BIA® Client Lab Kit

The Client Lab Kit contains everything required to perform the BIA® (RBTI) test using urine & saliva.

It will perform thousands of tests. Your cost per test is pennies.

The test only takes 10 minutes to perform, once you know what you are doing, so it can’t be rocket science!

Keep this in mind when you get your kit and wonder if you have “bit off more than you can chew”.

  • ■ Refractometer for Sugars (brix)
  • ■ pH Meter (digital with flat probe for easy saliva testing)
  • ■ Conductivity (Salts) Meter
  • ■ Well plate for nitrate nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen testing
  • ■ Universal Reagent solution with dropper bottle
  • ■ Nitrate Nitrogen reagent with dropper bottle
  • ■ Ammonia Nitrogen reagent with dropper bottle
  • ■ Color card for reading nitrogens
  • ■ Extra droppers for mixing
  • ■ Jars for cleaning and holding probes.
  • ■ Carrying case
  • ■ Links to instructions and movies for performing the test
  • ■ Written instructions for conducting the test.
  • ■ BIAS Tips to understand how to use the online BIA® Software System (BIAS).
  • The kit is packaged in a convenient carrying case 12 x 8.5 x 11.5.

ORP METER: The Client Lab Kit does not include the ORP meter, which we HIGHLY recommend you obtain directly from Amazon. It is a requirement if you join our team of nationwide testers to whom clients send their specimens.

NOTE: Due to sanitary protocols, Lab Kits are not returnable nor refundable. We will assist you in finding someone who is looking for a used Lab kit and put you in touch with them.

BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR: We HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe to Dr. Martin’s monthly newsletter, BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR, if you want to eventually be independent of him and learn how to interpret the BIA® results for yourself. This is a gradual learning process. The more tests you do, the faster you will learn how to use the BIA® as your guide to wellness.


PLEASE CALL TO ORDER THE BIA® CLIENT LAB KIT.  $695 + $19.95 shipping.

NOTE: The PROFESSIONAL LAB KIT is similar to the CLK but contains professional quality instruments. $1295 + $19.95 shipping.