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The Curse Causeless Shall Not Come is the book that started the RBTI revolution. This book has saved more lives and will continue to save more lives than can be imagined. This should be the first book read by anyone beginning their RBTI journey. Dr. Reams was an amazing genius who started a revolution by bringing us back to our basics….soil chemistry. Ashes to ashes…dust to dust. In today’s polluted world, it is impossible to live a long, healthy life without knowing how to apply RBTI to your life. Order the Book Pak today!

Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow is a book written by Dr. Martin in the 1980’s, after several years of working with the urine/saliva test. Now, almost 50 years later, Dr. Martin is teaching what he has learned about this amazing test to anyone willing to learn how to BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR to save yourself and your family thousands of dollars and a lifetime of misery.