I will be 80 this year, so it is time for a change.

I am divesting myself of Longevity Formulas and arranging my life so I can spend time doing what I love — HELPING PEOPLE HEAL.

I am committing to a limited number of clients to be your Doctor of Nutripathy®.

A Concierge Client has the following benefits:

    1. You do not have to login daily or weekly to maintain your ARP Position at
    2. You receive a 50% discount off the normal BIA®|HMA consultation rate. ($195-100 = $95)
    3. You receive a 25% discount off the normal MemGram® rate. ($3.95-1.00 = $2.95)
    4. Save $100 on the Client Lab Kit. ($795-100 = $695)
    5. You have unlimited less than 10-minute FREE phone calls and/or FREE email access to me.
    6. You will be included in the exclusive email campaign containing health tips to improve your quality of life.
    7. You will be included in Zoom periodic webinars exclusive for Concierge Clients.
    8. You will be approved to view the recorded Zoom webinars on my Learnistic Phone App.
    9. Each time you refer an enrolled client, you receive one month free! Referrals make the best clients.

All this for only $200/monthly.

But, for a limited time, you may enroll for only $150/mo. You may cancel at any time, but, if you do, you cannot re-enroll.

Or, save big by enrolling in the Annual Plan, for only $100/mo. ($1200). No refunds.




Monthly = $150, Annual = $1200

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