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This Oakton Con-6 meter is the best we have found for the money. There are less expensive units but this one is extremely accurate and the best part is that we ship it with a special glass test tube in which you can insert the external electrode so you can measure small amounts of urine. The less expensive models require a significant depth of urine which prohibits testing some people who cannot void enough urine.

Calibrate it, then divide your reading by .667 to convert from micro-mhos or micro-siemens to BIA® C units. In other words, C Units are approximately 30% higher in scale than micromho units.

We include a special glass test tube so you can easily test a small amount of specimen.

  • CON 6+ meters have five auto-ranging measurement modes — up to 200.0 mS (200.0 ppt)
  • Temperature readout in °C with the push of a button
  • Rubber boot with built-in stand protects meter and adds functionality

These microprocessor-based meters feature easy, push-button operation that offers high accuracy at an extremely affordable price. A quick and easy single-point calibration covers all five ranges with the CON 6+ meters; for greater precision, single points can be calibrated within each of the five measurement ranges.

Additional features include a convenient Hold function and auto-off function that shuts the meter off after 20 minutes of non-use. Programming functions allow customization of meter for temperature compensation, temperature coefficient, normalization, and cell constant for better accuracy in varying applications.

Two glass test-tubes are included so small quantity specimens can be tested since the probe is not a flat probe like our pH meter.

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