The Manifestation Frequency


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Life is about vibration.

Vibrate too high and you burn up.

Vibrate too low and you are depressed, poor, sad and unhappy.

Your brain can be “tuned” like a fine instrument, and this is the frequency you need to BE, DO, HAVE what you desire and deserve.

This is the frequency that will get you ready to finally create a happy, safe, secure, and exciting life for yourself that is full of happiness, health, loving relationships, success and wealth.

There is an ancient frequency taught by Jesus to his brother James that allows you to manifest as Jesus did. Back then they did it with meditation, thoughts and prayer. Today, we have the added advantage of using sound waves. Listen to this track 15 minutes DAILY while seeing, in your mind’s eye, something you want to manifest.

Do this faithfully and be sure to thank God when it appears.

Remember, it is NOT going to appear as you have imagined. It is going to come out of the blue, in a way that takes you completely by surprise. You will be shaking your head in amazement!

Be sure to keep me in the loop when the good things start coming your way.

NOTE: it is VERY important that you listen to this audio with stereo headphones. The reason is that it is BINAURAL. There is a different frequency going in each ear, programming the brain to be in touch with what some call “The God Frequency.” This will not happen if you are listening to it from the phone speakers.

When you order, you must listen to this audio using my LEARNISTIC phone App. If you already have it installed, it will  appear on your Phone under MemGram® Client within a few minutes. If you do not have it installed, simply text your EMAIL ONLY to 480-418-8117 and await the install instructions. Available for both iOS and Android.


GUARANTEE: If you listen to this audio track for 15-minutes daily and follow the simple directions, you will eventually see a remarkable and satisfactory improvement, physically or mentally or emotionally. There are NO REFUNDS simply because this process requires different time periods for each individual person and once you have this audio you have it forever.


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