RADION® Research Agreement

RADION® Research Agreement


I agree to and understand the following:

1. The RADION® has been discontinued and the remaining units are being sold. Our research has concluded. It was determined that the unit was successful for many types of abnormalities but since the parties upon which we relied to build the units are now deceased, we are unable to continue the project.

2. The RADION® is an experimental device. It is not FDA-approved. It is not for the purpose of diagnosis or treatment of any disease. No claims of any kind are made by BIRI regarding the outcome of using the RADION®.

3. The testimonials are provided to enable you to provide your own research into related areas to see if you come to the same conclusion as the author. We do not claim that all Research Participants will experience the same positive results.

4. Before using the RADION® you should consult with your doctor regarding any contraindications. Do not use the RADION® if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator.

5. A Research Participant may purchase a RADION® for $1790 plus actual shipping costs.

6. You should use the RADION® for at least 20 minutes daily. Keep a record of your before and after Saliva pH, using the pH strips which are provided to all RADION® Research Participants. Two separate cycles daily should be considered for serious concerns.

7. You agree to complete the Research Questionnaire before beginning your RADION® cycles and then to resubmit the Research Questionnaire at the end of a 4-month period. The purpose of the Questionnaire is to determine any changes in symptoms.

8. The replacement of parts is the responsibility of the Research Participant. BIRI agrees to make the parts available at cost plus shipping to the Research Participant.

9. You agree to keep the RADION® in a secure place away from children.

10. You agree to hold BIRI harmless regarding the outcome of using the RADION®. This is a research project for which you have voluntarily subscribed. The outcome of using the RADION® is unpredictable.

11. Returns are not accepted. We will help you locate a new owner but any transactions will be between you and them. Do not order if this is an issue.

To become a RADION® Research Participant and obtain your personal RADION®, submit this form and then continue on to the shopping cart.

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