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Our Balanced Name Recommendation Service will provide the personalized name selections and tools you need to make an informed decision on whether or not to move forward.

Even if you decide not to change your name at this time, exploring this exciting possibility can be an illuminating experience, and an opportunity you can revisit at any time in the future.

And if you do decide to proceed with a name change, you’ll find no better resource for accomplishing that goal than with the superior package of services we offer.

What is a Balanced Name?

It’s a name in complete harmony with your birth date and thus channels you naturally toward your true purpose in life.

When you choose a new balanced name, the effects can be immediate and dramatic. The way you look at yourself, the way others perceive and treat you, your level of confidence, your energy, creativity and self-esteem, all can improve significantly.

For many, changing their name to a balanced one is an extraordinarily uplifting experience, having a far greater impact on their lives than they imagined.

That’s because the first and last names we recommend to you have more than aesthetic and linguistic appeal. They are intrinsically tied to your birth path, the original calling you were meant to pursue. They are fully in sync with the cycles and phases of your life, measured from the day you were born, so the path to realizing your full potential becomes clear and attainable.

No matter how old or young you are, it’s never too late or too early to benefit from the life-enriching influences of a balanced name.

We’ve helped thousands change their names…and lives.

Our proven success in helping others achieve prosperity, health and happiness through changing their names based on the mathematical and language principles has been remarkable.

The Benefits of a Balanced Name Can Be Life-Changing

Stronger Mental Capacity

A balanced name strengthens the mind. It enhances the positive qualities you already possess, while eliminating weaknesses that are frustrating you from developing fully your intellectual and creative powers, or achieving peak emotional contentment.

A More Focused Purpose

Because your balanced name would be based on your birth date, it will channel you naturally toward the core purpose you were destined to pursue. New opportunities will present themselves and you’ll suddenly see a clear path toward your goals. It’s a testimony to the awesome power of one’s name.

Complete Change in Outlook

When you assume a new balanced name, the way people see you and the way you see yourself, will change dramatically. And it will happen almost instantaneously. Now, imagine what a new name in perfect harmony with the person you are will do for your image and self-esteem all the time. Your life can’t help but become happier and more successful. We see it every day!

Our Balanced Name Recommendation Package is an essential initial step in the name-changing process. It gives you dozens of customized balanced name choices to “try on” and evaluate. Each recommended name is individually analyzed as to the specific attributes it brings to enhancing your life.

Preparation Time

Each Balanced Name Recommendation is an individually prepared package where your birth date, current and past names, gender and age are taken into account to customize your recommendation. This process can take several days for us to complete your balanced name recommendations. It will be emailed to you as a PDF document.

Balanced Name Recommendation Package Includes:

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