RADION® Research Group

Research Group

We are looking for people to assist us with our continued research of the RADION®. Never give up. Search for the health tools that work for you. No one approach does the complete job. Wellness occurs when there is a balance between the Physical, Mental & Emotional systems. Use the RADION® as your foundation build from there.

We are looking for Research Participants to help us determine to what extent, if any, the RADION® provides the following benefits:

  • Does it stimulate your body to replace the energy expended that day?
  • Does it increases your body’s ability to absorb chemical compounds?
  • Does it  reduce recovery time for colds, flu, infections, surgeries, injuries and illnesses?
  • Does it increases your circulation, so you get more oxygen to your system, which enables your body to more efficiently detoxify?
  • Does it put your body into a “healing crisis?”
  • Does it provide you with more physical, mental and emotional energy which allows you to do more constructive things for yourself? A healing crisis is when the body is “dumping” toxins at high rate. Many times a healing crisis will feel like the flu. Toxins from sickness leave your body as waste through the blood, skin and digestive system. Sometimes the body can want to “dump” too much, too fast and you get the “flu like” feeling, tired, body ache. If this occurs, did you find it necessary to cut back on the amount or length of cycle times?
  • Did you have a written “before” diagnosis and do you also have a written “after” diagnosis where you are “cleared” of your ailment?
  • NOTE: Returns are not accepted. We will help you locate a new owner but any transactions will be between you and them. Do not order if this is an issue.

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