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For $97 monthly, month-to-month, no long-term commitment, I will agree to consult with you however many times you want regarding your client’s BIA®, HMA or MemGram®.

We can do it via Skype, phone, or email, your choice.

Once I have 10 consulting clients, the price jumps to $197/mo.

When I have 20 consulting clients, the price jumps to $297/mo and so on.

There is no long-term commitment BUT…

If  you cancel, you are out forever.

There ain’t no coming back!

I want clients who are serious about becoming an absolute expert in BIA®, HMA, MemGram® and RBTI.

No one knows these modalities as I do.

How many people do you know who have spent 44 years developing, learning and developing a system like we have to determine why a person is not well and what they need to do about it NATURALLY?

I am 75 and slowing down mentally.

I want to be sure to pass on my legacy. Take me up on this outstanding offer while I am still alive!

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