and concepts as presented in the theory of relativity (E=mc2).

Includes full access to BIAS report generating system

* Course materials include: BIA® Manual & Study Guide, BIA® Keys & Classes, MP4 Class Presentations, Professional Seminars Audio Classes, BIS Textbook and extra-curriculum materials.  Level II Certification includes access to BIAS report generating system. Login ID and password provided upon satisfactory completion of Level II Exam.

Note:   BIA® Practitioner Certification will only be awarded to students who have satisfactorily completed the Level II Competency Evaluation Exam with a minimum score of 85%.


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