MemGram® Report


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A complete MemGram® Report gives you everything you need to Process your MemGram® Client.

MemGram® Reports are $100. but Certified MemGram® Practitioners can receive 1 FREE MemGram® Report credit for each 5 paid personal Processing sessions with their mentor.

This means that you may never have to pay for MemGram® reports for your clients if you stay current with your personal MemGram® Processing.

Each BIA® Report includes the corresponding FREE MemGram® Chart.

MemGram® Charts are always free even if not associated with a BIA® Report.

Purchases here are transferred into your BIAS® account as credits to be used for generating future MemGram® Reports.


1-4 = $100 ea., 5-9 = $75 ea., 10+ = $50 ea.

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