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The BIA® Lab Kit contains everything required to perform the BIA® (RBTI) test using urine & saliva. It will perform thousands of tests. Your cost per test is pennies.

  • Refractometer (brix)
  • pH Meter (digital with flat probe for easy saliva testing)
  • Conductivity Meter (digital with test tube for minimal urine samples)
  • Well plate for nitrate nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen testing
  • Universal Reagent solution with dropper bottle
  • Nitrate Nitrogen reagent with dropper bottle
  • Ammonia Nitrogen reagent with dropper bottle
  • Color card for reading nitrogens
  • Extra droppers for mixing
  • Jars for cleaning and holding probes.
  • Carrying case
  • Links to instructions and movies for performing the test

Here is a link to an image of the Client Lab Kit. The Professional Lab kit looks the same except for the following:

  • Upgraded, higher quality professional grade refractometer (Sugars)
  • Upgraded, higher quality professional pH meter with a flat probe for saliva (UpH | SpH)
  • Upgraded, higher quality professional Conductivity Meter (Salts)

ORP METER: The Client Lab Kit does not include the ORP meter, which we HIGHLY recommend you obtain directly from Amazon. It is a requirement if you join our team of nationwide testers to whom clients send their specimens.

NOTE: Due to sanitary protocols, the Professional Lab Kit is not returnable nor refundable. We will assist you in finding someone who is looking for a used Professional Lab kit and put you in touch with them.

BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR: We HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe to Dr. Martin’s monthly newsletter, BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR, if you want to eventually be independent of him and learn how to interpret the BIA® results for yourself. This is a gradual learning process. The more tests you do, the faster you will learn how to use the BIA® as your guide to wellness.

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