BIA® Pro Level-3

Professional Level-3 consists of audio recordings of 1-day classes taught to Healthy Practitioners.
Class Notes are included.

A Practical Quick Start Program for the Practitioner Desiring To Be A Proficient Certified MemGram® Processor.
Note: You must be enrolled in SAF Level-1 Training to be allowed entry to this course.

Subjects covered:

* How we create Traumas.
* How stress relates to radiation.
* What it means to have “tight pH’s” with high Adverse Relationships and low Energies.
* How the even numbered organs differ from the odd numbered organs with regard to male/female hormone influence.
* What is the “Organ Trauma Sequence” and “Target Ages?”
* What are the 3 Key Positions of the Organ Trauma Sequence?
* What is the significance of having 2 organs in the Core instead of just one?
* What is the significance of the relationship between the BIA® Metabolism Efficiency and Stress Pattern Efficiency?
* How did we get to be where we are?
* How does the BIA® generate the Organ Trauma Sequence?
* What is the “Dragon”, “Stress Pattern” and “MemGram®?”
* What is the Stress Pattern Efficiency?
* How does “impatience” fit into the Stress Pattern?
* How do we know when an Organ Trauma Sequence began?
* What to do when a person cannot link up a Trauma with the Trauma words given?
* How & when SPRX are used?
* How a Stress Pattern Processing session is conducted?
* How are Stress Pattern Processor’s notes interpreted?
* How to make practical use of the Stress Pattern Chart and Report?
* How to do the Summary and Final Session?
* How to determine which past emotional Traumas have precipitated present physical problems?
* All 24 organs/glands are discussed, including their physical and emotional applications.
* How to interpret the Stress Pattern Chart.
* How to be successful as a Certified MemGram® Processor.

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