International Orders



There are three requirements regarding International Orders of which you should be aware:

BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR — We only service BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR subscribers. Subscribe now. The only exception is the SPRX.

PREPARATION — International orders are extremely time-consuming and require a special trip to the post office. We charge $75 for this service.

SHIPPING — We do not know the exact amount of shipping until the order is packaged. Therefore, we charge $75 at the time of order and will refund the difference after the order is processed.

CUSTOMS, DUTIES, FEES — This is also an amount for which we have no idea until we receive the invoice from the carrier which may take 2 weeks or more. Therefore, we charge $75 at the time of order and will refund the difference to your card once we receive the carrier invoice.


Therefore, the total shipping plus fees charged to your card will be $225 at the time of order. If you have not received a refund after 2 weeks of the shipment date, please call to check on the status.

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